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RE: Exchange rate

Had to take some cash out of an ATM while on holiday this summer... got 1.1€ to £1.

RIP Raymond Briggs

Another thread through our lives leaves...

Someone please stop 2022, I want to get off now.

RE: Olivia Newton John has died at 73

RIP... another part of my younger years leaves us.


RIP Nichelle Nichols


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Westworld Season 4

Season Premiere tomorrow
Sky Atlantic, 2am and repeated at 9pm


But Leia knows who Obi-wan is...?

Isn't the line "Help me Obi-wan Kenobi, you're my only hope." the setup for the entire Star Wars franchise from A New Hope in 1977?

RIP Vangelis...

"Greek composer Vangelis, who was known for his celebrated film themes for Chariots of Fire and Blade Runner, has died at the age of 79."

Listened to those tracks just now, first time in ages. I'd forgotten how much they lent to those movies.

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RE: Dennis waterman RIP

Brings back some memories... and seems only yesterday! 😞

RE: Energy crisis

Can you add extra capacity to the battery system?

RE: Energy crisis

An extra note regarding the 0% VAT. If you install a battery system at the same time as the solar PV (so have it done as all one system), then the battery system is also 0% VAT.

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RE: Energy crisis

If energy prices stay high (and keep climbing), it might be worth checking your solar panel cost again...

For us, large house, family use, the return of investment has gone from 12+ years to 6-7 years based on April 2022 price cap elec price. Both periods are well within the 20 year lifetime of solar panels. But we plan to still be here past 6-7 years, so we would get "free" elec for a few years...

Just need the initial investment £ (Scotland's 0% loan scheme).

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RIP William Hurt

Well, this year is just s**t:

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RIP Ivan Reitman

Reading the films he was involved in, its a catalogue of favourites. Sad start to the week.

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RE: [VIDEO] Army of Thieves (Netflix)

You've made me really, really want to check it out now to see how bad it is!

And then I'll probably just watch it, lazily not bothering to change to something else... ☹

RE: [VIDEO] The Orville

The Disney+ rating system does go a bit random at times. Odd Pixar and Disney (cartoon) movies don't appear when a profile is set as child, even though they're U rated.

RE: [VIDEO] The Orville

Appears in Star section, and when I search.

RIP Charlie Watts

No words to say really on this one...

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RE: EE re-introduce roaming charges in Europe

As suggested on Twitter...

How many of the 2000 army truck drivers are reservists who's day job is (already) driving trucks...

RE: RIP Richard Donner

RIP, and thanks for so many enjoyable movies...

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Useful place to start for up-to-date research:

RIP Christopher Plummer

2021 seems to be carrying on where 2020 left off...

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

11 countries, and we have trade agreements with 7 already, and are negotiating with 2 more.

Still, opportunities for all those fishermen to sell their fresh fish to instead of the EU I guess...

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

About 350 days since first UK covid case, and we still haven't controlled our borders properly...

Island nation, yet one of the highest covid rates per million population...

Still, at least the fish are happy (not going to link to that idiot).

RE: RIP: Jeremy Bulloch

Another link to the original trilogy leaves us ☹...

(Only 2 weeks left of 2020, how much more can it do!?)

RE: Babs RIP

Carry on films on TV form a big part of my childhood.

RIP Babs

RE: RIP Dave Prowse :(

Another part of my childhood film going passes... RIP.

(2020 just keeps on giving, and we've still December to get through!)

RIP Eddie Valen

2020 keeps on giving ☹

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

And buy an EU passport from Malta or Cyprus...

RE: R.I.P Chadwick Boseman

All those movies while going through cancer treatment... RIP.

(2020 is NOT a good year!)

RE: The Russia Report

Isn't thst (bullying) another report they're trying to redact/bury?