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RE: Hello again :-)

Seems to be going OK apart from getting snidey and derogetory remarks from one of them.

I've left it too late as usual to comment back and stick up for myself, this is why I end up building up anger in myself, but have taken note and will bring it up at next meeting with main boss.

Cheers for the replies ūüĎć

RE: Hello again :-)

Cheers, give an update in a few days 

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RE: Hello again :-)

I was always in a union but left a few years ago. Wish I hadn't now as I would have been supported and would have had a proper investigation. I will join again when I go back. Citizens told me to keep everything incase I need to go off sick again.

I'll feel the mood tomorrow, hopefully they will treat me OK knowing they are lucky to get away with this, if I had plenty of money behind me I would take it further but can't afford to live on sick pay for the next few months, so just getting my head down and getting on with it until something else comes along.

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RE: Hello again :-)

Hi, my job is very stressful, work as a machine setter on a very fast production line, even a few minutes stop is enough to get all the management out screaming ūüėĪ

I've applied for a dozen jobs but not got any replies back yet, I'm lucky to have my own home, took a mortgage out when I was about 20 and its been paid off for a few years so would accept a drop in wages, I'm 49 now.

I get up at 4.30 am and sometimes work to 7.45 pm then on my days off I'm expected to come back in two days and work 5pm to 3am in the morning.

I'm trying my hardest to get out of there just now.

RE: Hello again :-)

Ive actually got audio recordings of being threatened with job security, getting grilled at 5am in the morning for 15mins and getting over a  dozen  texts messages on my day of rest telling me "I want you to do O.T....not asking, and thats when i already do over 30 hours O.T a month.

I work nearly 14 hours a day, because of my computer skills and knowing my tech, im doing my managers jobs for them, all of their office stuff, S.A.P and designing all their work sheets, it got asked as a favour 6 years ago and now its expected of me.

Person my other shift who does the same job does none of it at all but because he is older and been in so long it just gets left at that.

I have a really quiet nature and go out out to help everyone but just  getting taking advantage of now.

Think they may be hoping i don't take it any further as the investigation was carried out by the employers HR and just brushed everything aside.

I could see in the meeting that the managers were visibly shaken with worry over the past couple of  months incase i took it further, some have 30-40 years service.

My managers are making 1500 to 2000 more than me a month and sitting in the office while i do all their work because they are computer illiterate and know nothing about them, bluffed their way in through relatives and family and rely on me.

There is a new QA network setup in work and i've to train my 2 managers up in in who are not interested whatsoever because they will expect me to do it for them, they make an extra £8 an hour more than me

I actually don't have any problems doing all this, it passes my time a bit quicker but because i do this, i can't concentrate on my own job and when things go wrong i will still get the blame for any problems or defects, daily derogative and snide comments when i'm helping them out while my colleague on the other shift does none of this.

This along with other things in my life which i may post about later has actually affected my mental health and i was in a bad place there but will come out fine, my faith has always got me through the bad times in my life.Feeling very anxious going back tomorrow, working with 4 people i put the complaint in about.

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RE: Hello again :-)

Hi there, 

Maybe post something next week, I start back work tomorrow after being off 10 weeks with work related stress. 

I've been getting harassed and bullied at work for a long while and finally had enough. 

I've had a grievience meeting to sort it out but don't think it got me anywhere as the people I had the issues with are all high up and stuck together on it, they got away with everything even with all my evidence.

Going back to work tomorrow to work with these people again and not looking forward to it at all.

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RE: Hello again :-)

I usually come here and offload a load of stuff that has happened in my life, usually get some useful feedback. I'm at that time again if anyone is interested in listening to a big long story full of drama that's happened in my life the past couple e of years. Maybe looking for some opinions and feedback again ūüôā

Hello again :-)

Hi old timers ....hope you are all doing well? 

And hope we are all still here for a long time yet, still check regularly on this forum to see you are all about, thats me heading to nearly 20 years a member now 

All the best 

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Really is beautiful and although being and old raver i just love piano music these days and this has an amazing soundtrack.

[VIDEO] RE:E3 2018 | June 9th - 14th

This game looks interesting and graphics look incredible, reminds me of Onimusha on PS2....


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RE: E3 2018 | June 9th - 14th

I'm hoping to see Final Fantasy 7  and RE2 remake, also recently got a PSVR set....i took a chance as i didn't know if it would work on me with being near blind in one eye and having mono vision but happy to report it works just fine and "think" i am seeing a 3D world which i can't experience in real life.

But not too happy with the resolution of the PSVR....hope they bring out a new higher resolution VR some time soon.

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Live your life!

Hi,Something happened recently that has affected me on how to live my life....

I have had a few deaths in my family and each person i lost it was expected and going to happen through cancer or other illnesses.

I  managed to get through this as i was prepared....

