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RE: VCD playing/menu help

Thanks for the advise.... Will try it and let you know!

VCD playing/menu help

I have a H&B5415s and I`m having a few probs with VCD`s. I can`t get VCD slideshows to play. How do I get to the main menus etc. Also some VCD`s come up with like an explorer file browser and I can`t get them to play.

Any ideas of what I needs to do?


H&B DVD-5415s DVD Player -- Help Please!

Have set it up. `DVD` screen appears. Put a disc in and `Loading disc` appears. Then `No Disc` appears on the screen. This happened with 4 different DVDs, but the 5th one worked! All region 2. MP3 disc worked fine. Have I just been unlucky and got 4 duff DVDs? (All 5 were bought from the same company). Player bought from Amazon so no problem with returning it, although that`s not the point...I wanna watch `em NOW!
Any advice really appreciated.


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DVD Player. Which to buy?

Have decided that I need to get into this Dvd malarky and obviously need some advice!
Price: Upto £200 (Preferably around the £150 mark though)
MUST be Multi-Region
Mp3 (Possibly)
Able to record to Video (Macrovision?)

Many thanks