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RE: Sega Mega Drive +26games will swap for dvd`s

do u have the game toe jam andf earl in thast bundle of 26?

RE: My free Fox DVD just dropped through the letter box this morning.

HAHAHAHAHA got my copy of WLB, Dr Doolittle And Full Monty ALL this morning i put my aunties address my nans address and mine we all live next door 2 each other and they all got posted 2 me HAHA ffox mtop notch ;)

RE: For Sale: Gamecube with 5 top games - £220

if u still have this nearer christmas (which i doubt) i will defo have it @ £220 :)

RE: Best DVD player for £80?

there is 2 in asda one for £89 and one for £99 which i both own and my other one aint in ur price range :D but them 2 are easy 2 hack all the outputs etc

RE: Some DVDs for trade - regions 1 + 2

paul how much for virgin suicides?

RE: For Sale: Original DVDs 4 Sale from £2 >> INSIDE!!

i will take scream trilogy for £15 if its the boxset one and not seperate dvds

RE: Money Off Everything at Virgin Shops Tomorrow!.....

a german man done this in a german sports store for the first game it was 8-0 he had 2 knock 40% of all stock hahahaha

lets hope ol branson has 2 do the same!

RE: HMV £9.99 Sale

thanx alot for the info m8 been lookin 4 the 2 disc edition for a while will get it 2morrow if the town centre hmv has a copy :-D

RE: For Sale: Unwanted R18 titles,

man is that letter from death row (if u still have it) the actualt death row (where people die) or death row the record company?

RE: For Sale: selling gold plated scart leads !

man u seem 2 be selling alot lately do u rob shops lol

RE: HMV £9.99 Sale

MrPPV420 is that almost famous the 2 disc special edition one?


i picked up the rock face/off etc all classic films :D

but i think if my bb had harry potter on ex rental it would be gone in a flash mine is starting 2 have the same ones now because no-one wants rental copys with features etc!


exactly m8 lol my blockbuster finally pulled out the sale stand! about time! and i picked up 5 for £50


hehe huyton were am from :-)

my bb ex-rentals are normally in poor bioxes and without a few inside sheets so i went into mine and found moulin rouge with the proper red cover all the leaflets etc still in it and the disc didnt have a scratch haha success!


well i got some money 2day for a few odd jobs and bought moulin rouge mike basset and evolution for summit to do £30 like but my bb was putting up a new 2 for £25 display 2day :(


thanx for the tip just goin 2 mine now BUT...

they currently have gone in 60 seconds etc for 2 for £25 sop i odubt they are as cheap as u say here :(

RE: For Sale: Region 2 DVDs for Sale

is entrapment just the movie or the se one with special features if its the se one i will be interested for say about £8

RE: For Sale: trade planet of the apes 2 disc r1

also i noticed demolition man (stallone) for £9.67 is loacal asda stores across north west

RE: For Sale: trade planet of the apes 2 disc r1

is this any diffrent 2 the r2 version?

RE: Man United Membership only £18 - what a bargain

not sticking up for the mancs ere but arsenals fann base prob rose by at least 45% this year so u cant say nothing its all the southern monkeys who give teams like liverpool and man utd bad names by supporting them instead of ya local club like chelsea or spurs

getting back against man utd as sumone said above i would opt for the paint thank you!

RE: Wanted: Any DVD`s

that dont interest me sorry

RE: For Sale: For sale - PS2 + 8MB mem + stand + 5 games

my local store is sellling playstations for £180 and those games i seen cost at least 70 for the 5 and the mem card so this is a good deal but i aint got the money currently :(

RE: Egg: Rush hour 2

if you go through the chapter selection on R2 u eventually get to a page with 2 scenes on instead of 3 it has a question mark on it enter it for the lord of the rings trailer

RE: Kylie going cheap!

the currency convertor on that site which i dont trust for some reason says £8.36 including delivery

Wanted: Any DVD`s

Looking to boost my collection so if anyone has ANY for sale or trade email me or reply here with what you have i will consider and get back to you if i am interested!

thanx hope to get some replys!

RE: Mummy Returns (Special Edition 2 Disc DVD)

does anyone know where i could get a inlay for the dvd region 2 of this film?

This item was edited on Thursday, 2nd May 2002, 20:20

Wanted: Looking For Some R2 DVDs

anyone have the following willing to trade or sell?? i only have 30 dvds myself but i dont mind trading if its a good deal.
i prefer region 2.


Get Over It
Save The Last Dance
Legally Blonde

or if you have any u r willing to trade i may give u an offer if u are looking to get rid.

you can put a reply here o contact me on msnmessenger or mail me at 3pm_noitulove[at]moc.liamtoh

Thanx :)