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RE: And on a lighter note...what size TV in your bedroom?

32" LCD
Freeview PVR
Desktop PC hooked up to the TV
VHS (:¦

RE: Scared of heights? This job isn`t for you

Sweaty palms watching that :o

John Lennon - Double Fantasy - Stripped Down HMV Pre-order £8.99

Good pre order price for the forthcoming "John Lennon -Double fantasy - stripped down" 2cd - £8.99;0;-1;-1;-1&sku=333386


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RE: Just been called by the "Windows Helpdesk"!!!!

What did they get him to do?

They told him to alter some settings & hacked into everything he had on there (sorry to sound a bit vague, but he was really p****d off about it when I last spoke to him).

Like I say, he is a total newbie to computers, so even if they were only half convincing on the phone, he would have taken it as 100% genuine :/

RE: Just been called by the "Windows Helpdesk"!!!!

A work mate had this call last week & being relatively new to computing, fell for it :(

RE: Philips shaver £19.99 @ Amazon

Thanks, mc7t, that really is a bargain - advertised at £59-99 in the new Argos catalogue! Just ordered one myself.

You`re welcome sir :)

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Philips shaver £19.99 @ Amazon

Glad i caught this, nearly went out and spent £50 this morning! :)


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Now That`s What I Call Music - Vol.1 - 2CD Collectors Edition**SOLD OUT**

Only £3.95 at Zavvi...

Enjoy a trip back to your youth! :D

PS..Can anyone tell me why the linking isn`t working here??

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RIP Stuart Cable (Ex Stereophonics drummer)


Only 40 years old :(

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My PS3 oddity

Hi all..

Has anyone else suddenly found their PS3 has become multiregion for DVDs???

I`ve asked my mates & none of their machines are capable of playing region 1 DVDs (mine wasn`t until the last update).

We all have the "slim" models with the latest (3.30) firmware.

The only difference is that mine has a 500gb HDD fitted.

This is seriously confusing me (but i`m not complaining :D )

Cheers! :)

The Specials...Best of (inc DVD) £4.99;0;-1;-1;-1&sku=779282

One for us old mods :D


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RE: How times have changed

A room full of vinyl = 1 Ipod :)

The Mummy - Ultimate Luxury Box Set

At £6.95, this has got to be a bargain :)

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RE: Conflict with a work colleague - opinions please

Tell him you sold it to one of us & we`re really happy with it! :)

RE: Terminator 2 Skynet Edition (Blu-ray) £6.99 @ Play

Mine arrived today as well! :D :D

Very impressed that it contains both versions of the film.

Thanks again for the heads up pat-w :)

RE: Terminator 2 Skynet Edition (Blu-ray) £6.99 @ Play

Cheers pat...ordered & on the way! :)

RE: Recommend a TV Cabinet please - my 1 yr old is doing my head in!!!


This thread brings back memories..

I can sympathise with you on this, but when my 2 lads were little, they just knew not to go near the tv, video, hi-fi,etc etc..When they were very young, i would just say "Err.." to them (nicely :)) & they knew not to touch (In fact they are 19 & 15 now & they still don`t mess with any of my gadgets, well, they have their own now! ):D

Good luck with finding a unit :)

RE: Edward Woodward has died

RIP Mr. Woodward :(

RE: Oh good, another national postal strike

I`ve been waiting for a CD from HMV since 10th Sept >:(

They have refunded, then reposted 10 days ago, but still no sign.

Never had any problems before...Makes you think doesn`t it??? (posties revenge??)

RE: The McCartney years - 3 DVD £7.99

Now if you an find Help! for under a tenner.........

You will be the first to know young sir :)

Ps..How are The Beatles remasters going mate?

Mark :)

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RE: HDMI switch box (3 way) with remote £9.99 @ Aldi 24/09/

@ mc7t - there`s no power adaptor with mine although there is
a 5v input on the same side as the HDMI output. the box says
that it doesn`t require external power, so what is the input for?

Hi matey..

No idea whatsoever what the 5v imput is for, it just works perfect..A right good bargain!

Cheers! :)

RE: HDMI switch box (3 way) with remote £9.99 @ Aldi 24/09/

I`ve just picked one of these up from my local Aldi & for £9.99 they are absolutley brilliant..Worth every penny (for not having to venture behind the TV everyime i alternate between my V+ box & PS3!) :D

Thanks for the heads up pat-w! :)

The McCartney years - 3 DVD £7.99

Hi all!

Just a heads up on this one...The McCartney years 3 DVD collection is now down to £7.99 at Play..

I`ve never seen this for under £20 before & it`s in stock! :)

Cheers! :)

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RE: Keith Floyd dies of a heart attack.

No way! Keith (Allen) meets Keith (Floyd) was on last night wasn`t it??

Yes it was..I recorded it last night & watched it this morning, then heard of his death! (:¦

Had to admire him though..He really didn`t give a s**t what people thought of him & he hated bullsh**ers. :)

RE: The Beatles Remasters

Were it any other band I wouldn`t bother, but I absolutely bl**dy love The Beatles so it`s something a bit special.

That`s what i told the missus after buying 6 CDs in 2 days..I can`t even remember the last CD i brought before these remasters :)

RE: The Beatles Remasters

Just a heads up for the casual observer....

Yellow Submarine, Abbey Road and Let it Be are not included in the mono box set

I think this is right from my researches online.

Correct!..You`d think the Mono boxset would be cheaper, not more expensive, considering we`re 3 albums down :D

But originally, Yellow Submarine DID come out in mono in the UK, as well as mono versions of Abbey Rd. & Let it be (the latter two as Brazillian releases only), but all were simply "fold down" mixes.

I was watching the 1hour special that the shopping channel Ideal world did on Monday night & the mono set does look fantastic though!.

Mark. :)

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RE: The Beatles Remasters

okay, I`ve got to ask- how come these were in store today, when it`s meant to be tomorrow

Hi pat-w..

The CDs were in my local Tesco Monday evening (some sites are reporting that the boxsets/CDs have been available for over a week now from various American outlets (Walmart has been mentioned).

Glad i`m on my 3 days off now (I`ve played my 1st 3 purchases four times each today :D...That postie better bring me some goodies tomorrow :) ).

Let me know what you think of them when you get them m8 :)


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RE: The Beatles Remasters

Well, just got back from my local Tesco where i picked up "Please please me", "A Hard days night" & "Rubber soul" all at £9.50 each.

Strangely, "Let it be" was priced at £14.40, so i took a raincheck on that one.

Bit annoyed, because i ordered "Sgt pepper", "Abbey Rd" & "The Beatles (AKA The white album)" online & they haven`t arrived yet (& believe me, it was hard leaving them on the shelves! ).

Just halfway through "Please please me" & i`ve got to say, these are beautiful remasters (I`ve brought over the years numerous incarnations of PPM on CD (ie bootleg stereo versions - whilst these have been excellent, this release knocks spots off them!)).

Packaging is great (particulary like the "original gold stereo Parlophone" label reproduction on PPM).

Anyway, first impressions are these were worth waitng 22 years for!!


RE: The Professionals:Complete Series 1-4 (16 DVDs)

Had my cancellation Email earlier today saying that the boxset cannot be obtained from their supplier.. :(

RE: The Beatles Remasters

Asda`s now showing as £169.99..I can`t wait until Wednesday!! :D

Thank god the kids are back at school, the neighbours are out working & i`m on 3 days off!!..Yipeeee!! :D

EDIT...I`ve read on other forums that Tesco now have the CDs in store at £9.44..I have only ordered 3 albums, so i`ll be down there tomorrow! :D

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