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RE: Fishy feet in the mall

kebabhead says...

When we were in turkey you would stand in the sea or any lake and the fish would come up and nibble your feet
Same in Faliraki , stand still and tou`d have loads of little fish pecking at your feet.

There`s 10080 minutes in a week , you will get a week in Rhodes for much less than £10080 so it`s actually cheaper too .

RE: Warrenty question (Ebay shop)

Seems like a  dodgy seller , best to take the refund with the hit on the postage , If you wanted to get sh*tty about it later then I see he`s not registered as a business seller on there , don`t know how serious ebay will take it but I found this in their policies -

 What if I don`t register as a business, even though I`m trading?
The Unfair Commercial Practices Directive makes it an offence to falsely represent yourself as a consumer. If you don`t declare yourself as a business on eBay when you are in fact trading, you`ll be breaking the law. So the business registration process helps you comply with the law by making it clear to consumers on every listing that you are in fact a business........................................................................................................

How do I decide whether I`m operating as a business?
For most business sellers it should be obvious - if you`re operating as a business in the real world, and your eBay selling activities are connected with this business, then you should register as an eBay business.

But if you`re not sure…

Choose a
business accountQuote:
if you:

  • sell items that you have bought to resell
  • make items yourself and sell them, intending to make a profit
  • are a Trading Assistant
  • buy items for your business on eBay

More info on it here -

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RE: Sky suspends co-operation with anti-piracy firm

Somewhere in the leaked emails there`s evidence that ACS staff have shared mp3 files via email and also installed a single licence software program onto more than one computer.

There was a  case in the high court yesterday where the  isp`s refused to hand over the details of customers to the lawyers requesting it , the judge adjourned the case until January 2001.

That could mean no more info will be handed to likes of ACS until that case has been heard , if , as has also been mentioned it the leaked emails ,  ACS are having cashflow problems then it must be doubtful as to whether they can afford to carry on until January as long as everyone who has or gets a letter in the meantime doesn`t buckle by sending the payment.

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RE: Stun gun boss found dead.

Easy choice of play out song at the funeral / crem. - Electric 6 Danger High Voltage.

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RE: Telly guarantees

Blue John says...
No idea about any other manufacturer, but coinidentally, my 2 and a half year old Samsung LCD TV developed a strange fault over the weekend. Rang them on their freephone number yesterday morning, described fault, gave model & serial number. The local repair agency called about half an hour later and they`re coming to fix it this afternoon free of charge.
I assume the fault was the TV wouldn`t power on and was making a clicking noise ?

My Dad was about to give away a similar aged 40 inch LCD until I checked on the internet and found it was a known fault with the capacitors on the power supply and that Samsung were fixing TV`s with that fault free of charge.

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RE: Sky`s Annual Increase

Copied and pasted from the email Sky sent to me ~

Dear Mr xxxxx

Some changes to your Sky subscription

At Sky, we`re always looking to bring you the best choice, value and service. And that commitment to investing in new programmes, channels and technology means that sometimes we need to make an increase to your monthly subscription.

So from your September bill, your Sky TV subscription will go up by
£1.00 a month.


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RE: Sky`s Annual Increase

I currently have the movies added for 50% of the normal extra price, just for 3 months

I think that`s the reason why yours is going up by £3.

I have 4 of the basic mixes (entertainment, style, knowledge and children`s ) and my subs will go up by £1.

RE: Raoul Moat surrounded

Gazza grassed on him for the £10,000 , should buy him a month`s worth of beer.

Stupid **** should`ve waited though , if the the police hadn`t found him by Saturday they were going to up the reward to £20,000 and call it a Raoul over.

RE: And on a lighter note.....

How about this one

RE: Another car help thread

Modern cars draw a lot of power from their starter battery, powering systems such as clocks, alarms, immobilizers and trackers. When the vehicle is not being used regularly the alternator doesn`t get a chance to top the battery up.

One of these might be usefull to you if you only use the car now and again.

RE: New mobile please help to decide!

I got the Nokia 5800 on Virgin last week ,  I signed up for an 18 month £10 per month contract and got the phone  free with 100 minutes and 100 text messages a month.

Looks like it`s only free at the £15 and upwards tariff now - Details here.

It`s a pretty good  phone  with sat nav and wifi also comes with an 8GB card to fill up with music , video etc.

RE: Will a small parcel arrive if posted in letterbox without a stamp ?

It should be delivered. Had you put your address on the rear of the envelope it would be returned to you but as it appears you have not done so the recipient will pay the cost and a surcharge. Probably about twice the normal postage rate I think

The postman delivered an insufficient postage card to me a few weeks back , I had a small package sent to me but the stamp had came off ( didn`t just fall off due to being insecure , you could see the damage on the paper envelope where the stamp was once attached).

I had to take the card to the sorting office and pay the 47 pence postage and a £1 surchage then they handed the package to me.

The annoying part was the sender had posted it at a post office counter using proof of posting so there was a stamp on it initially but it came off while in the care of Royal Mail yet I had to pay another lot of postage and the surcharge to get my mail.

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RE: Need to lower emissions on an L-Reg astra

An easy way to look for the cause of a misfire is to pop the bonnet in the dark while the engine`s running , doesn`t always work but sometimes you might see a blue spark around one of the plug leads or distributor cap etc showing where the misfire is.

