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RE: Panasonic E-30 Playback Difficulty

I have several E30`s and until recently the Bulkpaq Gen3`s have been very good. However, now it would appear that a huge amount of faulty discs are going around. They are recognised by the centre piece being clear and not white. These DO not work very well, lots of U11 ! !

I am now using Datawrite yellows and service has restored and this appears to be the best media yet.

Hope this helps.


Is there anyone here from near Fareham ? (Southampton)

Could use some informtion, can anyone help please ?



RE: Come on, admit it. 9/10 films nowadays are crap!

I agree, it appears that film production has become as diluted and repetetive as the music industry with 50 crap over hyped titles a month !
Which is why going to the cinema can be such a non event.

But I did enjoy Fight Club and Final Cut.


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RE: All time fave scene that you just keep playing everytime on DVD

The last scene in `UP YOUR ASS #19` Where `Eurobabe` Daniella Rush, dressed in a latex nurse outfit gets a real thrashing off 12 nasty guys. FFFFFFANTASTIC !



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RE: War ! Would you fight for your country ? VOTE NOW.......

Yes Gruntboy is correct and a lot of you have misunderstood.

It says "War ! Would you fight for your country ? VOTE NOW....... "
Not particularly outlining the current Gulf crisis.

But ill outline the point of the thread in the next few days. There appears to be certain types of people who whilst normally quite vocal and responsive, have NOT participated.

Geddit ?


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RE: Terrorists doing us a BIG favour.........

Great reply Hodge, and i MEAN that. I bet the next thing your gonna tell me is that youre some kind of buddhist ! :o)


All the best with the Vietnam Symphony Orchestra. They Rock.

War ! Would you fight for your country ? VOTE NOW.......

This will be interesting........

YES or NO ?


a) In what country do YOU live ?

b) What is YOUR country, ?

c) What is YOUR Religion (or origin) ?

Pacifists need not apply.


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RE: I bet Pete Townsend is loving Matthew Kelly.....

Okay, okay, okay......

Innocent until proven guilty, i agree and I mean that.

But please open your eyes, take a look at the evidence and watch what unfolds. Do you want a wager on their innocence ? ?



RE: Terrorists doing us a BIG favour.........

Hodge wrote...

Well said Asad.

I`m sorry, but I`m disgusted with the appalling display of intolerance and bigotry in this, and some other threads. If this is the general view (small minded intolerance etc.) of the populace, then to be frank, I`m absolutely ashamed to call myself british.

Added = In fact I am so ashamed to be British I am going to give my house, my car and all my personal belongings to the very next chap I see jumping out the back of a lorry.


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RE: Terrorists doing us a BIG favour.........

"P.S no war on iraq but remove hussain"

Fantastic, lets start the letter now........

Dear Mr Hussain,
With respect, we dont want a war so would you please leave your country today. Thank you for your co-operation.

Yours Sincerely

Mr C. Cukooland.

I bet Pete Townshend is loving Matthew Kelly.....

I bet he just cannot believe his luck that a fellow celebrity sicko has stolen all his publicity. I can picture him now in a darkened room, mopping his sweaty forehead.

Anyway gotta go, im off to rob a bank, break into an old ladies house and give her a kicking then mow some people down in my lorry. All for research of course !


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RE: Terrorists doing us a BIG favour.........

A lot of people are missing the point. Forget about asylum seekers working or scrounging, stealing or making ricin, Even being `Asylum seeker of the year !`

The point is WE DONT WANT THEM HERE ! ! !


RE: BNP get another seat.

BNP ? Just take a good look at their website, it makes absolutely PERFECT sense to me. But with their reputation always inflamed by the media, they will always be repressed.

That is of course, until we receive this "inevitable" (Quote Mr Blair) terrorist attack. Then good old Labour will steal BNP style policies, just as previous when it stole the TORIES policies. Funny that !

.....And No, I am NOT a BNP Member, just a frustrated hard working Brit, who`d love to live in a `BETTER` country somewhere, but cannot get in because they are caring about their own people ! ! Hmmm.


