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Hi all,

I have windvd recorder and i am trying to record one of my old vhs tapes onto vcd/dvd. The problem i am having is when i try to record. The program errors and win xp shuts it down. I have no idea what the problem is does anyone else have the same problem?????

my system
Intel p3 1gig Running Windows XP SP1
512 ddr memory
ati all in wonder video card.

recording video to dvd recorder info wanted

Hi all, OK. I would like to record my out of print vhs tapes to dvd. I am looking at one of the stand alone dvd recorders available quite cheaply now. I would like to know 1.Which is the best one at the moment? 2.Can i record from vhs to the dvd rec? 3.Will i be able to read it in my pioneer A05 or a dvd-rom on my pc? I am totally confused with all this dvd+r/rw and dvd-r/rw compatability. At the moment i am recording them through my pc, encoding them and recording them onto dvd, but its a long process... can anyone help?

RE: Cyberhome ADL-528 Macro Free Rumour

i`ve just ordered one from richer sounds £99.99 will give it a try when it `s delivered...

cyberhome adl528 info

anyone got info on the cyberhome adl528 I`m thinking of buying one coz my old samsung 709 is giving up the ghost I need it to play all region dvds , cdr`s , svcd`s and normal vcd`s ......mp3s is a bonus but not bothered macro the can anyone help ?