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RE: Bond Watches-which one do you prefer !

Omega for me, I have the black version. Lovely watch

RE: Any Budding Telecoms Engineers Out There?

I used to connect at 42-45k back when I used dialup, after having broadband installed I sometimes use dialup for ftp uploads and find that I can only connect at 30-33k max.

I wonder if it`s something to do with the exchange upgrades

RE: MP3 Albums - How?

I think Wedge means his player can read and play raw MP3 files. The method Ben mentions means the MP3 files are converted to .wav files(audio files) before being burnt to the disc


I`m sure Peter Jackson didn`t personally animate Gollum himself either. WETA anyone?

RE: LG 20" Designer TV only £119.99

it might be for use as a second TV such as for the bedroom or kitchen

RE: LG 20" Designer TV only £119.99

great TV

I got the green version few months back for £94 from dixons, top bargain it was :o)

RE: Do you like classy rock? If so.......

you know me too well Benji :os

RE: Do you like classy rock? If so.......

misread your title and thought you meant "do you like cheesy _ock?" :op

RE: Heresy or ?

do you read printed interviews on directors, actors and other film production people?

RE: Panasonic DMR-E30 DVD recorder Only £408.90 Delivered!!

but don`t forget for the greatest DVD-R compatibility with other players, you are limited to 2hrs recording per disc.

making a VCD

not sure if this is software or hardware but I thought I`d start this here.

I`ve some mpeg recordings that I would like to give to friends, they don`t have a PC so I was thinking of burning them onto a CD-R as a VCD. What files would I need to put on to make the disc playable on a DVD/VCD player? If there software to do this (preferably free progs)?


RE: Seriously good deal on new Tosh 420e. LOOK IN!!

cant see what major difference there are for this and the 220e model other than the 6.1 channel output

RE: digital coax cables

have you set the players to output a digital bitstream in the audio options?

also, does the amp not have an optical connection, cables for these are usually cheaper

RE: panasonic DMR E20 & PANASONIC DMR E30

optical to co-ax converters available from Maplins for about £30

RE: Home Cinema Virgin

to get 5.1 sound you need at least 5 speakers (2 fronts, 1 centre and 2 rears) the .1 is for a subwoofer to handle the bass signals, you might not need one if you have hefty enough front speakers.

To decode the signal to feed the speakers you need a amplifier/receiver that can decode 5.1 sound. 5.1 sound comes in Dobly Digital 5.1 and DTS.

RE: How do Dolby Digital 6.1 and DTS 6.1 discs play back on 5.1 equipment??

they play as 5.1 discs, you just wont benefit from the 6th channel. The discs are fully backwards compatible

RE: Phillips DVDR`s

try this to

RE: Phillips DVDR`s

all I can say is go for it, love my 880 and would not got back to crappy VHS tapes

RE: Need help with the name of a film please

the original A Better Tomorrow is the film that made John Woo`s career and possibly to a lesser extent Chow Yun Fats.

As to whether it is any good it all depends on whether you like Hong Kong Cinema? For me, this is one of the highlights of action films in general. Part 2 is a re-rum almost of the 1st part with a bit more comedy and humour. Part 3 is pants.

Watch parts 1 and 2 together with The Killer and Hard Boiled and discover why John Woo is so lauded. If you can, get hold of A Bullet in the Head, makes the Deer Hunter look tame

RE: DVD Packaging

you can get double disc jewel cases that are the same size as a single disc CD jewel case

RE: Need region code for Phillips DVDR 890

look left...look right....look down the page and what do you find!!! Region Hacks!!! YYYaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!!! (off to do a victory lap!)

RE: BTTF Picture transfer.......

great pic here too, even when blown up big on a projector

RE: To Philips DVDR880 or not to Philips DVDR880...that is the question?

I think it is possible, look at and do a search for the forums.

If you can set your pronto up as a standard Philips DVD player remote then that should be ok.

RE: Panasonic DMR-E20 vs Philips DVDR880

well if you record on DVD-R, once you have watched your TV show the disc goes in the bin unless of course you want to keep the show or lend it to someone else. You can of course record on DVD-RAM which allows you to erase and re-record but you are highly unlikely to be able to lend it to someone else as they probably won`t have a compatible player.

RE: Panasonic DMR-E20 Where can I buy one in the UKI?

why not wait for the new model which is about to be released imminently -the DMR-E30

RE: OK - can anyone explain the ending of 2001: A Space Odyssey?!?

Tikly, how do you explain the monolith`s role in the end of 2010? Trying not to be too revealing in this so as not spoil the ending for others

RE: OK - can anyone explain the ending of 2001: A Space Odyssey?!?

you mean you didn`t drop some acid when you watched it? Would have made perfect sense then :-)

My take is Dave Bowman`s last words "My`s full of stars!" means that the monolith is a giver of life as it creates suns(stars) which are the source of energy in the universe that sustains life as we know it. You should watch 2010 back to back with 2001. Don`t read the book 3001 Odyssey though...ending makes no sense really in light of the previous stories.

What did you think it was then Mr Banner??

RE: Philips dvd recorder £499 at jungle

£479 in the shop at Currys for the 880 model

RE: Dual Boot ?

to create a dual boot system, install ME first then XP after. When you boot up after this, you will get an menu with the option to boot from either OS.