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Terrorists doing us a BIG favour.........

Because succesive governments for years have never listened to the public opinion of `Enough IS Enough` or `Lets look after our people`

But 125 million refugees later, it may be about to change because of suspected terrorism. HOORAY, terrorists, economic migrants, asylum seekers. WHO CARES ? ? Get rid of them and send ALL the lefties too. Jesus, I wish we were like Australia.

....And today Mr Blunkett announces that he is worried about UK residents becoming vigilantes. I wonder why that is ? Makes me wanna puke.

I guess England USED to be good though.

Rant over.



"Should have gone for Sony. See if your still happy in 5 years time."

Eh ? Whoever would keep a TV for more than 5 years ?

Besides, we will all have plasma sets by then.


Who would celebrate if..........

....... Radio One went down the pan ?

Reply 1 (Me) = Yes, Radio One has a lot to answer for.


RE: Blokes who hit girls (and me)

Questionable if you did the right thing.

I was involved in a very similar situation a couple of years ago, but I gave the guy a good shoeing. All captured on CCTV, good fun watching it though. He was supposed to be a local `Hardman` but wrong IS wrong and Ive been bought up NOT to hit women. Even if some of them DO deserve it !

The only downside being that he pressed charges against me !

Live and learn i guess. Put your frozen turkey on the eye !

All the best


RE: How Many DVD Players Have You All Had Or Got?

I have 8 !

All are home units........................................dont ask !


RE: Anyone out there got the P.O.D Satellite CD.

Mate, the album is stunning ! I suppose there are two `iffy` tracks, but it would be worth the money just for tracks 1,5 and 10.

Real music !

All the Best



In the past 2 years I have purchased a couple of Sony TV`s and a video.
All are pretty naff. I would go with the LG.


RE: The death of a Dyslexic Alcoholic...........

How many dyslexics does it take to chane a liggetty blub

The death of a Dyslexic Alcoholic...........

The death of a Dyslexic Alcoholic.

He choked on his own Vimto !

Thank you very much


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RE: Panasonic E-20 a Good Buy?

I have both an e20 and a few e30`s. The e30`s look better, the menu system is slightly improved but otherwise performs the same. With the exception of the dv port of course.

Hope this helps



Hello Sir Madam, Can I help you ?

Yes Please i need some money, some food and a house !

Fine, I`ll just enter your name into the computer............................
Oh ! We dont appear to have any record of your contribution to this country. Therefore we are unable to help you on this occasion. Bye.

Thanks for calling.

Gave this country away and in another 20 years or so, WE will be seeking political asylum. Well, you can FORGET Australia because they already have the right idea ! ! !



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I use Panasonic recorders and have found the recordings to be compatible with most modern machines. The media costs 44p !

I did also have a play with the Philips +R machines but at the time the media was rather expensive. I believe it has dropped in price now.

All I can say is that the Panasonics are fantastic to use and the build quality excellent. Hope this helps.


P.S. You can get the Panasonic for £399 if you shop around.

RE: Myra Hindley dead


Just another 75 million Paedo`s to go, KILL `EM ALL !

Can your machine play DVD-R discs? Please help....

I am compiling a list of machines that successfully play dvd-r discs.

I would be grateful if people could input their make / model of machine.
Success or failed i.e.

PANASONIC DM452 = Failed. (Did not read)



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Can a home DVD player be connected to a PC ?

Is there a way to do this, are there any leads available. Or good websites ?

There is a reason, help appreciated.




Anyone selling theirs yet, maybe getting the HS2 ?

I`ll buy it.

Thanks K.

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RE: Run Dmc - Jam Master Jay shot dead

Awwwww Man,
That is terrible, I have ALL their jammin` discs dude, know wha im sayyin ?

Seriously though they were great. I especially loved "Ice, Ice baby" with that superfly genesis riff ! WIKKID ENNIT ! !

I love music