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RE: Prince Phillip dies age 99

Apparently Paul Burrell was seen backing a transit van up to Buck House gates?

RE: Vaccines

I very unexpectedly got my vaccine exactly 2 weeks ago today (another week to get my 'immunity'). I wasn't in the age group or health group (at least so I thought) to be eligible so early, so I know I'm very lucky.

I got the Oxford AstraZeneca jab and slightly unfortunately, I did get a bit of a reaction to it - basically a few days of flu-like symptoms (which seem to be fairly common). I'd still do it 10 times over to get the jab though...

RE: [VIDEO] Smile thread

Saw that Banksy/Bob Ross mashup vid on Grayson Perry's excellent Art Club

[VIDEO] RE:Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

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RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Govt said they would be looking in to this. Don't know what happened as this is not a new story. The pfizer vaccine cannot be kept of course, so that's why they have to bin it (after a specified time outside of -70c refrigeration). I'm sure I saw that locally they were asking people to come forward for spare vaccines - I suppose they had to be available at v. short notice.

I was genuinely hoping that when I took my parents to get vaccinated someone was going to offer me a freebie... didn't happen.

RE: [VIDEO] The Biden Presidency 2021

I suppose 'the stock market' is a necessary evil, but generally happy to see some short selling parasites get turned over.

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

admars says...
"You know training to be a nurse isn't something that can be done in an afternoon at the job centre don't you?"

The govt. also got rid of bursaries for nurses training, they now have to fund it all themselves.

Also, thanks to brexit telling European nurses to f*** off, a heck of a lot of them duly obliged.

[VIDEO] RE:The Biden Presidency 2021

Ok, this isn't about Biden but is about that other guy before him and I thought it was funny especially because it would probably have that guy kicking the furniture and punching holes in the plaster.

RE: [VIDEO] The Biden Presidency 2021

2 minutes after inauguration...

MAGA: "These covid numbers are out of control!"

(nicked from twitter)

RE: [VIDEO] The Failed Presidency of Donald Trump

Should we now put this thread out of it's misery now whatsisname has been given his marching orders as of 16:50?

RE: [VIDEO] The Failed Presidency of Donald Trump

I know no-one will listen to this, but here's the (excellent) Bunker podcast's interview with Mary Trump (his niece). She's a long term critic of him and their toxic family. Just shows there are some smart Trump family members.

  • “For the first time in his life he can’t spin a loss into a win. And it’s driving him crazy.”
  • “At a very deep level, Donald knows he’s never been truly successful and has no skills.”
  • “When Donald was elected I knew he would do to my country what he and his father had done to my family.”
  • “What shocks me is that there are people on this planet who are weaker than Donald. I didn’t think that was possible”
  • “In the election, if he was going down, he would try to take the rest of us with him. And that’s exactly what he did.”
  • “Failure to live up to Fred Trump’s demands got you destroyed. And that’s what happened to my dad.”
  • “If the cameras disappear, Donald ceases to exist.”
  • He always "failed upwards"
  • Expects 100% loyalty from allies but will not return it

[VIDEO] RE:Brexit

Current state of pro-brexit business being quietly (barely in the news) decimated:

"But we were told that when we hacked off our right-hand with a cleaver, two brand new right-hands would grow back in it's place!"

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

bandicoot says...
"Its not the virus we have to worry about"

No, it really f***ing is. Wait until you or someone in your family is really ill. You having got a frigging clue.

The Bitcoin millionaire who accidentally lost it all

...although he never actually got his hands on the money.

This story is a few years old but cropped up again probably because Bitcoin reached a record value (and then dropped again).


Guy accidentally chucks away harddrive with 7500 bit coins on it in 2013. When he initially mined them years before, they weren't worth much so didn't pay much attention to them. They then skyrocket in value to several million. He has continually asked if he can search and excavate local tip to find drive. Council refused. He offered them a share of the money. They still refused (they have reasons, not just being difficult).

Cut to now: His missing Bitcoins are now worth around £210 million! Council will still not allow him to search. Man now spends rest of his life banging his head against a wall.

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

bandicoot says...
"London Police dish out more fines as people ignore lockdown..."

Local police fined a guy here, who having just tested positive for covid, decided that he would go to a shopping centre (I go there often) so I'm rather glad they are cracking down.

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Yes, the UK fishing industry has been the figurehead for brexit sovereignty when in truth the whole industry apparently has a smaller turnover than Harrods.

Whatever deal we did with the EU, it was always going to be worse than what we already had. Instead of being truthful, the govt. chose to pretend that we will somehow benefit financially from brexit. If they'd told the truth from the start they knew we'd never have voted for it.

