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RE: TV Burp repeated?

no it`s not repeated :(

RE: High Definition Question?

if your tv is a crt ,then no.but if it`s a plasma or lcd then you`ll get a hd picture.

RE: RMT Union Leader Bob Crow - Is he the most flawed individual in the UK?

passengers only make short journeys ,tube staff are working there all day and have the right to work in a safe enviroment. >:(

RE: Scotish slang word (glasgow)

gadge is a shortened version of the word gadgey- meaning dirty person,tramp also sometimes a derogatory term for a gypsy.

RE: Creamola Foam! Can you still buy it anywhere?

sorry they don`t make it anymore,i think someones started a internet campaign to get it made again :D

RE: Red lights are there to be ignored,evidently...

why do they put lights at t juctions which have been that way for years ,other than to p*** you off as well as traffic calming-rage increasing therby causing law abiding people to do stupid things on the roads >:(

RE: Fake tan

st tropez self tanning mouse ,good but expensive,cheapest on instead of 25.00

RE: The Ploughman`s Lunch

try the bbfc site or imdb

orange pre-film advert

does anyone know what film is being spoofed on the latest orange advert with alan cummings in it ,the line is "make me bleed" thanks

RE: "Homicide Life on the Street"

never knew it had been released,thanks for info ,totally underestimated series,ahead of it`s time :D

RE: Help with a movie title

try imdb for a search of film

RE: The last ever Mark & Lard show today.

radio one is now a complete waste of air space .the end of an era :(

RE: Your Scariest Childhood film???????????

an episode of soap,in wich a baby alone in a room levitates objects ,it was unexpected,also children of the stones a teatime version of the wicker man :o

RE: Your Scariest Childhood film???????????

the scariest/unsettling thing was the episode of soap,which ended with a baby in a room alone and things started levitating,sounds crap but it was unexpected ,also children of the stones , a teatime version of the wicker man :o

RE: help name of french film

thanks carffion no luck i`ll just keep lookin :)

help name of french film

:/ it was a film from 1994 ,a comedy about a woman cheating on her man .one scene has her cheating whilst he`s flying in an old plane writing messages in the sky.

can`t uninstall kazaa

have tried to uninstall kazaa on windows xp ,but keep getting close program first before uninstaling how do i do this ?

h&b 5415 dvd how good

is the h&b 5415 player any good ,also is the h&b 5415s model the newest or is it basically the same.

panasonic 880-dvd playing problems

i have a panasonic 880-dvd,for 2 yrs it played all discs,but now it only plays certain discs ,has anyone else had similar problems.