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RE: Can Anyone Recommend a Good Multi Region DVD Player???

Need to replace my Scan2000 (stolen) and I`m looking at either the Tosh SD220E or the Pioneer DV350 (though really want the 454 for optical out but £30 extra doesn`t justify it).
Bearing in mind that I also need SXVCD playback, the best picture will determine my choice between those so any advice on that would be welcome.

I`l try to pop to the SevenOaks (a real shop! omg!) since just saw there`s few minutes walk/ride from my place..ooh just saw they have the Pioneer 454 for £109 this week so maybe a chance there.

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I`m not the person you`re talking about Niv but I`ve done it too.

I used DirectCD. I had a previous version on a cd. I renamed the new TDVD-000 as TDVD-001 and copied it on a new session of the disc. (close session but leave disc open)

On the Scan, I go to the firmware menu, use vol+ to up to .001. then exit (turned it off I think) and follow the procedure as normal.

Hope it helps (and it save on CDs)

RE: Terminator 2 and Terminator - region 1 or 2

T2 was not coming out until October the last I heard of it, so I bought the R1.

RE: . anyone know whether they`re any good?

It`s the major book/disks/video high street retailer in france (think HMV/Virgin + Waterstones/Booksetc + hi-fi retailer all in one). So they are very reputable.

As for price, I ordered a couple of the R1 but got them delivered in France (I`m from there and I was going on a trip shortly after). For delivery to UK that was around £6.

RE: Only one Region 2 disc worth buying this year.....

Actually my mistake, T1 is out mid-March (28/02 in France but I`m not sure if that one is the same SE).

RE: Only one Region 2 disc worth buying this year.....

Sorry, was repeated.

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RE: Only one Region 2 disc worth buying this year.....

T1 is out this month in R2 can`t remember when exactly (R4 comes out a bit before). It won`t come out in R1 untill aat least october (distribution rights problem).
For once we get it first.

I think the same will apply to O Brother as it is scheduled for 9/04 here but has just opened in wide release in the cinemas in the states.

Possibly Billy Elliot as well.

RE: Only one Region 2 disc worth buying this year.....

even Terminator 1 which does not come out in R1 `till the end of the year?

RE: Scan firmware 2.14 on - but no info....

Davey, what 2.14 does, if anything?

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RE: 5% Off all DVDs from WHSmith when purchased through DVD Reviewer

So it goes from Outrageously expensive to just very expensive :-)

3 for £40 is the only way I`ll ever buy WHSmith DVDs.

RE: Who`s Da best! Lets Vote on it!

DV-Depot 1st, maybe not the cheapest but by far the best service.
247 second although I only ordered once for R1
haven`t got a third, ordered with BO and Dynamic but found delays (still waiting from dynamic). Amazon too expensive and custom unfriendly.


Ordered only once.
took them 10 days to actually send the disk but just a week from then `till it came through the letterbox.


>As far as i know the 2.08s firmware will disable macro on all scans past v1.64.

When you said it worked, do you mean that the menu screen list 000001 instead of 000003 or did you actually try to go through a VCR ?

RE: Just got Scan2000..big to

funny, that`s the kind of things i get (scrolling) when I plug my Playstaion in the TV (via Scart) but put a channel on instead of the AV channel.

Try putting the AV channel manually on the TV.
although it should switch to it automatically (but my play doesn`t on my TV) maybe your scart connection is faulty. Have you tried with a different cable?

RE: frequency? disk or faulty

rented it couple of weeks ago, no problem.
I`d say your disk is faulty

RE: Nelley from Scan - Look in here please!

I had an old scan with subtitles problems and was supposed to be send an EEPROM. It took ages for them to send one, but they ended giving me twice the same one (there is two EEPROM to change), then it took even longer to send the correct one so eventually got a pick&drop.

I`d try that if I was you as the EEPROM does NOT make it flashable, you`ll have exactly the same scan as now, just without subtitles and the Scart problem.

RE: Scan SC2000 and DTS

I bought an Amp just last week.
When I first tried to play DTS I had the same problem of broken sound.
I played around with the Amp (don`t ask what, I don`t know) and now it works perfectly (with bitstream).

firmware is 192 I think
good luck

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RE: The Godfther trilogy? quotes October for release by Paramount

RE: Subway is this film available on DVD

english (dubbed) at 247

best choice:
179FF + 38FF p&p
english & French versions both subtitles too.

