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Anybody seen Moonlight Mile?

I was thinking about renting or buying Moonlight Mile and was wondering what you thought of it? Do you or do you not recommend it?

RE: David Fincher is NOT directing Mission: Impossible 3!

I own both mission impossibles for dvd. Even though the first one has a better plot, the second has some very nice action scenes. I await the 3rd and hope the new director does a good job.

How much money do you spend on DVD`s a week?

hey everybody on average i spend 30 to 40 a week on buying or renting dvds. What about you?

RE: If you had to sell all but ONE of your DVD collection, which film would you keep ?

Saving Private Ryan! The opening D-DAY scene is so re-watchable and and great sound and cinematography. Excellent dvds and one of the first ones that made it to my collections.

RE: How many unwatched DVDs on your shelves?

I only have 4 dvds i haven`t watched yet. But i only have 60 total.

RE: What are the best Horror films ever made?

Just saw Alfred Hitchcock`s Psycho and it is an excellent film!

What are the best Horror films ever made?

Hey, last time i posted the best comedies and now i would like to know what you think the best horror movies are. I personally liked The Shining and the Exorcist as well as Evil Dead 1 and 2.

RE: Movies everyone else loves but you HATE!!!!!!!!

GHOST WORLD, It was rated 4 stars by many critics yet I didn`t find it to be so great. Yes the characters and story are quite creative but it dies out and goes on too long with a pointless conclusion. Does anybody AGREE with me?


Hey everyone, I saw a sneak peak of Old School and found it to be quite funny. Will Ferell is a riot and I laughed throughout most of the movie. If you liked Road Trip or American Pie then I`m sure youd love it! I believe Old School was directed by the same person who did Road Trip. By no means is it a great movie, but it is good for a laugh.

RE: Catch Me If You Can

I agree with you Rich, Catch me if you can is a very good movie and Decaprio`s performance is much better then you would expect. Great job by Steven S. directing another masterpiece!

RE: What are the greatest comedies of all time?

Hey everyone, thanks for your replies. I still haven`t seen Planes, Trains, and Automobiles so i`ll have to check that out. i wrote down all comedies i haven`t seen so i can go rent them. thanks.

What are the greatest comedies of all time?

Hey everyone! I`m looking for some funny movies. Any suggestions on some great comedies?

RE: What does this say about me?

I think Miss Missouri is mistaking constructive critisism for put-down and she needs to mind her own business. She is the one with the problem and you are in no way harrassing her.

RE: What do you think of my Dogma review?

Hey thanks a lot. I see your a really good reviewer. Youve reviewed a lot of dvds! I`m gonna keep practicing!

What do you think of my Dogma review?

Hey everybody, i just wrote my first review on this site on Kevin Smith`s Dogma. Please leave any positive or negative feedback on thoughts about my review. I would like to know what i am doing right or wrong and how i can improve. Thanks.