My best friend who was a good 10 years older than me and who i looked up to phoned me last week to come up for a few beers....we work together but shifts have changed and we ended up on opposite shifts, only got a chance to catch up on public holidays.

Spent the night with my friend , had a laugh and a blether and arranged to meet up again on our next day off.

He walked me to his front door while i waited for a taxi and still healthy and laughing away and waved goodbye to me until next time.

His wife phoned me a couple of hours later saying she found him dead in the kitchen

Scary stuff!.....i was scared to go to sleep after hearing that.

I have never experienced someone i know dying so quick.

It has made me realize i need to go out and do the things i have always dreamed about, i have always wanted to visit Japan but held back until i learned the language, been studying it on and off for about 15 years, but have decided to book a holiday this year and just go.

Just don't know what to do with my life just now....

I work in a place where i get a very good wage but i absolutely hate my job, most of the people i work with  and working hours....up to 14 hours a day from 4 am in the morning.

My friend that died was the only reason i stayed there.

Think i need to make some changes soon.

My workplace is making me seriously life! 

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RE: RIP Whoot aka Dave Neal :(

Just seen this!

Very sad....remember him well! 

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Japanese Sake!

I have always liked a drink! 

Tried everything over the years and have always settled with beer/lager and wine.

I got into Japanese Sake a couple of years ago and i am really into it! 

Not much reviews  or recommendations here in the UK that i can find but i find the more you spend on Sake....the better it tastes.

I have been blindly picking bottles for  the past couple of years and most have been excellent but the supermarket brands are terrible. 

I am no wine connoisseur but can notice the delicate differences in Sake rice wine. 

Don't even get a hangover after drinking a 20% bottle :-)

What is your tipple?

Apart from my sake obsession just now i like a good...

Pinot Noir
Brahma beer
The odd bottle of champers
And being Scottish, i still like a wee taste of the old Buckfast wine


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RE: Virgin Super Hub 2 needing rebooted every day?

I have read that the super hub 3 has these problems too with some people and not with others.

I managed to get through with someone on webchat there and was just going around in circles asking me for the password i gave them probably over 10 years ago which i don't remember and my email address which they said was wrong.

They eventually said there was some fault in my area which is scheduled to be fixed before the 3rd of January but i think they just made it up to get rid of me.

I will give it until the 3rd then contact them for the new hub.

If you notice any improvement with your new router maybe you can let me know.


Virgin Super Hub 2 needing rebooted every day?


Anyone here with Virgin broadband and using the Super Hub 2 and been experiencing problems recently loosing internet connection?

For about 2 weeks now i am having to reboot my router up to 4 times a day, i am loosing both wired and wifi connections.

All the lights on the front of the router show that it should be working fine but every morning i have to reboot the router because of no internet again.

A bit annoying when you are using Alexa for your alarm and she can't switch off.

Been trying to contact Virgin every day but totally useless on the phone and web chat is constantly busy.

Rebooted 4 times yesterday and twice so far today.


RE: Any good remedies

Aye, throw some whisky in as well.....that would make it even better i think!

RE: Any good remedies

I don't catch colds much but my family does and i make this easy remedy if they are in bad shape....

Juice a full lemon into a pan along with 2 cup fulls of water, grate a thumb sized piece of ginger into it and a teaspoon of honey then sprinkle some paprika into it and let it simmer for at least 15 mins but not boil.

Then drain through a strainer into a mug.

Better than any bought remedy and much cheaper.

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RE: Microplastics in tap water

I started drinking sparkling mineral water at first as an alternative to sugary fizzy drinks and much better for your teeth.

Just about all plastic bottled water has trace minerals in it and does not come from a good source but the two i have mentioned especially the Gerolsteiner has near enough the RDA of minerals in it.

RE: Microplastics in tap water

I haven't drank - straight from the tap water for probably 20 odd years, our Scottish water is supposed to be fresh and healthy for us. My family drink it no problem but i have never liked the taste and when there is a water problem where it comes out dirty , it has put me off for life.

Many times over the years after a night out when  i have forgot to buy water or juice for my hangover i just suffer not drinking any tap water....if i have to quench my thirst i will just glug down another beer.

My shopping revolves around where i can get my fresh mineral water - Gerolsteiner and Deeside sparkling water only in a glass bottle  is the only water i drink.

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RE: Do you say hello to strangers?

A good few years ago i had to travel down to London from Glasgow with my sister to get private surgery at a hospital , i remember asking in these forums for help and directions to navigate the underground trains and to get where i was going.

When i got off the aircraft at Luton  and made my way to the underground, i was completely lost in this busy city and needed some help. Everyone i asked for help walked by without saying a word, eventually an old Irish woman came up to me and offered us directions.

Sitting on the train with people across from me staring  straight through me and not saying a word was strange to me, never experienced that before.

A few train rides later we were going through some gates where you need to put your train pass card in or something, a woman about 20 places in front of me dropped her card and everyone trampled all over it, i stopped the traffic and picked it up and gave it to her, she looked surprised but never said thanks.

