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About this user: I originally hail from the Orange State of Florida. I moved to the UK when I was 19 to live with my boyfriend (now husband). I worked as an Editorial Artist and Graphic Designer for USA Today Newspaper for two years and then as a self employed Graphic Artists/Illustrator for a year before meeting my husband while he was on holiday in Florida. Have been married now for 17 months.
I now work for a local newspaper in Yorkshire as an Editorial Artist. Was introduced to DVD and Home Cinema by my husband. Took the whole experience to my heart as I have always had a deep rooted passion for the movies and a keen interest in animated features due to my background.

in my spare time I enjoy reading, listening to my very varied collection of music and above all watching movies. Aside from being a new recruit for the DVD Reviewer team I do a half hour show reviewing movies and DVDs for my local community radio station.

My Home Cinema system comprises of a Sony WEGA 32" Widescreen TV, A Sony STRBD925 Reciever (DD, DTS), Bose Accoustimass 10 Speakers, A Pioneer 717 DVD Player (Region Moded by Techtronics), A Sony NICAM VCR, LG DVD Player (Region Moded by Techtronics), Satellite Box, 62 Disc CD Auto Changer.

Some of my favourite movies include...
Alien Trilogy (4 sucks)
The Thing (John Carpenter`s)
Shawshank Redemption
The Green Mile
Some Like it Hot
Lion King...and many more!

I am a highly proficient graphic artist/illustrator and have been using apple macintosh computers for the past 15 years!

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RE: Wanted: Cello 8105 Divx Player (Was available from Sainsburys)

I actually live in Oakworth (just outside Keighley) they had none yesterday.
I got their ex-display model last week but want another for my brother!

Wanted: Cello 8105 Divx Player (Was available from Sainsburys)

This is a small (ish) Black player with Divx and Progressive Scan on Componet out. Was on offer at Sainsburys a week or two ago for £34.99. Needed for the Prog Scan on component to link to projector.

I`ve seen a few others online that use the same chipset and have the same menu system!


Auction: Watchmen Graphic Novel Signed

[+P]£18[-P][+D]15/04/05[-D][+I]Unknown[-I]First Edition print of the Watchmen Series comic. Signed in Manchester at Oddessey in 1987.

ARCHOS GMINI 400 MP3/WMA/Divx/Xvid/Photos Portable player!


It`s a kind of bargain because back when it was launched in September 2004 it was £299.
Now at most online stores it`s around £220.


This is also a bargain because of its size and features. It will play MP3 and WMA files plus it
will display photos and play Divx and Xvid on its 2.2" colour screen. You get all software to
convert Divx to MP4 simple, with MP3 audio and you can download a piece of software called
Flask Mpeg to convert ripped DVDs.

Beats ipod hand down!

RE: iPod Mini - all colours - £125.00!!


Well I was all set to get a 20GB ipod until I saw an ARCHOS Gmini400 at my local
computer store. It`s also 20GB and plays MP3 and WMA files but it will also show photos
and play Divx and Xvid video on its 2.2 inch hi res colour screen. Software is on the unit to
convert downloaded Divx files to MP4 video with Mp3 audio and you can download a free
program called Flask Mpeg to convert your DVD`s to it too!

I`ve had one about 2 weeks and it blows the ipod out of the water!

Auction: NOKIA 6230 Multimedia Mobile Phone and extras

[+P]£150.00[-P][+D]22-Feb-05 00:49:59 GMT[-D][+I]6368702320[-I]You are bidding on...

NOKIA 6230 Mobile Phone with the following extras:

The 6230 multimedia mobile camera phone, Stereo Headset, Charger, Original Box & Manual, Nokia datacable & software (so you can transfer files to the phone such as MP3`s and Video`s you can even convert your AVI Divx files to this phones internal MMC card), Nokia data suite software and Nokia Multimedia Converter on 3 CDs.

You`ll also get a 1GB (yes ONE GIGABYTE worth £65.99) MMC memory card for this phone plus a spare 128MB card and 1 spare 32MB card & 1 x 64 MB card.

This is one of Nokias current high end mobiles that can be used as a portable MP3 player and even video recorder/player. Using the supplied 1GB memory card you can store over 250 tracks in MP3 format or 400 in AAC format. With the headset attached and using the internal multimedia player you can sit back and relax as the phone will play MP3s continuously with various modes.

