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RE: Whiteout. Really good film.

It`s just another middle of the road run of the mill thriller where the "twist" is so predictable it`d be a bigger twist to do pretty much anything other than the "twist".

RE: Zombieland

I don`t understand it when people call small films like Zombieland `over-hyped`.

OK maybe over-hyped is the wrong phrase to use but the positive buzz surrounding this film was huge.

RE: Zombieland

I love zombie films but have to say I found this pretty "meh"

It`s been waaaaaaaaay over-hyped, it`s by no means bad, there just isn`t anything particularly special about it.

Yes the cameo is funny, but other than that I`d struggle to find much else to recommend it for.

RE: James Cameron`s Avatar

The wife said that the second half wasnt in 3d. I was thinking the same whilst watching it. The 3d is Flash-bang-wallop for the first hr - then its not as obvious as it isnt filmed to show off the 3d as much in the 2nd half. Its immersive by that point.

I disagree, I found the 3D to be just as impressive all the way through, possibly even more so during the final battle. Maybe there was some kind of fault at your screening?

RE: Raimi And Maguire Leave Spider-Man 4

with a view to completely rebooting the character in 2012.

Oh for God`s sake! This trilogy only finished a few years ago and they`ve already got plans to go back to the beginning and start all over again!!

Hollywood the mediocrity factory just keeps on churning out the same films over and over in shiny new packaging.

RE: Observe and Report

Yup! thought it was a pile of crap.

Really struggle to see why anyone could think otherwise.

RE: 2012, customer reviews from the back of a cab...

Emmerich is a hack!
Take the VFX out of any one of his films and all that`s left is a big pile of nothing, the non-action scenes in his films are always excruciatingly bad!

He`s kind of like a bigger budget Paul WS Anderson. :¦

RE: District 9

I`ve `heard` that the R5 release of this is very good. Has anyone else `heard` the same?

It`s pretty much your average R5 release- Great picture quality, but terrible murky sound that has an annoying habit of slipping out of sync every now and then.

Or so I`ve "heard" anyway.

RE: Nick Griffin Pelted by eggs while trying to hold a press conference

Riiiight, so these people voted for the BNP because the other parties "didn`t listen" when they said that they wanted Britain to be an all white nation.

RE: Nick Griffin Pelted by eggs while trying to hold a press conference

People voted for them because the mainstream parties don`t listen

And the BNP do?


Watched it recently cause I thought the trailer looked promising and it got some good word of mouth, but have to say I thought it was total cack!

RE: My Name Is Bruce

I`m a big fan of Campbell but to be honest thought this was very poor.

Pretty bland, not particularly funny and instantly forgettable.

RE: Heroes Volume 3: Villains Official Thread

I`ve pretty much lost all interest in Heroes now. :(

I loved the first season,
stuck through the pointless second season in the hope that it was actually going somewhere,
thought this season started promisingly but after a few episodes it just descended into a convoluted, boring mess!

I haven`t watched the last few episodes yet, I will at some point but I`m not exactly overly excited by the prospect.

I`d rather just watch Season 1 again than sit through any more of this boring nonsense.

RE: licence

So by that logic if you don`t have a licence you can still watch the BBC when there`s a repeat on?

And why can`t I opt out of the licence fee and just catch up with BBC programmes on iplayer then, why should I have to pay to watch them one way when I can see them free elsewhere?

This whole debate just shows up the whole licence system for the idiotic, out of date farce that it is.

RE: Robot chicken Star Wars ep2 - wetting myself...

I loved the "I`ve altered the deal, pray I don`t alter it any further!" sketch :D

RE: Indy Watch... How cheap can you go?

£14.99 for the HMV steelbook, for once the instore price matches the online price.
It is mighty pretty though!

RE: Indy Watch... How cheap can you go?

Thought there was a 1 discer coming out aswell but apparently not.

RE: Indy Watch... How cheap can you go?

1 disc or 2 disc?

The HMV steelbook looks nice but knowing them it won`t be cheap!

RE: Caption Contest - Been A While Since We Had One (Part way through Doctor Who S3 IIRC)

Tony`s friends suspected he wasn`t being entirely truthful about the rules of croquet.

RE: Zombie Davina!

Thought it was great but they definitely shouldn`t have chopped it up into half hour programmes.
I found it quite frustrating watching it in this disjointed way, the overall tension is seriously diluted when you have 24 hour breaks after every half hour!

Breaking it up into just 2 parts would have made it much more enjoyable.

Think it will work much better as one uninterupted feature and I`ll definitely be buying the DVD at some point.

RE: New Star Wars Film released August 2008

You can easily find them in the usual places online though ;)

Seen the first three and I liked them more than the film, lots of action and they look great!

The "comedy" battle-droids are a bit irritating at times but that`s about the only thing I didn`t like.

RE: new Star Wars toys and some that never made it

That first Owen & Beru one is pure class! :D

RE: Heroes Volume 3: Villains Official Thread

Is it just me or has Mohinder Suresh been sucked into a parallel universe where they`re doing a shot for shot remake of Cronenberg`s The Fly?

RE: Not Anticipating Remakes thread

Apparently a Robocop remake or "reboot" (God, that term gets on my tits!) is also in development.

They don`t seem to understand that what makes Robocop a classic isn`t the concept or the story itself but the combined extraordinary talents and passions of the people who originally made it.
If the sequels and TV series proved anything it`s that you can`t just recreate that magic for a fast buck.


RE: LHC Activation on Monday night - the end of the world?

Interesting petition on the subject here...

This item was edited on Tuesday, 5th August 2008, 13:07

RE: Doomsday- Early reviews

Watched it last night.
Wasn`t terrible, just really bland and instantly forgettable, actually reminded me at times of a Paul WS Anderson film :¦

Struggling to think of "a good bit" the next day - not really a good sign!

RE: M. Night`s The Happening...

Watched it last night. :¦

Really, really, really, reeeeeally bad!

Terrible script, terrible acting, terrible direction, terrible pacing, terrible editing, terrible score, basically....everything`s just terrible.

God only knows what kind of style "M" was aiming for but I think it`s safe to say he missed the mark by several football pitches worth!