Maybe the same disk at 247 but I`d check with them first.

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RE: `new` Scan Sc2000

The problem with pixellisation in dark areas varies widely with the title.
Some equally dark scenes play quite well on some discs but horribly on others (Matrix or 6th sense for example).

I think the quality of the encoding plays a big part.... but I suppose a better (more expensive) player should play anything well...will have to try when I know someone else with a DVD player :-)

RE: play247 GONE??

Ordered 3 DVDs last week.
2 R2s arrived this morning but the R1is still processing (and money debited, I wish they`d only charged when the disk is send)
The weirdest thing is that the disk is marked as in stock and shipping in 24 hours...but that`s 5 days now!

RE: Making the most of available RGB SCART and S-Video SCART inputs

Automatic Scart switches with RGB exist, I got one.
But I can`t help you find one here as I got mine in France where Scart has been standard on every AV equipement for the last 15 years :-)

RE: DV-Depot & Customs

I ordered with them before (twice).
It WILL arrive.
takes about 10-14 days from the day they dispach.

my first order was 2 boxsets and a single.
I asked it to be send individually to avoid the custom but for some reason they didn`t (but when I e-mailed them about it, replied promptly and gave me an also very prompt refund of the postage difference). They anyway don`t send more than 3 disks / packet.
For the first order, the packets seemed to come from the UK.
the second (2 disks: $35) from France I think altough there was a US content declaration on it (but listed as commercial sample :-)

So although you can`t absolutely guarantee not to have to pay custom, I`d say it`s VERY unlikely.

Good shopping

RE: Just a quick gladiator question. It`ll only take a minute.

No, I heard.
Got the region 1 myself but on a player where there`s no problem anyway.

RE: best site for region one?????????????????????

Excellent service, good promos on pre-order titles. You have to pay postage but it`s cheap($3.95 for up to 3 disks, just a bit more after) and depending on the title, it can still be cheaper than dvdboxoffice.
And they work around customs ;-)
I ordered 2 boxsets and another order with 2 dvds with them, took about 10-14 days.

I highly recommend.
compare with boxoffice when you`re looking to order and pick the cheaper...

RE: The farce that is Scan - Read and weep !!!!!

I bought one in august _ faulty, subtitles on all the time, pb with RGB

got that one replaced, eventually in October _ sub fixed but poor picture

finally got around to ask for the new MPEG card one, got it 3 days later, it works fine (except I need the firmware upgrade as I need Macrovision disabled, going through my VCR to the TV while waiting for Santa Claus to bring me a Widescreen Tv ;-)

Do I think I finally got a descent DVD player _ Yes,

Will I buy through Scan again (digitheatre or PC memory) _ NO

The problems with the product is not necessary Scan fault but the customer service is crap.

I guess you pay for it or don`t....

RE: Playback of SECAM disks

After verification (on a website for French DVDs), They`re in PAL anyway, not in SECAM so you won`t have a problem if you buy DVDs there.

RE: Playback of SECAM disks

OK, had the similar problem of having a Pal/Secam video and a Pal UK TV.
If you go through the normal antenna, then yes, you`ll get UK Pal in b&w on your French TV. But if you go through the Scart socket (and ALL French Tv have had one for the past 15 years) then you won`t have a problem. The difference between Pal europe and Pal UK is on TV signal, not on video.
Now that is if the DVD is PAL, if it`s SECAM, then you`ll get it in B&W bcause the DVD player is PAL only
I think (but I haven`t bought any myself) that French DVDs are PAL so no problem.

RE: My Scan SC-2000 Problems

well I`m only on my 2nd Scan player as after several attempts to get the firmware update I finnally got a Pick&drop. (BTW the leads and free DVD were much appreciated after all the hussle, though not my choice of title)

Now the subtitles are removed and the Scart works properly but the pixelisation is still there :-(.

You say that the new batch will have a new MPEG card but that doesn`t help me does it since have already got it exchanged?
Will it be possible to change the MPEG card on its own and if so would it be possible to get it without having to make 10 phone calls :-)