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RE: Saw a very strange thing.

The Grifter had a middle brother as well...
The Striker


Just me then. Come to think of it, there was quite an echo.

RE: Zonealarm Problem!

Same here. It`s on various message boards by now but it appears it may be a conflict between Zonealarm and security update KB951748. I`ve removed this update and all is well. Do a search for more technical info!


Yes I did. Thought it was ace! Best support Within Temptation. Never heard of them before but was pleasantly surprised for some strange reason!?! Cyborg Eddie looked fantakka, should use it on all tours!

RE: Ray Winstone in The Sweeney !!!

Saw `Raymond Winstone` the other day on ITV4 in an original Sweeney episode "Loving Arms".

RE: Filipino Widower loses fight to stay in UK

I`m shocked but not surprised. What he needs to do now is commit a crime or two or three and we`ll let him stay indefinitely.

RE: Planet Rock

This is interesting...

latest Planet Rock news

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RE: Planet Rock

Great news, but it`s not over yet!


RE: Planet Rock

Less than 1 week to go. This is taken from the newsletter which arrived this morning;
"Check the website next week for an update regarding the survival of Planet Rock. Thanks for all your continued support of the station." Fingers crossed, it`s not over yet!

Please visit and contribute to the campaign.

Planet Rock News

RE: Planet Rock

Less than 2 weeks to go now. Please visit and contribute to the campaign.

Planet Rock News

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RE: Planet Rock

Less than 3 weeks to go now. A few additions to the site where you can sign various petitions or download banners and images to use on whatever message board/forum/facebook/myspace/bebo is your thing. Every little helps as they say. A few vids on youtube as well. Pass the message on!

Planet Rock News

Planet Rock

The owners of this station have decided to shut it down despite it winning numerous awards and increasing it`s listener numbers. It`ll probably be replaced with yet another insipid pop-tastic station which is just what we don`t need but it will make the accountants happy. There is a petition and you can join in by visiting their website or We can but hope a buyer will be found.

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RE: Sorry lads we`re done for.

Anyone seen that Polish sci-fi flick `Sex Mission`? Might come true after all!

RE: Phishing E-mail For Abbey National

I may have made an error with my earlier post as today I recieved 2 emails within 1 second of each other telling me that unauthorised access had been attempted on my `Nationwide` account, which I don`t have. Hotmail has a `report phishing scam` button now for selected emails which I have been using. The offending ones then disappear to somewhere I assume that collects them and notifies the correct authorities?
I wonder if it has got owt to do with the information on the missing CD`s, which have been unaccounted for for 3 weeks!?

RE: Phishing E-mail For Abbey National

Yep, I`ve had about half a dozen of these. Four in one go and another one today. I`ve also had two purporting to be from `Natwest`. Luckily I don`t have anything to do with either of these organisations so I smelled a rat straight away.

Planet Rock online player

I haven`t been able to get this to work properly for a couple of days now. Can somebody give it a go please?

RE: A bizarre new channel called Dave

My freeview box seems to be playing tricks on me. Channel 12 is `Dave` (used to be UKtv History) and channel 19 is now a much reduced UKtv History (8am til 6 pm). Is it me?

RE: Al Gore named Nobel Peace Prize Winner

I believe that`s called the `Space 1999` effect. There seems to be some serious talk about him running for president. This would be everyone`s worst nightmare as don`t forget, his wife wanted to ban rock music.Then all music.Then some books. Then all books.


A classic case of each to his own I reckon. I thought the tour was a brave move considering the sort of press they get. Talk about a no-win situation!

RE: What`s you`re mobile ringtone?? What phone??

Nokia 3330 (ancient but reliable!) with the red telephone ringer from `Our Man Flint` that I punched in meself.

RE: Any Rory Gallagher fans?

I had heard of him before, but it wasn`t until he died that I got into his music. When he died the beeb repeated an `in concert` (possibly a `Whistle test`) which my mate taped as we were going to see a band in a pub that night. They played a few Rory numbers as a tribute, my first initiation to his work. Impressed by this we went back to another mate`s for more booze and asked if he`d got any Rory stuff in his record collection. The only thing he had was a `Taste` album `On the Boards` which we listened to. Suitably fired up by this we returned to watch the tape recorded earlier which was great, but felt quite sad he`d passed away.
Anyroad, check out his `Taste` albums as well as his solo stuff.

Clapton is God? Pah!

RE: now, this, is cool graffiti

I saw this effect featured in an `Amateur Photographer` a good ten years ago. An artist in America was using a pen torch to trace the outlines of cars and street furniture. This looks better with the different colours. And it`s bloody tricky as I tried it with a laser pen after reading the article. I won`t show you my effort!

RE: Spice Girls reunion...

A six (yes SIX!) date world tour has been announced. Whoopee-farting-do. Will it be the `Walking Into Wind` tour, or `Sliding Across Glass Wall`?


Found out a coupla days ago that there`s a new `Sweeney` film in the offing. Dunno whether it`s a remake or a new movie but this doesn`t fill me with much hope:
Just checked the guy out and he`s been involved in the `dirty sanchez` film amongst others. At least Ian Kennedy Martin is involved.

Any Opera browser experts?

I use version 7.51 all the time and last night, after powering back up following a power failure, all my bookmarks have disappeared! The only things on the list are `Trash` and the contents of the trash can. How can I get my bookmarks back?

RE: WTF!!!! Paul W. S. (Resident Evil) Anderson to remake The Long Good Friday!!!!!

`Get Carter` remake springs to mind. They used the `UK only interest` bollocks to explain why this did badly at the box office too. Both films are now quite rightly regarded as cult classics. How often to we get american crap foisted upon us? Yep, all the bloody time!
"Money talks, bulls*** walks." Bobbi Flekman

RE: Just fitted PCI card. Now what?

The only mention of firewire stuff is "IEEE 1394 Bus host controllers" which expands to
"VIA OHCI compliant IEEE 1394 Bus host controller".

Right just raved the card out again and the above disappears in device manager so it must be acknowledged. The jumpers on the board are to switch 12v onto the ports. The card has 3 external and 1 internal port and the jumpers are configured so that only the internal port is 12v powered. Should they all be? I don`t really want to nazz the camcorder. The card also claims to have re-settable fuses for each port but I can`t see those.

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RE: Just fitted PCI card. Now what?

Yep, all secure and rigged up the same as when using the laptop.