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RE: - never again!!!

I ordered a CD from these jokers. After a month with no sign of them shipping, I sent an e-mail cancelling the order and ordered elsewhere. I got no response from DVDi, but a week later I checked the order status online and it was cancelled. However, a month after cancelling, I received a dispatch e-mail for the CD. I checked the order status and it was now showing as dispatched. They had reinstated the order!
After several e-mails, I have still not got any response.

NOTE: DON`T PHONE THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICES NUMBER. It is a money making scam using an 05 number. All it does is spend 2 minutes giving you the e-mail address for various "departments" within the "company". This is all information that could easily be put on their contact web page, although still pointless as they never reply to e-mails!