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RE: What has become of DVD Reviewer?

...and we unusually don`t get bombarded with one post ponies who try to upset everyone else which you do get on other sites...

Well, my intention was NOT to say that I dislike the forums here. On the contrary - I find them very useful.

It`s just that I LOVED the reviews` section of the site, the way it used to be, at least.
I even contributed almost 600 reviews of my own here, but, alas, since no-one of the site`s managers/owners can upload requested titles anymore, I cannot review them. Hence my frustration.

When I had something to contribute to the forums` section - I did it, but I still prefer the good ol` reviews` section, where people could (and still can, but don`t) express their thoughts about titles, less content-wise, but rather video and audio quality stuff.


What has become of DVD Reviewer?

Hi, guys.

Been here for as long as I can remember (over 7 years now), but never thought the site would come to this - no more visitors reviews and WAY too many Anime reviews. It seems most site reviewers` reviews are now Anime. Why???

I miss the way things used to be around here, and would be glad to hear what you think about it.



Have you looked at today`s date, buddy? ;)

RE: 24 Game 5.99 Sopranos: Road To Respect 7.99 Furious: Tokyo Drift 26.99 all on ps2

Don`t waste your money on the Sopranos, buddy.
It`s truly a pathetic game (took me less than a day to go through it) - bad graphics, bad dialog and bad bad bad action. :/

RE: HMV 20% off this Friday and Saturday (20/21 Oct 2006) online only

That`s wierd... .
This was my very first order (ordered 8 titles, BTW), but I never got a confirmation email, and several of the titles have already been despatched.
Some say:"Complete, will be despatched in accordance with selected shipping option" while others say:"Completely shipped".
Odd... .
Anyone cares to comment on that?
Cheers. :)

This item was edited on Sunday, 22nd October 2006, 22:30

RE: Free DTS/Dolby/Stereo PCM test DVD from Bowers and Wilkins

Oh, but they do. :)
My disc arrived today after being sent on June 16th.

Thanks, B&W. I just luve it! :)

RE: Free DTS/Dolby/Stereo PCM test DVD from Bowers and Wilkins

Darn it, mine have still not made it all the way to Israel... .
Perhaps B&W don`t deliver their disc overseas afterall... .

The Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers Gift Set - low low price at

The heading says it all - 22 US$ for the extended edition with the Gollum statue, in case you haven`t already got it.
Enjoy!!! :)

LOTR - The Two Towers (collector`s gift set - 5 discs) - only 10.97 at Amazon.UK

Don`t miss this one!
Excellent price for a superb gift set (yeah, it`s the one with Gollum`s statue).


RE: LOTR gift sets for a ridiculous price at DVDSOON!!!

That seems so very unlike DVD-SOON. I got the 3 orders within apx. a week of my order.
Perhaps they got SO many orders for the 3 gift sets that they tried to "minimize their losses".
Either way - it sucks and you should send them a very angry email about that. Make them honor the original order (with the original price, that is).

RE: LOTR gift sets for a ridiculous price at DVDSOON!!!

My TWO TOWERS gift set was shipped early last week and arrived to Israel in a HUGE box (filled with "air pockets") 3 days later. A super quick delivery indeed! My other 2 packages were shipped yesterday.

RE: LOTR gift sets for a ridiculous price at DVDSOON!!!

They usually send the disc in padded envelopes.
I have no idea how they`re going to send the big gift sets.
Still - I`ve had nothing but good experience with them, so I`m rather optimistic. :)

LOTR gift sets for a ridiculous price at DVDSOON!!!

Each 5-disc set (plus lots of the cool stuff) is less than 40 CA$.
Order them NOW!!! Who knows how soon will DVDSOON remove this excellent bargain.

Peace & Love,


RE: Increase Of Gold Box Offers

My offers are still 5 in 60 minutes.
I haven`t seen a DVD in 2-3 months.


RE: Amazon UK has some great bargains.

