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RE: Will forums like this survive the growth of `social networking`?

i still pop in from time to time!

Well more since the recent news about the 42%er.

What was the name of the chap on here from Aberdeen? Does he still frequent? (sounds daft but i`m sure you know who i mean) 

Twitter has changed my life - 90% of my business comes from there now. (@CambsFruitCo)  

100% of my news comes from there too just from the journalists, news sources and news wires i follow. Its weird seeing newspaper headlines now - usually i`ve already known about it at least 24 hours prior via twitter. 

It really must be embraced. you can find me there @MrNeilB

This place for me will always be my original chat forum home :-D

RE: Should ISPs block porn?

Jeez. even i`ve come back to just wow. I`d met him too, numerous times.

Utterly shocked :-(



Not been here in a loooooong time!

Though I`d just pop in and say hello.

Still in touch on FB with Brucey 42%er and a couple of others from here...

I`ll probably forget to come back in and check this thread so you`ll find me on twitter (@MrNeilB) or my website

Hope you`re all well :-)  

Stay cool!!

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RE: Three Ladies in a Sauna

yes i think i saw this in 2001 ;)

RE: Plasma Screen burn in help?

oops. started a new thread when i coudnt be arsed to find this one...mods do whatever you have to :)

JonnyTV - queston re yr Panny TV & Costco

Guess what, i`ve decided i cant live with the posterisation any more, and the kids have only gone and left the sky+ on Pause so now i`ve gotscreen burn.

I`m still within a year of my 5 year warranty - just wondering how you got on with Costco? Mine was in North London so i only want to drive an hour down there if its gonna be worth my while :-)

RE: Adult DVD`s

*think* theres an adult buy & sell section on AVforums.

Who would buy porn now when you have spankwire and redtube?

RE: Fill out your census NOW

The paper census says `please complete your census questionnaire on 27 March 2011 OR AS SOON AS POSSIBLE AFTERWARDS.

 Filled mine out just now - 30th March at 3pm.

and yes, with 3 kids some of those q`s were a right ball-ache.

RE: Help: watching live cricket on the i-phone.

The iPhone rather famously does not support flash.

The only way he can watch is to subscribe to the Sky Sports TV App. Even then he`ll need a bloody good 3G signal or wifi where yr at.

Guys - Do you mind if I plug my Sisters` holiday rental apartment (Cyprus) on here?

I didnt think you would! :D

It is that time again when most people are thinking of booking their holidays.
I have two high spec, executive style, fully fitted, air conditioned apartments to rent in Cyprus. Half an hours drive from Larnaca airport.

Based in the Village of Pyla and 5 minutes drive from the beach.

Sleeping upto 4 people comfortably with 1 bedroom, and 2 x sofa beds in the living area. The self contained apartments include such facilities as toaster, fridge freezer, washing machine, cooker, microwave & oven, Freeview TV in one of them.

You will overlook the complexes pool and tennis courts as well as a stunning view of the Cypriot Hills.

Please take a further look at the web site below, this will give the charges and shows photos of the complex, If you make any enquiries via the website, please state apartments D103 in the first place (then D104 if requiring the place next door).

Very important that when booking - do it online and put our appt number in D103 Pyla village resort, otherwise you will be given the next available apartment on the rota. A free bottle of champers will be offered to all bookinh before 31st January 2008.
The prices this year at the moment are...
Jan- March = £211 per week
April - May £261 per week
June - October £301 per week

Airport pickups and/or car hire can be arranged if you prefer.
I have enclosed a couple of pictures of the resort and one of my apartments.
Please pass on this information to anyone I may have missed or may be interested.
If you would like further information the website does not provide call [ removed just reply to this thread]

The link is to the agency she uses.

Its not like i do this every day - thanks folks :)

RE: Sky+ Question


I May stand corrected but i dont think you`ll have a problem swapping the boxes over. The remote controls will have been programmed to the TV make so i think they will have to stay.

