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I`m selling some Nintendo DS and GBA games on ebay

Hi all, been a long time since I posted here! Anyhow, I`m clearing out our DS stuff away to make room for a new PSP! I know its an old console but there are deals to be had now. I`m thinking of getting rid of my Sega Master System and over 40 boxed games too! (marriage harmonisation)

anyway, DS stuff here:

Cheers for looking!

Games that I haven`t listed yet.

retro atari
animal paradise
cooking mama
asphalt 2 gt turbo
the sims 2 castaway
drawn to life
americas next top model
point blank ds
tom and jerry tales
bomberman land touch
super monkey ball touch and roll
high school musical 2 work this out! instrs missing
big brain academy
sudoku master
nintendogs dachsund and friends
mario kart ds
zoo tycoon ds
metroid prime hunter cart only
The Sims 2
42 all time classics
guitar hero on tour with hand grip

konami arcade collection
pacman collection
james pond robocod
spyro2 season of flame
rayman 10th anniversary
denki blocks
sonic advance 2
super monkey ball jr
donkey kong country 2

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RE: the death of blu ray ?????

while perusing ebay yesterday I came across some blu rays for sale. Something not right here. have a look at item 170307674625, and his others for sale too

RE: YAY ! I got me a Blu-Ray player

Just to get back on topic ;)

I`ve been busy at work and not had much chance to play about with it. well it outputs dvd`s at 50hz and blue ray at 60hz, both of which display smooth scrolling - end credits for example.
I didn`t want profile 2.0, I don`t bother with extras, and as for lack of ethernet port? pfffff !

I upgraded the firmware to the latest version by downloading from the pioneer site. Burned a disc, insterted it, and 10 mins later done.

Suits me, and it`s built like a tank. its huge.

RE: YAY ! I got me a Blu-Ray player

But now I`ve got it, I can upgrade the TV next and know that the player is A1. The picture quality is absolutely stunning with a HD film. I wish I had got it sooner. :)
oh the player outputs 24, 50 or 60hz.
This is it on the "what hifi" site

YAY ! I got me a Blu-Ray player

I have had my 37" LG lcd tv for nearly a year and never seen anything in HD before. I took the plunge and splashed out on a pioneer player.


1080p rocks

It sounds better too i`m sure with my old trusty 5.1 amp using the digital coax connection than my DVD player ever did.

one thing though, I have read up a lot on this - the 24hz thing just sucks. My tv supports it, but it converts itselft to 50/60hz (not sure which) so when in 24hz mode I get a judder about once a second. If I set the player to 50hz it`s smooth and silky !
Yes the tv supports it, it tells me the resolution and frame rate.

time for a new TV methinks. :)
It`ll take forever to save for one though :(

I have watched just a couple of BD films and they were amazing, DVD`s look better upscaled too. So much better than RGB scart.

advice required on upscaling dvd players

Hello gang.

I just got me an LG 37" 1080p LCD tv (37LF65)

I have a sony dvd player connected via RGB scart

Not watched many films yet, but they look fine so far........


I believe an upscaling dvd player is the way to go.

how much ? which one ? any pitfalls ??

etc ?


remastered james bond dvds

A mate of mine has the full collection of bond dvds. They are the first set, the ones with the 007 and gun logo across all the spines of the cases. He is after replacing them with the new remastered discs. Whats the difference between the original collection and the new remastered collection? Extras ? Quality ? etc.

RE: goodmans GDVD90W2 portable player


My player only has the region and the 3000/3001 options

Are there any other hacks or tips for this machine ?

thanks for helping


RE: acoustic solutions dvd 222 portable player

Is it the power supply? they get pretty hot in use. maybe it`s died.

reviews of portable players

I have just bought my 3rd portable player.

The first was an acoustic solutions dvd-222

took it back. mech really noisy, went out of synch after using pause or fwd/rew
picture was great. Player got red hot after a couple of hours of use.

second was a philips pet821
Really classy bit of kit. Picture quality awful. No contrast control. The contrast looked like it was set to full, but no option to adjust it. Horrible washed out grainy picture. No amount of fiddling could get a decent pic. Mech also quite noisy

Thirdly I got a goodmans gdvd90w2
So far so good. quiet mech. pic looks good. only had an hour or 2, but so far so good.

