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Region hack for Acoustic Solutions dvd-273?

I just picked up one of these cheap from argos but can`t find a region hack for it anywhere. Does anyone know of one?

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RE: avoid FOXY.CO.UK !!!!

Or... 7. The postie left in it your bin/recycling bin and you didn`t know it was there and it`s gone to the big DVD tip in the sky.

RE: disney dvd player to enable the playing of multi regions

power on
open tray
press stop
press and 0
close tray
power off

to confirm
power on
press setup

RE: REFURBISHED 7" Portable DVD Player £50

Is there a region hack for this player?

RE: DVD Recorder £79.97 at Tesco

It sounds a lot like the one comet were doing cheap at the start of the year

RE: What`s that BBC presenter called who wears the snazzy glasses...

bloody hell, she looks a lot better without those glasses.

RE: what cheap xbox live game should I buy for a noob?

ghost recon 2 is better than both of them, and can also be picked up VERY cheap.

RE: For Sale: p.c TNT RIVA 2 graphics card

I used to have one of these and gave it away - the best price on ebay for one at the moment is £6.49,

You`re having a bubble, mate.

RE: what cheap xbox live game should I buy for a noob?

Here`s the list of the live games I regularly play:

Ghost Recon 2
Halo 2
Bicycle Casino (worth it just for the texas hold `em on live!)
Crimson Skies
Outrun 2
Forza Motorsport
Burnout 3

and the occasional game of Pro Evo 4 of course.

RE: PlusNet Broadband, Any PlusNet customer want to recommend me and get cash

I`m on the 2mb £14.99 per month scheme, and apart from torrents being crippled by them, I have no problems with plus net at all and highly recommend them. (user name: neal73)

RE: I Can`t Believe It... I Did It! (Wireless Connection by DavidBrent)

now you didn`t forget to set the WEP up for it did you? 128bit encryption is the one to go for.

Matsui DVDr100 firmware update?

Anyone know if there was ever an update made available for this dvd recorder? And do Matsui have a website? I can``t seem to find one.

RE: Is a home printed photo acceptable by the passport office?

We`ve just got our daughter`s passprt through- the Passport office say they wont accept a home printed picture unless its on glossy paper and at 1200dpi - the two we sent were printed on glossy paper, but only at 300dpi, but they still issued the passport with them.

RE: New Harry Potter Book £4.99 at Kwik Save

Had it emailed to me in word & pdf version yesterday!

RE: MP3 and download sites...

Forget iTunes etc - Soulseek is what you need.

RE: STAR WARS: EPISODE 3 Anticipation Thread (SPOILERS!!!)

I`ve got a friend who always gets the latest pirates as soon as they appear, and he said theres onlt been one copy of RotS doing the rounds, buts its so bad as to be unwatchable. Don`t forget all the press have had their screening for this last week, and they`re not exactly hard to get into. All you need to do is know someone who can get your name on the list (which I do!), so it is entirely possible that in one of the screenings somewhere around the world someone did a very bad handheld pirate copy.

Oh, and my mate reckons by the 20th there`ll be a good version doing the rounds :o

RE: If only I had a bigger garden...

laughing at fat people on a bouncy castle - I can imagine it`d be hilarious until they burst it.

RE: STAR WARS: EPISODE 3 Anticipation Thread (SPOILERS!!!)

You not read the script yet Chewie? If the films as good, it`ll be a corker.

RE: I`m sure some people don`t understand the point of eBay

Give them the usual ebay quote about placing a bid is entering into a contact etc.

RE: Currys - DVD Recorder - £99

Nice one - I think I`ll be treating myself to one of these now.

RE: Currys - DVD Recorder - £99

Is there a code to make this region free? Anyone got one of these and can comment on it? At £99 I`m very tempted...

And if you work for the NHS you can always enter NHSdiscounts for a 5% discount. But not if you don`t work for the NHS, of course.

RE: Problem with daughters

Have a look on the sims website - there`s a patch that fixes this.

RE: Metroid Prime 2 Gamecube: £17.99 at

Cheers for the heads up on this one. Just finished Resi 4 so this will make a timely replacement.

RE: Im new here, big E.L.O fan

You could tell the Geoff Lynne was involved with the Beatles track "Free As A Bird", it sounded like an ELO cover!

RE: Formula 1 - Australia 2005

Not really - driver skill would really come into play then, and tyres, downforce, chasis etc would all make small differences to the handling of the car, and slipstreaming on straights and then taking on corners would happen a lot more

RE: Formula 1 - Australia 2005

Best thing about the F1 in Melbourne:

Why not just limit the spend on each team, and have speed limiters on the cars so they all have the same top speed and leave it all up to driver skill.... - as bad as ebuyer

I bought an mp3 player from aria, which at first glance was fine, but within an hour of owning it I put a few mp3s on it and it totally died.

I contacted them to RMA it, and they got a number to me to send back, which was done the same day I recieved it.

Its now been almost a month and all they keep telling me is "you have to wait until we test it", to which I replied just try turning the bloody thing on and you`ll see its not working.

Never ordering from them again - good prices, but s***e customer service.

RE: Midge Ure review - Catford and a question

I was tempted to go, living in Catford and all, but I can`t belive how much they were asking for tickets. No wonder it was only a third full.