If you see a spark then check it out the day later , unless you have access to a lit garage etc.

RE: AA renewal any alternatives?

I left it late to renew mine but I was going to join up with as it was only £38 until I noticed this in the T&C`s

To prevent fraudulent claims (i.e. where vehicles are already broken down) in the first 72 hours only of your cover, recovery will be limited to a maximum of 10 miles and a £40 excess will apply; any additional mileage will be at your cost.

As I was planning on a 250 mile round trip two days after joining I decided to go with Asda Breakdown who offered full cover from the following day.

It`s provided by Britannia Rescue ( `Which?` Best Buy for Road Rescue ) which costs £73.92 for rescue , recovery and home cover.

The only difference from the usual AA , RAC etc policies is it is vehicle based which means you`re only covered in your car but it covers anyone driving your car, which suits me as I don`t need to pay extra for the OH to be covered.

RE: My MP Replied

according to Panorama these MPs have a habit of employing the family - and paying through the nose for them.

Not just MP`s , the local councillors are just as bad , one near here has claimed nearly £15,000 in childcare costs for his WIFE to look after HER daughter while He`s sat at home writing emails >:( >:( >:(

A COUNCILLOR claimed childcare allowance from public funds to have his 13-year-old daughter looked after, while he was at home writing official e-mails.

Kevin Etheridge claimed the allowance even though his daughter was looked after by his wife and other members of his family when he was on council duties.

He even admitted the allowance was sometimes used "to take them away on a trip for a night or two".

RE: thieving scumbags

I was thinking of sticking carpet gripper to the back of my fence once and thought **** the consequences and if some t**t decided to press charges for hurting himself while trying to steal something from me then at least he wouldn`t be able to remain anonymous and I could have a quiet word at a later date ;)

As far as legal security goes this isn`t cheap at £228 but this looks very effective and could be worth it if you have valuable items in your shed / garage - Smoke screen security system

It`s meant for vehicle use but can also be used in small buildings.

My only concern is if the scum found out you have a smoke screen they`d keep coming back to set if off " for a laugh "

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RE: Rover Woes

Might be a good idea to join up at the MG Rover forum.

I used to browse there occasionally when I had a Rover 420 , it`s a very good place for good advice.

RE: Awesome cover versions of songs- put em here

I would`ve said Whiskey In The Jar - Metallica but Gareth got there first so I`ll have Live and let die by Guns N` Roses.

RE: 32` HD TV Best Buy

There is a major flaw in the article you posted, Wayne.
It is about computer monitors.
For monitor use, S-IPS are considered better than S-PVA.
However, as I stated in my post, for television use S-PVA are considered better.
LG and Sharp are about the only ones using S-IPS, the others manufacturers, who regularly win more tests than LG and Sharp, use S-PVA.

Oh Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue

Where`s the blushing smiley ? ;)

So is the info on that site crap then ? not trying to wind you up or anything , just genuinely curious as the only advantage S-PVA has over S-IPS mentioned on there apart from being cheaper seems to be higher contrast ratios.

I would have thought that most of the benefits of S-IPS listed (image quality, colour accuracy , viewing angles and better response times ) would apply whether the panel`s used as a monitor or tv ? :/

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RE: I`m more stupid than a stupid person taking extra stupid retardation pills grrrrr

I can help you make sure no more money is charged to your mobile , just call me on 09711234876 *and I`ll tell you what you need to do
.* Calls to 09711 numbers are terminated in Africa and charged at £1.50 per minute :D :D

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RE: 32` HD TV Best Buy

Personally, I wouldn`t touch LG.
They are using S-IPS panels.
In the TV world, the general consenses is S-PVA panels rule.

Hmmmm :p :p :p :p

RE: And this years Turner Prize goes to...

BTW you might want to drink bottled water from now on - better to be safe than sorry!

Or if the rabbit was kept inside :o then get your flue checked out straight away.

RE: POLL: What is the best bird begining with P

Ptarmigan because they`re camouflaged.

Ptarmigan and camouflaged .................. thank **** for spell checkers.

RE: Panasonic DVD RV41

Have you tried testing the remote ?

You can do this by pointing it at a camera or mobile phone camera and pressing the buttons while looking at the camera screen , you will see the remotes IR light up if it`s working.

P.s. If it is the remote that`s dead AVUK sell the original one delivered for £22

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Try clicking on NeroToolkit - Nero Infotool and see what discs are supported with your drive.

RE: Guitar Hero World Tour £29 at Zavvi for Wii (Game only)

Possibly cheaper elsewhere ? but the Zavvi price was the best listed on here -

I bought the XBOX 360 guitar bundle on Monday , again Zavvi were the cheapest I could find at £65.

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RE: Flotsam and Jetsam

I reckon it`s a 7 foot shark.

RE: The AA and renewing your Breakdown Cover

For anyone with just the one car driven by many drivers ( wife , sons etc ) Asda breakdown is worth a look.

It`s actually operated by RAC and costs £73.92 for roadside , recovery , at home, accident and legal care.

RE: cleaning slabs.

I think my hose may be a bit short

So the cod piece is to cover your inadequacies ? :D

P.s. Don`t go too close to the window seals with a high power jet as you could **** the seals and end up with condensation between the glass.

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RE: Its my first birthday...

Hmmm ......... thinks back to seeing you on night cops and realises that thankfully she has her mother`s looks :D ;)