The camera can take good quality photos with multi mode feature such as portrait, landscape and night mode.

This is a great phone with everything you need included to allow you to take full advantage of all the 6230s great features.




Any questions please don`t hesitate to ask!

I have 100% feedback!

Happy Bidding!

RE: For Sale: Ray DVD starring Jamie Fox

This is an official Region 1 DVD single widescreen edition. It has the film on side A and
special supplements on side B. It was purchased from last week
as a birthday present for £18.99 but they had it on order. It`s due out on 01/02/05 but Disc Emporium
do get dvd`s very early!

I`m posting this because I had a rather abrupt e-mail from a moderator saying it wasn`t an official
release and he would remove my thread!

Oly Scott

For Sale: Ray DVD starring Jamie Fox

Original single disc version of this extraordinary movie! Complete with 25 mins of extras not seen in theatres. This is an original new region one DVD!

Please ensure that your player can play region one DVDs

make me an offer!

Auction: Infocus X1 Projector Spare Lamp

[+P]£155.00[-P][+D]18-Jan-05 22:15:24 GMT[-D][+I]5743919932[-I]You are bidding on...

A spare lamp for an Infocus X1 projector

(may fit X1a or X2 please check)

Lamp part code is SP-LAMP-900.

I bought an X1 projector 6 months ago and got a spare lamp because I got the eduction offer. In 6 months I have only used 100 hours of lamp life on the installed bulb. So this spare will sit there collecting dust on a shelf for along time. This Lamp has never been used and this is the first time I`ve opened the box to take the picture. You sould get 4000 hours plus from this lamp in an X1.

Any questions please ask...I have 100% Feedback


RE: Sainsburys KEIGHLEY, West Yorkshire - Mico DVD Recorder £99

Thanks for sharing but...?

Rather sarcastic, there but last week in this particular store they were £149.99.

Sainsburys KEIGHLEY, West Yorkshire - Mico DVD Recorder £99

Not sure if these are any good but Sainsbury`s in Keighley in West Yorkshire
have a shed load at £99.

It`s a Mico - not sure on model numbers!


For Sale: Frighteners Lenticular 3D Poster (Very Rare)

Framed poster of Peter Jackson`s The Frighteners (Michael J. Fox).

This is a 3D lenticular poster (the image changes as you move round it). It features the demon face that can bee seen on the DVD cover that looks to come out of the wall and open its mouth. it is a fullsize original edition printed around 1996 in limited a limited number for cinema and bus shelter use. It is in good condition, mounted on card and framed. Need to be front lit for best effect! Can email pictures to anyone genuinely interested.

Will consider overseas offers, but due to the weight it may cost alot in postage. could send unframed to reduce this but it would need to be insured.

This is a very rare item! these have sold on Ebay for £250+

Needs a good room for it anymore!

All offers considered.

Wanted: Disney`s 101 Dalmation (Original animated release) DVD

I`m after a good condition copy of Disney`s 101 Dalmations on DVD.
Any Region will do. Film only copy will do too ;-)


Auction: 24 (Twenty-Four) Seasons 1, 2 & 3 DVD Box Sets

[+P]£63.00[-P][+D]24-Oct-04 19:15:11 BST[-D][+I]6332461761[-I]You are bidding on...

The full box sets of Seasons 1, 2 & 3 of Fox Televisions Twenty-Four (24). Starring Kiefer Sutherland. These have been watched once and are in mint condition.

Season 1 & 2 are together in one box set and season 3 is obviously on its own.

I won`t go into details as you should know what it`s all about!

Happy Bidding

Philips DVP630 DVD/Divx Player at Sainsburys


Just got myself one of these...

Plays Divx files from CD or DVD
Plays VCD, DVD, CD, SVCD, DVD+R, DVD-R (MP3s of a DVD or CD)
plays lots of other computer media files.
has a Progressive Scan component output.

Normaly £89.99 Clearance Price £44.95

This was at my local store in Keighley, West Yorkshire!

