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I am a young lad that can`t stop loving the world of DVD and all its many splendours. Definately.

I currenty have the following (budget) kit:

Proline DVD-1000
Videologic Digitheatre
14" Fidelity TV (AKA piece of poop)


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RE: Really rude jokes

That last joke reminds me of a similar one, that goes a little something like this.......

2 old ladies are sitting in a park feeding the birds, when all of a sudden....a naked young man runs past them, streaking into view.

One of the elderly ladies had a stroke.......but the other one couldnt reach.....

RE: Best 28inch Widescreen Tv For £250?

I got myself the BEKO 2826NDS from Sainsburys for £250, and it is actually surprisingly good.

It looks great for the money, thats for sure. The only thing that I can think of that annoyed me about it was that there isnt any audio outputs other than the headphone socket, but thats the only bad thing I can think of about it.

Definately worth the money. Ayeeeeeeeeee.

RE: I feel dirty and phsicly sick.

I have been using public buses for as long as I can remember, and yes, they can smell sometimes, but without them I would be screwed.

The bit that always gets me is deciding where to sit.....if there are no double seats left it can be a gamble sometimes. Do you sit next to the inert old person that smells, or the young dodgy teenager that might kill you?

It usually ends up coming back to smell basically.

RE: Who believes in the afterlife?....or ghosts and the paranormal

I believe that it is stupid to write anything off as absurd or impossible without giving it fair thought. I mean, I agree that there is a lot of fakers and a lot of bullsh*t that goes around, but I am willing to give everything a chance. It`s almost like I have a scientific view of the supernatural. With that frame of mind I have experienced wonderful, truly supernatural things, and experienced them first hand. It might not be proof enough for anyone else, but I believe in myself.

I mean, what really is the point in saying "there is no such thing"? You cant prove it either way, so why bother to argue about it. If you feel one way - then thats great, if you feel another - then thats equally great. It is a bit pointless closing your mind off like some people though, that doesnt help anyone. How are we ever going to evolve if people are prepared to accept new things.

Or something. I have a terribly migrane and I fear I may be losing my mind. Great!

RE: FOX Hunting, Yey or Nay. For or Against.!!!!!

I say YES or Yey, so long as guns are used.

I can`t be bothered thinking about it for too long though.

My brain hurts.

RE: anyone still got their original DVD player - before they were everywhere?

I still have my Proline DVD1000, although I *would* replace it if I *could* replace it....

RE: The ingredients for a perfect Fischerspooner. Clayts, take note.

The Fischerspooner song `Emerge` has an unbelievably bizarre video.....

RE: Whats with the NEW pics on contents bar?

They ALL just came up as new a minute ago, even though I had just been to through all of them a wee while ago. Then after I went to one link, they went back to how they should be, with only a few in the forums bit coming up as new.

Something strange is going on.....

RE: Best guitar solo?

For me it has to be Devin Townsend on his song `Deep Peace` from the Terria record, after the breakdown towards the end.....the following solo is, for want of a better word, sexual. Gets me every time.

RE: So how did you get your username then?


In the cracking film "Blazing Saddles" there is a character called `Mongo`....

RE: Fave song ever..

Since when was `song` plural?

RE: Fave song ever..

Devin Townsend - Life Is All Dynamics

I can`t put into words *why*...but that`s the one for me.....

RE: Sound dips. Please help!

Not sure if this will cure your problem (it was just a thought and I am not an expert) but sometimes my DD5.1 amp does things like that.....and for me the cure it to switch off and unplug my entire system at the wall. When I plug it all back in again everything works a-OK.

But thats probably just me.

RE: Brass Eye

"Cake is a made up drug"


RE: I think it`s time for a..........BRUCE CAMPBELL FORUM! =)

I saw him in Spiderman! That made the whole film worth watching. I knew he would be in there somewhere, what with Sam Raimi directing and whatnot.

I am glad that there are other people that share my beliefs here....he really DOES rock.

I want his autobiography too....I better learn to read first though. Hmm.


RE: Best Opening Sequence In A Movie?

Fight Club!

Pretty kick ass in DD5.1, in a creepy kind of way.


RE: play that funky music white boy

I find that anything by Jamiroquai is fantastically funky....but not really very retro.

I get my retro kicks from The Doors......

RE: New Prodigy video tonight...

I made a point of watching was worth it!

I think the song rocks, but the video is damn disturbing! I expect it will be cut to pieces very shortly.

RE: Predator Pop Up

Through these tired eyes, I could have sworn that Predator was REAL.

I`m scared.

RE: How long can you leave your PC on for?....

Dammit! I guess I must have dodgy fingers or something, because every version of WinXP I have touched has failed me.


RE: How long can you leave your PC on for?....


All my experience of WinXP points towards it being the most unreliable one yet, but I guess it`s hard to tell with these things.

I`m still on Win98 and it hasn`t crashed once.

RE: How long can you leave your PC on for?....

No, 30 minutes then it crashes!

RE: How long can you leave your PC on for?....

If you have Windows XP......give it about 30 minutes......

RE: Are two of the best Multiplayer N64 games coming to Gamecube....

Which Bomberman did you like the most?

The one that got most played round here was the first one, but there were SO many on the Snes! It went up to at least 5, and that doesnt include the Bomberman spin-offs.

Aye! Bomberman rocks though.

RE: Grand Prix result **SPOILER**

Martin Brundle actually called him Scottish for once today! I was impressed. They usually only say that when he crashes horribly.......heh.

But well done DC for keeping it all together. Aye!

RE: Game Network on Sky Digital

Heh....sorry I keep thinking that the GamePlay channel is still around, but I haven`t got a clue when/where that went.

GN is really funny sometimes though, although not often deliberately. It breaks down ALOT. It went totally screwy today for ages.

It reminds me of "Channel 9" from The Fast Show sometimes....

RE: Game Network on Sky Digital

It might be a terribly low budget channel, but its actually pretty good. It is MUCH better than it used to be.

When it first came on they could never decide what language that they were going to use in the reviews and things, so it would start in English but then slip back into Italian (I think). That was pretty funny.

Now its low budget and silly, but not quite so stupid. It is the best game channel there is though, so I cant really complain. The retro clip section is cool!


RE: Minidisc analogue to optical cable.

MDLP really isnt all that amazing in my sounds `ok` on the LP2 mode, but it gets really tinny on I pretty much ignore the whole system, its just a gimmick......

I used to make recordings using the optical out on my DVD player to my portable Sony (MZR-700?) but then I invested in a full size MD player, and it is much much much better for recording things and sounds fantastic playing.

Another option for you might be to get a deck with a coaxial digital input, and make recordings using that that you could play on your portable. The recordings would also sound a lot better on top of that.

Just a thought.

RE: Who here`s going to the Reading or Leeds festival this summer?

*throws up violently upon hearing the names of said `class acts`....*

RE: GameCube ???

The smaller discs also have faster access times due to their wickedly wicked smallness. Or something.