Sure, the coupons are available through Amazon`s referral program.
I`ve referred lots of people to Amazon UK so I got a lot of coupons from Amazon.
However, this forum`s policy does not allow to use it for referring other people.


RE: Amazon UK has some great bargains.

Hi, Bubblegum.

It`s simple:
The title is 7.99.
Take off the VAT (or whatever it is called) for customers outside the UK and you get 6.80.
Add the shipping and handling: 3.58.
The subtotal so far is 10.38.
Now apply one of Amazon`s promotional certificates (which you can find all over the Net) - 5.00.
The total is 5.38.

Great price, I`d say. :)


RE: Amazon UK has some great bargains.

Hi. :)

Two things:
1. Play does not ship outside Europe. Booooooo!
2. I got the following titles for 5.38 Pounds each delivered from Amazon UK:
Wargames, The Usual Suspects, The Terminator, Silence Of The Lambs, Platoon, Fiddler On The Roof and Gods And Monsters.

For international customers - Amazon UK rulz! :)

Amazon UK has some great bargains.


Amazon UK has some great MGM titles slashed to 7.99 plus many other DVD`s with discount up to 75%.
I already ordered half a dozen titles. :)
Go for it!!!


RE: Robbie Williams Live at the Albert Hall £6.99 CDWOW.COM

Gosh, it seems Mr. Williams has fans only outside of the UK.
I can`t help it, though. Some of his songs are ok.


RE: Which version of Monsters Inc. are selling?

Hi, Andrew.

Yeah, it`s the 2-disk set.
They have a great price for it and I`ve already got it pre-ordered (together with The Ice Age).


RE: The Abyss 2 disc Special Edition - £9.99 at WHSmith

DG - I hope your version includes the director`s cut, which makes the movie SO much more meaningful.
Have fun! :)))


RE: How did YOU find Reviewer?

To be honest - I really can`t remember.
All I know is that it was during April 2000, when I bought my first DVD-ROM and started renting movies.
I then decided to review only the movies which were not already on the site, but later on I figured out that I really want to review everything I see.
Two years later (or 350 reviews later) - here I am. :)


RE: EzyDVD Sale

Yeah, I have (although they stopped shipping to my country a couple of months ago).
They`re reliable and the delivery takes 5-10 days.


RE: The GOLD BOX at - some neat stuff.

Hang in there, buddy. :)
You`d get them, eventually... .

RE: The GOLD BOX at - some neat stuff.

Well, Rich - I haven`t seen it yet, and lots of people told me this movie is "not for everyone", so I decided to rent it first. :) Besides - the 9 US$ does not include the s&h (around 6 US$).

RE: The GOLD BOX at - some neat stuff.

Oh well, I`ve been getting kitchen utilities, gardening tools (yeah, right...), digital cameras (great prices - too bad they cannot ship them overseas...) and occasionally a DVD (so far - "Star Wars I" - which I got for about 6 US$, "Behind Enemy Lines" - which I passed for about 9 US$, "Mulholland Drive" - which I passed for about 9 US$ and "Black Hawk Down" which I passed for about 14 US$).
I read somewhere (although I`m not sure if it`s true or not - probably not, but who cares to try...) that if you add several kitchen utilities to your WISH LIST (not the shopping cart), the DVD "trigger" goes into action and during the next couple of days you`d be offered DVD`s. I tried it yesterday and got an offer for BHD today. Who knows... .:)
Good luck!

RE: The GOLD BOX at - some neat stuff.

I keep getting "Black Hawk Down" for about 14 US$.
No, thanks. :)

RE: The GOLD BOX at - some neat stuff.

I think they only ship electronics inside the USA.
The import duty levels are different from place to place: over here (in Israel) it`s 50 US$ and in the UK I believe it is 18£, but if you get someone to mark it as a gift it can go as up as 36£ - but you better ask someone from the UK.

RE: The GOLD BOX at - some neat stuff.

SJ, yes it does.
See here:"If you ever purchased anything from" (from my original message).
It doesn`t matter what you purchased, as long as it was on Amazon USA (and not UK).