Auction: Ghosts of the Abyss 3D - Japanese 2 Disc DTS IMPORT (10,000 only)

[+P]£50.00[-P][+D]undefined[-D][+I]6320972305[-I]Rare Imported R2 Japanese version of James Cameron`s TITANIC IMAX Documentary.

Only 10,000 available Worldwide
2 Disc Version Includes 2D extended version and 3D Theatrical Edition in Full Bitrate DTS.
3D Glasses
Booklet on 3D proccess
GOTA Flyer
Kill Bill Premium Edition Flyer
Slip Case


Auction: Pioneer 717 high end DVD player

[+P]£50.00[-P][+D]03-Aug-04 20:18:42 BST[-D][+I]5712150024[-I]You are bidding on a...

PIONEER 717 DVD Player (Multi Region)

Finished in Champagne Gold (all metal casing) Plus any 5 DVDs from my collection of over 430 (DVD+R movie only) I will e-mail a full list of titles to the winning bidder. Will also include a high quality shielded SCART lead, SVideo lead and a TOS-Link (fibre optic digital audio lead)

This is one of Pioneer`s high end DVD players that has been Multimodded by This mod enables the player to automatically detect the Region and play discs from around the world (even RCE titles).

The player has RGB output and numerous built in extras to tweak and get the best possible picture, from sharpness and colour enhancement to noise reduction chips. The unit is acoustic dampened to eliminate any interference and has a 24Hz 94kb/per sec DAC. It can deliver Dolby Digital surround from 5.1 upto the newer EX formats and is DTS compatible too.

For a unbiased review of this player look here

This player has had moderate use and is in as new condition with original backlit remote, printed user manual and a cd that contains a pdf version of the user manual and full pdf specs on the multimod.

This player originally cost £600 on its release and offers outstanding picture and audio quality.

This player will play DVDs All Regions and can be switched to output to non NTSC TVs (PAL 60/NTSC or AUTO Detect). It will also play VCD/SVCD, Audio CD, DVD+R and DVD-R discs.

Auction: Home Cinema Reciever with DVD and extras

[+P]£50.00[-P][+D]11-Dec-03 21:14:55 GMT[-D][+I]3063558578[-I]Due to upgrading my Home Cinema system to a Dolby Digital EX set up I am selling the following items as a package.


Sony STR-DB925 Dolby Digital/DTS Receiver: 100w Per Channel 5.1 DD and DTS Home Cinema amplifier with built in RDS receiver. Full working order. Original box and full instruction manuals. Well cared for unit in great condition. This unit has fabulous sound reproduction for both Dolby Digital 5.1 or DTS surround sources from DVD. Has numerous DSP functions from Hall, Disco, Stadium etc. plus other DSP modes to enhance Musicals, Sci-Fi or Adventure soundtracks. Comes with original two-way remote and bonus Sony RM1000 LCD touch panel learning remote (See below) - (NEW £500)

Sony RM1000 LCD touch panel learning remote: When I purcahsed the above receiver the original two-way remote was missing. I contacted Sony but the DB925 was so poular when it first came out they had no remotes available so I got them to send me this beauty for free (worth £150). It`s a true learning remote (you can point any remote at it and it will learn the controls of that remote) It has various funtion buttons to change the sound sources on the reciever plus an LCD touch screen (with a blue INDIGLOW style backlight) that can be configured for any device. And because it`s Sony it`s designed to be used with the above amp too! In full working order with batteries. boxed with manuals. (NEW £150)

LG2330P DVD Player. LG DVD player in full working order. This LG unit was purchased from Techtronics and has been multi-modded to play all region (1-8) DVDs. You can either select a desired region by turning of the player and simply press the corresponding number for that region or zero for multi region.

