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Sony remote hack for multiregion ?

I received a phone call from a friend of mine saying the he had been into his local Sony centre to ask about the NS300.The sales guy told him that they can make this player multiregion by zapping it with a special remote control that they had out the back.
I didn`t think this was possible but he is adamant that this can be done. Does anybody know the truth as I thought Sony players had to be chipped.

RE: New video recorder

Check out and Sometimes Allders/ House of Fraser or John Lewis have some very good prices.

RE: Philips 710


Have you tried cleaning the discs ?. Try this and a cd lens cleaning disc before you pay out for an engineer. A friend of mine had a similar problem with a Laserdisc player refusing to play CD`s and all he did to rectify it was to play a cd lens cleaning disc.

RE: I`m testdriving a Limit

I had a Limit 8080se for a while. I experienced 2 problems with it

1 Playback of VCD`s was poor,the picture paused for a split second and then resumed ( bit like a layer change on a DVD ).

2 Audio distortion on playing some region1 discs ( Disney intro on toy story 2 )

When I mention these problems to Richer Sounds they offered to change the machine for another brand. The 8080 only had composite video output,the quality wasn`t too bad but the audio was not very good.I exchanged it for a LG4210 which is a far better machine and no RCE problems !.

RE: multi region, RCE compatible DVD player under £200 - any suggestions?!

Try an LG dvd player. 4210 available from Richersounds for £120. multiregion & region switching from the handset.Also quasi PAL for playing back NTSC discs on older TV`s which don`t support NTSC playback.

RE: What DVD Player?

The Toshiba seems to be the obvilous choice but I`d go for the LG. The LG is easily hacked (from the supplied remote) to play any region disc. One quirk is that if you set the machine to R1 it will play R2 discs as well !!.So this means in theory that it will play RCE discs as the machine is now a region 1 not a multiregion !.

The only problem with chipping a machine is that it invalidates your warranty unless the company doing the chipping offers a replacement warranty

RE: Advice on a centre speaker


The last posting is quite right in that you should aim to get the same tonal quality across the front speakers. It might be an idea to contact Wharfedale and ask if they do anything that matches the Loud panels.
Can you not use another Panel for the centre ?. Wharfedale might sell you just one.

RE: Phillips model 957 and Blade DVD


Philips recognise that there is a problem playing that particular disc. Philips say that Blade is out of the dvd specification for discs. You can get round it by pressing "next" once while it is cycling through the logos

RE: multiregion hack for phillips dvd 612 desperate

As far as I know all Philips players use the same hack. You must use a Onefor All remote such as the Onefor All 4 digital ( £25). These remotes MUST have the "magic" button.Just follow the instructions printed on this site for the Philips 750.

RE: please going mad

Hi Peter

What DVD player are you using ?. What region discs are they ?.I had a problem with a Limit DVD player .When playing R1 discs ( Toystory 2 ) I noticed distortion on the sound track in various places. This problem did not happen when Richer Sounds exchanged the player for an LG 4210.

Hope this is of help

RE: New dvd player

Buy a Philips 722 and some more discs and then go down the pub !.
Cyberhome players are good but reliability is a bit suspect.

RE: Which Scart Lead?

I`m using the Maplin Home Cinema range of scart leads. I haven`t compared them to the QED or IXOS range but I do find them an improvement over the freebie leads

RE: Can any DVD buffs help?


To find out if a player has RGB before buying it ,you`d have to read the instruction book or any sales info. Most brand named DVD players do have RGB outputs.

Did you take out any extended warranty with the Limit ?. `Cos if you did there is a buy back price ( for the machine) included.So R/S may give you something for it !.

Have you tried a different scart lead ?.

RE: Cheapest decent DVD player ?

Cheapest DVD player available in black is one of the Cyberhome players.
The 528 sells for around £99 but reliability is variable. You could get a good `un and have no probs...or ! .Richer Sounds also have stocks of earlier Cyberhome players for £80.

A well known branded player ie Pioneer 340 will cost more but should be more reliable and with a better backup.

I personally like the LG players , I have a 4210 which is simple to use,good picture and sound and with a good backup.Available for around £120 but only available in silver.

RE: Can any DVD buffs help?

Hi Neil

My advice would be to take the Limit back to Richer Sounds and exchange it for a better make. The Limit does have some problems ( even R/S technical boys don`t like them ! ). I had problems with an 8080se and Richer sounds exchanged that without quibble.

When connected via scart ,the Limit dvd players only output composite video not RGB.Has your TV got Svideo capabilities ( either via scart or seperate )?.If so you could always try that route to see if it still affects your tv

RE: LG DVD4710 Region hack required

Power on the player with no disk in the drive

Press "PAUSE" on the remote

Enter "3 1 4 1 5 9" on the remote (the word COdE appears on the display)

Enter "0" on the remote (0 = All Regions, 1 = Region 1, 2 = Region 2, etc.)

Press "PAUSE" on the remote

Power the player off and then back on

If you are having trouble getting the hack to work, try pressing "STOP" on the remote before you press "PAUSE" for the first time.


Have you tried the LG hack ?.

I have an LG4210 and it took about 3 attempts to get the machine to accept the coding.It now works a treat !.It is also true that if you set the machine to region 1 that it also plays region 2 discs without altering the region set up !.

Hope this helps

RE: LG Availability


I know Richersounds have the LG 4210 in stock for £119.95.

Hope this helps

RE: Limit DVD 8080se player problems

Thanks Steve

I did contact the local Richersounds and the guy there offered a straight swap for the LG 4210. Needless to say .I took him up on it !. I did like the Limit,DVD playback was fine,but it was problems with VCD and the thought of trying to get someone to fix it that put me off.Richers own technical helpline didn`t like the machine at all ,they told me that the Limit`s were unreliable !.

RE: Virgin DVD Buyer

A step in the right direction.The Philips players have good picture and sound and are easily software upgradable.I have had good support from Philips technical in the past. Compare this with the Toshiba SD210 (?)
to see what you prefer. The Toshiba has to be chipped to make it multiregion so allow funds for that.

RE: Virgin DVD Buyer

Have you decided on a budget ?.If you can post your budget it might help to identify good DVD players in your price range. Without doubt what you would need is a multiregion player with RGB output via scart and /or S video output. A built in Dolby decoder is not really a requirement.

Hope this helps

RE: Newbie alert! Toshiba or Philips?

I`d be tempted to go for the Philips. The multiregion mod is via the remote as you say .Philips technical backup is very good ,I`ve received a couple of upgrades from them on a cdr for an older player.

What TVand Video have reviewed both these players.

At the end of the day it`s your decision,I would try to compare both and then see what price you could get them for.

RE: Sick of Scan SC2000 - want something else!

Try the LG 4210, it`s multiregion hackable from the remote. It can also be hacked to play VCD`s.Downside is that there is no 5.1 outputs and it cannot play CDR and CDR RW discs.I`ve been using one for nearly a week now and have not found any problems with it yet !.The picture , sound ,build and finish all seem to be of a high standard.

There are a couple of webites dedicated to LG players:

Hope this helps

Limit DVD 8080se player problems

Has anybody experienced playback problems with these players ?.I have problems playing VCD`s,I get a symptom similar to a layer change on a dvd ie slight pause on video every so often but the audio is unaffected.I have also had a problem playing Toy Story 2 (R1),the audio seems to distort both on the tv sound and through my hifi. Are these machines troublesome ?.