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wireless broadband router distances?

Hi iam thinking of setting up a wirelss network so all my pc.s can acess the net what sort of distances can a wireless router acheive i have quiet a long garden with office in the back about 50m away from the main house will the signal reach this far and what router would you recommed.



RE: Handheld computers?

Handhelds are ok but no one make one with a decent keyboard if you are ok with taping on a small screen then you will be ok but if you can find on the psion is the best for a keyboard you can pic on up fairly cheap on ebay


RE: Switching networks - T Mobile & Virgin

From past expericence tmobile phones will work with virgin sim cards not vice versa and if it is on a contract i think they come unlocked but you got nothing to loose just buy a sim card if it works it works if it doesn`t then pay about £5 -£10 to get it unlocked


RE: Aldi Bargains from 26th Feb

For all you guys out there with slow speed pc`s Iam using one of these cards in a pII 450mhz machine 256ram win2000 and it works a treat when recording only snag you can only record in vcd mode I have tested about 30mins so far i have burnt a disc and it plays ok in my dvd player so don`t always take what it says on the box. Not bad for £30 I paid £150 for a rainbow runner 3 years ago and that did not do all these features. :) And for connecting you camera use the audio in jack sokect to feed you sound in you can lead from maplins jack plug to phones plugs the small lead supplied is for conecting you card to the line in on you sound card thats why it is a short size.

Ravi Mann

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RE: Where to get a short keyboard (ie with no numerical pad)

I did a search on ebay got one for £15 it works a treat


RE: Can anyone sugest a cheap printer to do photos from a multi media card direct please.ETC ETC.

I would really recommend you take your card to jessops they will print 40 4"x6" photos for 5.99 print quality is excellent I think that is your cheapest option Click here for more info.


Cheap mini pansonic dvd player with amp and speakers at argos £149 reduced from £249

Click here to find out more if any in stock


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Cheap 5.1 speakers for pc or dvd player

Cheap 6 speakers with subwoofer ideal for pc upgrade click here


Nokia 3310 and 120 mins anytime cross network for £19.99 no line rental for 12 months

Just click below and find out seems like a good deal

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A qusetion for a Lawyer out there "Notice of intended prosecution"

I have received a notice for prosecution for speeding now the offence took place on the 24th Nov 03 and my company received the notice on the 23rd Dec 03 they informed the police on the 02 Jan 04 that iam the Driver of the car. Then i received a notice on the 13 Jan 04. Now according to the law, the owner/ registered keeper should receive the notice within 14 days of the offence which they didn`t. Now the question does this mean I am in the clear?


Medion dvd £79.99 @ Aldis

Any info on above item who is it made by? And is ti a good buy considering the 3 year warranty

Ravi Mann

RE: PC cassette deck - where to get?

Try link below a nice small sony cassette deck at only £29.99



Yes I have ordered from them very reliable very fast service been around for about 20 odd years the difference is one is a sky branded link adaptor the other one is made by SLX which is as good as the sky one I have used the SLX one before the remotes are the sky ones.


RE: CRT Suppliers?

In the long run it might not be worth replacing the tube as this is the most of the cost of the set and most suppliers will not sell tubes to general public if i was you count you losses and get your self a new set .


RE: Incoming calls with a 56k dialup modem???

If you mate has a V92 modem he will have facilty built in and will need some software running in background and subscription to call waiting or if you are not bothered about dropped connections you can do without device by adding the code S10=5 in the extra settings box in modem properties.


RE: Camcorder advice

If you are on a tight budget go for Digital 8 I would same quality as DV but cheaper but camcorders can be a bit big than DV models. But if you can afford the extra £100-200 go for the DV I went for one without a screen because of increased battery life and the more flaps and hinges on any electronic equipment the more chance of it getting broken. Digital 8 is firewire compatiable so if you have a PC with firewire card you can edit digitalty with it. Model recommendations Sony DCRTRV140 which about £310 on the market. This has USB streaming and firewire.

Ravi Mann

RE: Phono Input splitter - is there such a thing?

Yes maplins do something like this code numer is YZ24B it was £20 now only £9.99.

Ravi Mann

RE: Grundig bought out by my favourite company

And guess who has their hands in grundigs pies the big Ducth company known as philips.

RE: Playing DVD via TV with no scart

I think the 8 pin phone is a Din socket and some of these sockets were audio only but you can onlt tell from a circuit diagram does your tv have a Ext button or switch on the back or front of tve or maybe a AV button whats the model? If it does you could feed composite into the tv but quality won`t be great as s-video or RGB but better than VHS tapes.


RE: Siemens A50 just £30!! with 750mins off peak calls a month.

A futher Five pounds off is available on above deal for online orders.


RE: region1playback on toshiba220

What make and model is your tv? How old is it? It will only help to change the scart lead if TV is RGB compatiable.


RE: region1playback on toshiba220

Are u sure it is RGB, then make sure your TV is RGB capable I.E right scart socket, usally AV1 then make sure it is a full scart lead you can do that by opening the lead and checking all pins are connected.


RE: region1playback on toshiba220

Try changing settings to RGB not composite that will cure it and improve the picture.


RE: Toshiba SD220e From Richer Sounds

It does play CDR`s and CDrw`s and Mp3 and vcd`s I have bought one from richers and mine works ok.

RE: does anyone know any hacks for the toshiba sd220e

You need to go to "file" then "burn image" find the cue file then burn and bobs your uncle.


RE: Faulty Tosh 210e

Is the front display working? And is the sound muted or low audio?

Ravi Mann


goto the philips website mate it there for u to download click on consumer products then dvd then top left click on drivers and documentation. Type your model and it there.


RE: problem with my tv

what is teletext like do you miss the clock or the fastext buttons top and bottom and what is your model of television.

RE: PC Remote Control

Cheaper option than above will need to be handy with a soldering iron.