What we need is a review page or something. Nowhere could I find anything out about these players before I bought them. If we all did a review about our players then it may save someone else the hassle I`ve been having.

goodmans GDVD90W2 portable player

Just got this player.

I did the following hack (from the 67 model)

all buttons on the machine itself

open lid

press setup

press next >>¦
press previous ¦<<
press next >>¦
press previous ¦<<

the curent region code appears on the screen ( mine was 255 - multiregion )
it can be altered by using the menu left/right control

but , when I press menu up/down I get the number 3001 on the display
I can alter it to 3000 and 3001

seems to have no effect. Anyone any ideas ?

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RE: Acoustic solutions dvd222 hack code anyone? Thanks!

I just got one of these today. I`m very impressed. 64.99 from argos. grrrreat

Moving to britain for the nhs

What do you all think of families that move from abroad or wherever into the UK to get better medical treatment on the nhs ?

Is it fair or right ?

RE: Cinemas.....grrrrr.....

What is this thing called "cinema"?

Is that not where you get a pipe shoved up yer ............

oh sorry thats "enema". I always get those 2 confused

RE: Cinemas.....grrrrr.....

The other day was my daughters birthday. The wife and I decided to take her to see "Cars" the other day at the Odeon.

£16.30 ! thats just the tickets, no sweeties or anything.

25 mins of adverts and trailers first.

Then halfway through the film I got really uncomfortable. I just couldn`t sit still after that.

Anyway, loud DTS soundtrack and the auditorium only had about 25 people including us.

So i`m 50/50 about going again on next year`s birthday.


While reading the rough with the smooth thread I remembered this.

Many years ago, my mate and I were bombing down the motorway. My mate had a great idea to moon at these two old ladies in a nearby car. I pulled in front of them and slowed down as he put his bare ass against the window of my hatchback.

I thought it was absolutely hilarious. In fact we both did.

Anyway, just 5 mins later, my car is starting to wander a little. I figured it was just a cross wind as we were on an open stretch of motorway.

As it got worse I pulled on to the hard shoulder to see my back tire was shredded and smoking and my rim was a little worse for wear.

Good job the spare was good !

So the question is this :

Have any of you been affected by Karma payback such as this ?

the Young Ones

was in WHSmiths today in Blackpool.

Picked up the young ones

series one for only £4.99
series two for £7.99

There were several copies of each on the shelf and they all had different prices, the cheapest being 8.99. When I checked with staff, they were even cheaper, so I got one of each.

Bargain !

Cheech and Chong boxset £9.97

Was in Blackpool today, went to Music Zone.

Got the above mentioned box set for only £9.97


next movie
get out of my room
nice dreams
things are tough all over
born in east l.a.

bargain !

RE: Dodgy call

Could be a debt agency looking for same name person. They trace people sometimes like that.

RE: Positioning of Left and Right speakers...

Why not reverse the L and R connections at the line in at the hifi from the pc?


(the musical bbc drama in the style of dennis potter.)

I looked at the box of this dvd today and it said that "cuts had been made for contractual reasons"

Does anyone have this and do you know what the cuts are ?


RE: Help me remember the name of this film

Better put that film in the "Please release it on dvd" section

along with "Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense: Child`s Play "

classic stuff from the 80`s.

I must be suffering from flashbacks ......

RE: Help me remember the name of this film

Night of the Comet 1984

thanks imdb.

Help me remember the name of this film

Yo gang!

This is a american film from about 1984. It is about a family that survive after a comet passes the earth? or something similar. The whole planet is wiped out apart from this one family because they were shielded by being in metallic places at the time of the comet. I remember the teenage daughter being saved because she was with her boyfriend in a cinema projection booth. In the aftermath, the family wander the desolate town and their young boy is playing on the arcade games and he keeps seeing someones initials in the high score tables beating his scores, yet they thought everyone had died. I think they find others.

there you go. name that film