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RE: Audacity with microphone

Hi Snaps,

Have you tried another DAW - Reaper has a free version. You could try this to see if you have the same issue?

I'd also suggest downloading ASIO4ALL which is a good low latency USB driver.

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[VIDEO] RE:Google gaming platform Stadia

I'm quite interested in how this will all pan out too.

Was watching some Digital Foundry video on YouTube last night.

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RE: Hope you haven't been using MySpace for music ;)

Do people still use MySpace?

Let's hope the users kept back ups then.

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RE: A VPN question

Can't offer any advice regarding the VPN issue, but you can still access your email as they use Yahoo for their mail server.

I (after 10 years) switched from Sky to Virgin but still access my Sky email on my iPhone through Yahoo. Simply use your Sky login in credentials to access :)

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RE: Mirror less DSLRs

Hi guys..

I moved to mirrorless systems a few years ago, the Olympus OM-D E-M5.
Great camera which has recently been replaced by a Lumix G80.

I agree with all of Rob's points - they are indeed negatives which need to be
considered. I think some of the newer "full frame" systems (Sony A7 . Nikon Z7 etc.) do negate some of the previous issues with the M43 and 1" sensor cameras.

Then again, at over £2K for a body you would expect decent performance.

I'm quite happy with my G80 and 7-14 f/4 as long as the light is pretty decent.
Always carry a couple of extra batteries with me too :)

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RE: Zelda 3D tribute

the nature of the game for me (at least) means that a portable will struggle
to do it justice. the zelda games sort of demand that you put the hours into
them. on a big telly hours can fly by. on a handheld i'd reckon i'd be suffering
with some kind of eye fatigue or stiff neck after 30 minutes.

i'd thoroughly recommend Z:OOT on the N64 (or emulator) - it really is a
fantastic bit of software :)

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RE: Zelda 3D tribute

hmmm, i died. a lot :(

Rob, have you seen this?


i would love for Nintendo to release a stupidly powerful machine
to recreate graphics like these. they already do stunning artwork
and stuff, but to have it come to life with the processing grunt available
these days would be brilliant.

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RE: Amazon Prime Day 15th July


Still pricey. I probably only use Amazon two or three times a year.

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RE: Photoshop CC + Lightroom 5 for £8.78 per month

yeah, ICE works pretty well.

Rob, got any examples of how good the haze removal is?

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RE: Tosh BDX 1200 blu-ray player kaput - cheapo replacement recommends?

we have one of the LG 3D BR players under our LG 3D telly,
it's got network and USB support, plays MKV's and a few other
file types too.

don't use it that much tbh, but it's a good little player. 

i think i paid about £100 for it a couple of years ago from Currys.

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RE: Old MiniDV camcorder quandry

Isn't iLink Sony's take on FireWire?

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RE: Weasel photographed riding on a woodpecker's back

i'd never realised weasels were so tiny?

i'm sure i saw one in the woods where we walk the dogs a few years
ago, pretty sure it was as big as ferret.

or, the woodpecker is huge.

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RE: Russian Photographer Captures The Cutest Squirrel Photo Session Ever

there are some extremely talented photographers out there.

p*sses me off a bit because it reminds me of how dull and
boring some of my shots are in comparison :/

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RE: [VIDEO] What happened to the Photography industry in 2014

interesting read indeed.

i think a lot of blame has to lie at the feet of camera manufacturers like
(and not just) Nikon & Canon.

i understand the need for progress, but releasing a "new" camera which
is only slightly better than the previous iteration less than 12 months later
is taking the p***. 

take the D5000, then D5100, D5200, D5300 then D5500 (wot no D5400?
those crazy Japanese and their fear of "4"), there's probably only 6 years
between all of those models.

i know it's the same with mobile phones, but you normally upgrade every
2 years, and it's not like you need to shell out all of the cost upfront again.

me? i'm very happy with my OM-D E-M5 which will (hopefully) serve me
for another couple of years before i can afford an OM-D E-M5-II :)

and i can't see any phone offering the same flexibility or quality of image
any time soon.

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RE: old Film lenses

Thanks Choagy, nice words indeed :)

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RE: dog pic thread:)

Suvi's soooooooo fluffy :D

Ben sleeps in a really awkward position sometimes, he puts his head
under his armpit (so to speak). Looks really uncomfortable, but can't be :/

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RE: dog pic thread:)

Alfie in his new coat:

Ben & Alfie being good boys (for treats, admittedly) :)

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RE: Reduce low frequency noise through walls?

it's difficult.

my hearing isn't great (struggle to hear high frequency stuff and suffer
with tinnitus). low frequency however, comes across loud and clear.
even the my lads fan in his bedroom keeps me awake with it's incessant

might be worth trying some acoustic foam or similar? i'm sure low frequency
noises are harder to block than high.

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RE: Best and worst thing that happened to you in 2014

lows: (not at all bad when you consider the plight of others) -
new neighbours moved in at the tail end of last year. had a dog and then got another which would bark 24/7. quick report to to the necessary authorities
and everything is now fairly peaceful, although we now don't speak.

got my band back together after almost 20 years. much fun :)
went to orlando & clearwater fulfilling a life long dream of visiting (some part)
of the states :)
got a promotion at work :)
also got a new puppy to accompany our pooch Ben who had seemed a bit
down after losing Bruce.

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RE: [VIDEO] Mario 64 multiplayer

i'd love to see an up-rezzed remake on the wii-u 

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dog pic thread:)

sleepy Alfie

Alert Ben.

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RE: Harry Potter Film Collection Blu-ray £16.99

forget the films... "another" new puppy? 

(we just got one too, 12 week old cocker spaniel called Alfie )

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RE: Tablets for grown ups

just bought one of these on a whim whilst in sainsburys.
looks like fantastic value so far.. you can even go to a normal desktop
like a regular win 8.1 laptop.

decent resolution screen too :)

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RE: Tablets for grown ups

i did have an ipad... soon got very bored of it tbh.

call me old fashioned, but i much prefer using my laptop for the
internet and stuff. like having physical buttons and being able to
bang in a CD / DVD etc.

as good as a tablet is (for many), i can't see one replacing my laptop
any time soon. M$ seem to be predicting the death of them with their
new Surface Pro device, but it's way too expensive imo.

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