On the way home, me and my sister had a meal and a couple of bottles of wine and were very merry and having a laugh, the looks we were getting while waiting for the train off other people were shocking....all of them looking really annoyed....... maybe because we were off on a work day. 

I had to make 5 journeys that same year travelling the whole length of London from 6am to 9pm and never met a friendly person once apart from the old lady that gave me directions on the first day.

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RE: HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa

Just upgraded to this setup.

Can you post your calibrated settings please...sounds  Awesome!

RE: Is 4K really an improvement over 1080p?

I was an early adopter of 4K and bought the flagship tv made by Samsung at the time, supposed to be future proof but it's not as my panel does not support HDR.

They brought an evolution kit out a while back which supported HDR and improved the picture slightly but was not worth the £300 asking price so i sent it back.

To me this Samsung panel i own is the best picture i have ever seen, on Netflix with newer shows though i cannot see much difference between 1080p and 4K and some 4K shows look worse like breaking bad.

You tube running 4K 60hz on my Nvidia Shield TV or even on my PC running 4K 30hz looks absolutely stunning and much better than 1080p.

I have a few UHD movies and they do look slightly better than Bluray, also have a few 4K vids from Vimeo which also look stunning and much better than 1080p.

I don't actually see a massive difference between UHD and Bluray but see a big difference with youtube and vimeo clips

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RE: My little cinema room i have just completed...


I done the projector room a few years ago, i was really surprised how much projectors have come on and i had a great little set up.

But after a while i found the darkened room (black walls and carpet ) to be a bit too gloomy and depressed looking.

I would like to have mounted a projector and screen from the ceiling in this room also but the loft was converted last year and would mean pulling up all the flooring.

I am all ready to go for a bit of gaming now, have about 5 games there still in the wrapper FF15, Gears 4, Tomb Raider but feel i'm getting a bit too old now to get right into them.....don't feel as keen as i used to.

Rather relax back with a good movie and a glass of wine now.

Getting old

RE: My little cinema room i have just completed...

I had drinks/beer holders on the previous recliner chairs before i done it up, my old dad before he died thought that was a great idea for sofas - built in ash trays! 

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My little cinema room i have just completed...

When my young nephew who stayed with me for years decided to leave and get hitched  early in the year, i decided to pull his room apart and try and make a cinema room for myself......

It has taken about 5 months to complete because my workplace won't give me any days off, working 13-14hrs a day...."hate the place - worst job ever.

I have been living with floor boards and dust for months and have been unwell with the flu and with and all the stress but my sofa came yesterday after nearly 20 weeks and now can finally relax.

Here are a few "crappy" camera pics.....i am pretty pleased how i designed it and how it turned out....

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RE: Merry Christmas Everyone!

Merry Crimbo and Happy new year to everyone....hope you all keep safe and well and keep this forum going again next year.


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What age are you guys now?

This little forum has been going for quite a while now, i think i joined in 2000 when i was 29 and am still here 16 years later. ......45 now!

I have not seen many new people join up over the years and get involved and it just seems to be the old regulars coming in and out still after all these years!

I think i would be lost if this forum wasn't here, even after months and years i can visit and still find the same people occupying the forums

I still have the same interests as when i joined all those years ago....movies and gaming but my middle aged fingers are not as nimble to take out all these young whipper snappers now at Tekken and Street favorite gaming genre

Cheers RJS for keeping this forum open for us

RE: Linux Mint 18!

Someone on the Kodi forums pointed me to the fix, never expected it to work but hey presto!...everything working great  now on Kodi and can finally get down to learning this new OS.


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RE: Linux Mint 18!

I have just set up Mint there again dual booting it along side Windows 10, i have always been wanting to use this as my main OS but i always have just the one problem setting up Kodi.....each time in the past i have set it up i always have a problem with display drivers and Kodi usually gives me sound with very laggy video.

This instalment went a lot better and Mint 18 looks really polished and fast, also noticed that when i have Windows 10 on screen using my trusty old Revo RL80 my TV outputs a 1080p at 24hz, when using this version on Mint my TV is up-scaling the  signal to 3840x2160 at 24hz and the picture just looks that bit better.

But as usual i have one problem that will stop me from using Mint and it is concerning Kodi again, but this time the video is playing fine with no problems at all, the sound is giving me a problem now....

I have the sound running to my Denon receiver and i am only getting stereo sound if i disable passthrough in Kodi, if i enable it i don't get any sound at all. I have had a mess about with settings in pulse audio and followed a guide to set the HDMI speakers to stereo but its not happening.

Pretty sure the last time i set  up Mint my amp was playing and displaying DTS MA and TrueHD......i could be wrong about that and maybe it was DTS and DD, i can't remember now.

Any of you Gurus have any ideas as how to get the HD audio working?


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