Now they have to somehow pretend that it will eventually be beneficial while EU reliant business collapses around us.

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

alfie noakes says...
"In the next few months we will be hearing from brexiters about how this is a bad deal when all the dire consequences start to emerge... just like the withdrawal agreement that they all happily signed up to without reading."

That was 31st December.

Now the fishing industry is in dire straits.

Heavily pro-leave fishing businesses are on the verge of collapse, like this guy:

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Si Wooldridge says...
"All good, if they are the rules then we need to follow them."

Exactly. It is an entirely foreseeable consequence of leaving the EU. Other countries - US, Australia, NZ, etc., have similar (and often much tougher) phytosanitary rules for third countries.

Predictably this is reported as the EU being petty or punishing us for daring to leave and then turns into the twisted logic that is another good reason why we left: "the disadvantages of leaving justify the leaving" as someone put it.

We could also apply the same rules to them coming to UK, but we have chosen to have 'light touch' border controls until July to ease the chaos at the ports.

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

It's the Trump/Bannon/Cummings legacy isn't it?

Never apologise, never admit wrongdoing, never admit mistakes and certainly never fire anyone no matter how gross the misconduct.

Crow about your "successes": Conservatives boasting about highest number of vaccinations in Europe whilst forgetting to mention we also have the highest number of deaths too.

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

How dare Johnnie Foreigner confiscate our British Sandwiches by applying the existing EU rules on phytosanitary security to third countries in fluent English. They are just punishing us! I didn't fight in a war for this!

RE: [VIDEO] Living on Youtube

Yes, that would be cheaper and equally self defeating.

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Sick of these lefty, remoaner rags and their 'project fear'.

RE: [VIDEO] The Trump Presidency

Let's not forget that the "blue lives matter" brigade murdered a cop (who happened to also be a vet) trying to protect the senate. That's a tough one to wave away for all the die-hard patriots as they continue to say how proud they are of what they've done.

Trump has gotten away with far to much down the years. Only prison will do.

RE: I ******g hate people.

marksparks999 says...
"The Military faces the same problem, the youth/young 'Millennials' who should be the recruits of today, are different to those of us that grew up in the last century, they want to work in the warm and dry, and anything over 8 hours a day they think is excessive!"

Is that honestly true or is it really anecdotal? A millennial, btw, is someone born 1980ish to 1995ish - there are 40 year old millennials!

If you go back to Plato's time you'll find scholars banging on about young people not wanting to tread grapes anymore, they're too busy graffitiing the Parthenon or something.

RE: [VIDEO] The Trump Presidency

When all the dust settles I earnestly hope that they don't forget about the real crime here: Hillary's emails.

(f*** it, I'm gonna have my fun with this today - especially after seeing some of the hot takes in 'certain parts' of the media)

RE: The Trump Presidency

News just in:

On reflection Mexico have decided that they *will* pay for the wall.

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

It transpires that my niece - late twenties, slim, healthy, fair-skinned and blonde (basically doesn't tick any of the 'at risk' boxes) - was admitted into a London hospital a few days ago with severe complications from covid. Her boyfriend - also young and very fit, was ill to the point he thought he was having a heart attack. Today I found out my nephew has just tested positive and an elderly family acquaintance died in hospital on Christmas day.

This is serious. That mob of right-wing covid deniers really need to face some kind of reckoning.

I'm lucky at least in that both my parents have now had the first jab so they are not so much of a worry now. My dad's supposed to get his second next week but we'll see if that'll happen now.

Edit: and just to add, I really don't know what the right-wing nut-jobs really want: they say don't wear masks, don't do lockdowns, don't socially distance, don't protect elderly relatives, don't take the vaccine. What the f*** should we do then??? I suppose it's like their attitude to the climate apocalypse, just ignore it and pretend it's not happening.

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RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Jitendar Canth says...
"One piece of EU legislation that the UK has kept regards VAT on retail imports. It's now incumbent on foreign retailers to collect UK VAT in their country and pay it to the UK, the same goes for imports into the EU. That's okay for the EU, which can act as a closed shop of 27 countries trading without this by themselves, but the UK now stands alone."

In the next few months we will be hearing from brexiters about how this is a bad deal when all the dire consequences start to emerge, and it'll be all the EU's fault, just like the withdrawal agreement that they all happily signed up to without reading.

The EU have given themselves several weeks to paw over the trade deal and only then will individual EU countries fully ratify it. They can still cancel it and each country has a veto. UK parliament gave themselves 5 hours and then signed it without reading it.