It will play RCE (Region Code Enhanced DVDs) with no problem. It has both Dolby Digital and DTS output via optical or coaxial connection. Full OSD lets you choose you TV type and mode (Letterbox, 4:3, Pan & Scan). The best feature of this player is its ability to bypass the Macrovison protection on DVDs and output either a pure NTSC, PAL or PAL 60 signal. If you connect this DVD player to a VCR and use the PAL output you can back-up a movie to VHS tape. This player will play original DVDs and Music CDs and Back-up music CDs. it will not play DVD+R or -R discs and is not MP3 compatible. (NEW £240)

EXTRA REMOTES: There are three original universal two-way remotes that Sony eventualy sent me. These are the original remotes that come with the STR-DB925. I contacted Sony so many times and so many departments that I ended up getting sent three from various different Sony centres. These can be used to control other branded devices in other rooms such as TVs, VCRs and other DVD players and have an LCD back lit display to show what item your controling. These are not true learning remotes! These have built in codes similar to the One For All remote control range. (These are worth £100 each as replacement handsets)

FREE Region 1 DVD of your choice:I will also include one region 1 (american) DVD of your choice from any currently available DVD on the website (up to the value of £17.99 to avoid customs charges)

Good discs to demo this system are...Finding Nemo...Bad Boys 2...Terminator 3...or choose your own!


Conditions of Bidding: Buyer agrees to pay the full cost of the final bid plus postage of £25 within the UK This item cannot be shipped to addresses outside the UK.

RE: Aldi Portable DVD Player £200

Here`s a simple answer to all the above...

The bigger branded models are more expensive for a reason. The likes of Panasonic, Pioneer etc. have very good hi-res TFT LCD screens. Don`t get me wrong, they are overpriced but this budget Bush one won`t match the quality.

I have the Mustek PL-207. Now for the money (£250) it is a fabulous player. It`s muti region, plays all formats of DVD from +R and -R discs to MP3 and Kodak Photo CDs.
Again the screen isn`t as good as a top brand, but it`s pretty damn good for the money.

I would recomend this player if you want the works at a cheap price!


The Thriller dance on Final Fantasy: Spirits Within is odd and funny!!!

For Sale: Apple iMac and extras...

Apple iMac G3 333mhz, 384 MB RAM, 7GB HD, CD-ROM, IOMEGA USB CD-RW, IOMEGA USB-ZIP Drive wit 35 zip discs, Epson Stylus Photo 800 (1440dpi) colour printer (A4). Manuals, operating system OS9 and latest OSX (not Jaguar). Lots of design software like Photoshop, Freehand, Quark Express Basic 3D packages and some older games.

£500 o.n.o.

For Sale: Apple iMac, Peripherals and Software...

Apple iMac-Grape 333mhz, 7Gb HD, 384mb RAM, Iomega Zip100 USB Drive with 25+ Zip Discs, Iomega USB Zip CD-RW, Epson Photo Printer. £600 o.n.o.

RE: Annoyed by Channel 4!

Don`t get annoyed get even!

In the words of the "Why don`t you gang"...just switch of your TV set and go and do something less boring instead.


console yourself in the fact that it`s probably all based on statistics and that not everybody owns widescreen TVs yet, or, and perish the thought, hate widescreen. Yes, it`s true, there`s people out there who get annoyed with black bars. It`s a very selective thing though, as these very same people can traverse the a zebra crossing with ease.

The ads are probably not changed from widescreen to 4:3 for cost reasons and they only run for 30 seconds. My biggest annoyance is my widescreen TV automaticaly switching from 4:3 to 16:9 to 4:3 to 16:9...while watching ER..which is in widescreen...HURRAY!

...hell it is annoying isn`t it!


You are a gentleman and a scholar!

Thanks you for your critique...always welcome!


And finally I`m a big softie and will never give 0 for anything, it`s just my personal choice...It`s got scene selection goddamit!!


I did say right from the outset that this was going to be a comparison.

I believe this DVD was just knocked out quick to cash in on the the hype over Vanilla Sky. I wish I had seen it first but I stand by my comments. I even saw Open Your Eyes at my local cinema and the sound was great. Your comments on home cinema sound not being as good as cinema sound is a bit blinkered. I think my system and others systems my friends have often blow cinema sound out of the water. When watching Jurassic Park III in full DTS recently I felt a real sense of being inside the movie. It was delicate in parts, amazingly ferousious and aggressive in others. The cinema version I saw (also in DTS) was harsh, too loud and you couldn`t realy hear the full surround panning.

As for the production notes...can`t find em...the disc I got has only two options Play Movie or Scene Selection...sorry!

The film is superb and like I said is almost word for word the same as VS but I can add I do prefer the slightly longer ending of Open Your Eyes.

RE: DVDBoxOffice or DVDImport?

Cheapest I`ve seen is at