Someone please correct me if i`m wrong :)

RE: Skiiing in Scotland - bowfer?

miles - we culd have a mini reviewer mett up there if you like!! I`ll do the research - keep an eye on this thread!! Bowfer....I`m sure you could join us for a pint or three too :D

RE: New Apple MacBook "Air"

he didnt really say whet the spec was?

F*cking remarkable achievement though!

RE: This free range chicken thing...

aren`t they only ever about six weeks old anyway?

yup - 39 days :(

ps i`m surprised i havnt seen Paull jump on this thread......

Interesting q&a (video) with Bill gates if anyones interested......

Its on the BBC website but i`m not sure how to link directly to the media player its on this page - second one down :)

RE: This free range chicken thing...

f*ck it.

I`m going free range - i think the standards are apalling for `farm fresh` chickens.....

As am aside i dont understand what that f*ckwit Jamie Oliver was doing endorsing thm when Sainsburys are probably the 2nd biggest customers of intensely bred chickens......doofus.

RE: Anyone live in or near Sheffield...??

I`d say that about 85% of the clothes we buy for our two (now three and a half and 20 months) are from Tesco with the remainder coming from places like Mothercare, Pumpkin Patch or Next when they are reduced.

Amen to that brother....

Its funny that...the reason i hate going food shopping with `er indoors is cos she just spends ages in the baby clothes bit while muggins here has to get the baked beans....

Last week she said `I dont want our kids in supermarket clothes all the time` then buggers off to the Next sale to get a load more kids`

Women huh? :/ :D

RE: does anyone use>

LOl @ Northern Birds.....havnt flicked through the `900+` channels for months....had a look over x-mas and was wetting myself when i saw that......those birds along with the essex girls.....eeeugh..

Anyhoo......@ whoot.....cant believe you dont sleep b4 2am....maybe try some Tony Robbins/NLP stuff to break the habit?


RE: Viewty or not Viewty....That is my question

Just spotted this Mega bargain on a Sony at HUKD if anyones interested :)

RE: Which laptop brand?

Hey XFG - Spoke to my mate Dipesh today and he said go for the Tosh.........he also said because they`re such similar spec also see which offers the best aftersales....

As an aside i saw a bloody good deal on a Moneysavingexpert forum for £349....Personally i`d go for that one myself.



RE: where on the NET can I buy cheap perfume for girl nextdoor-VALENTINES DAY

Try i think they do cheap rubbers as well....:)

<<<Where shall i go for my Honeymoon??>>>

Hey guys,

I`m getting married to my girlfriend in August and have got no idea where i want to go for my honeymoon...... Any suggestions???

Obviously gotta be romantic, hot, beaches, places to explore as well, possibly a cruise with loads of stops? ( heard they`re full of old people though) Budget about 4K (the amount of upgrades i could get with that!!!) As far away from s***ey old UK as poss.....

I`ve toyed with the Idea of Hawai, Caribbean/Florida Keys Cruise, Thailand, Rio..... what are your suggestions guys and girls?

<<<Whats your favorite website>>>>

You know what peeps; these days i only ever seem to go to 2 websites: DVD reviewer and hotmail! What are your favorite websites and why?

I wanna start visiting a few more good websites.....

RE: Anyone know what the first dvd to be released was?

Wouldnt surprise me if it was some porno...... debbie does dallas up the duffer or somet with an equally stupid title.....

RE: Best way to get Sky with two tuners?

If you look at what Sky + does though, its the absolute dogs danglers! I know its a bit much, its primarily a hard drive as well as being able to have 2 tuners... but hey im sure the price will come down when they only sell 2 units in the first year...

RE: <<<Does anyone like Curry???>>>

VARDRE: if your going to Bham - although its a s*** hole (;D) ask some one where ladypool Road is near Sparkhill. There`s about a mile full of Curry Houses, all of them cheap and cheerful and fairly good. Make sure you ask for a table naan - its massive!!!!

RE: OT - Creme Eggs

Havnt you noticed the adverts yet on tv???? Whats ffs?