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About this user: My favourite film genre is Science Fiction, But i love all types of films. I have a reasonable set-up including a DD EX amp, bi-polar rear speakers (which i reccomend to anyone looking for rear speakers) and a nice big subwoofer! I just wish there were more THX/DD EX films around..and why are there so few DTS films in the uk? The only DTS film i currently have is Terminator 2 Ultimate edition, recently acquired on a business trip to the United States.

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RE: Whats the last DVD everyone bought?

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (r2)
Nightmare on Elm street collection (r2) - once again we have the same old r1 better than r2 here - the usa version of this set includes part 6 and Wes Cravens New nightmare, plus a documentary on 8 discs! This has to stop! Why cant publishers give us the same as the USA versions? Things have got to get better.... :)