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RE: high spirits with shirley ghostman - disc problems

On a more serious note, I would take it back to the shop where you got it and get a refund if it`s faulty.


RE: high spirits with shirley ghostman - disc problems

I was about to buy this DVD but `sensed` that something was wrong with it.

:D :D :D

RE: Don`t you just love EBAY Noobs grrr

Mathew66 GRRRRR.... :D

He he well spotted, pays to re-read your posts eh DOH !!

Mind you i don`t consider myself a `typical` eBay buyer.


RE: Don`t you just love EBAY Noobs grrr

I can see this is an arguement that can`t really be resolved, but as a regular seller on ebay - over 700 transactions, I have seen and known many sellers that have been `done` with bad feedback due to ignorant or stupid buyers so obviously I will favour the sellers side of things.

I also agree that sometimes it`s best for the seller to leave feedback first, but this all depends on `who` you are selling to.

But what really does get my goat is buyers/sellers leaving feedback for each other BEFORE trying to make contact and resolve the situation.

I also think that as a seller you have to remind yourself that you are selling to idiots and have to word your item exactly as it is and leave nothing out, the buyer of the chain in the original post is a typical ebay buyer, dumb!

If I was the seller of that item I would be extremely miffed, however I am sure eBay will take a sympathetic view NOT !! and remove the neg feedback.

As a regular buyer from ebay too, I always think it best to ask questions BEFORE bidding, if no positive answers then walk away, best to know before bidding exactly what you are getting.

Ebay is a great place to buy and sell, but unfortunately as is the case with some many things these days, the few tend to spoil it for the many.

If only Ebay didn`t have such a monopoloy ......... :(

RE: Don`t you just love EBAY Noobs grrr

surely the buyer has to leave feedback 1st to say they are happy with the item received.

How else will the seller know that it has been received and meets expectations.

I only ever leave feedback for buyers once they have left feedback for me as the seller.


RE: Rooney`s done his ankle in!


Only trouble now is that England will now have an excuse for NOT winning the World Cup, was hoping for a fully fit squad and so would have no excuses for not even getting through the Group stages.

Come on Sweden and T & T.


RE: Broadband speed help required

Oops wrong forum can the mods please move it to PC`s and Mobiles - DOH !!

Broadband speed help required

I have recently started using a BT Router Modem ( Voyager 2100 ) hard wired to my PC I also have a Laptop connected via wireless to same router.

Why is my 2mb connection only coming in at 1mb now, if I swap back to the Speedtouch usb modem I used to use it jumps back to 2mb. It`s not due to using the laptop at the same time as when I ran a couple of speed tests with the laptop switched off it would still only get to about 1mb speeds.

I am wondering if having to log in through the BT Voyager page when I first setup the router means that the routers is `routed` through that portal every time and this is slowing it down.

Anyone able to shed some light on this problem as I would rather get back to the speed I was used to and paying for.



RE: `The Shining` re-cut

Absolutely terrifying !

More scary than the original ...


RE: Dixons Panasonic DMRES20D DVD Recorder £159.99

£159.39 inc.VAT and delivery at PRC Direct. [url=""][/url]

Multi Region version and comes with 4 free DVD Ram discs too.


RE: Anyone else have problems today with AVFORUMS

Ok at least we know its not just our own computers PHEW !

I`ve been trying for over an hour to get it sorted --- >:(

Suppose we will need to wait and see what happens, I was pretty sure it was the site but thanks for confirming it.

It`s strange how the `always use this programme` option is blanked out so you can`t change it, site might have been hacked :o

Keep you posted if I get any joy with access.


Anyone else have problems today with AVFORUMS

Anyone else having problems getting into AVFORUMS site this morning, 1st time I tried to access it is asked me to tell it which programme I needed to open up a PHP file extension.

I chose programme as Firefox and told it to `always use this prog` now all it does it fire in about 500 tabs and just keeps doing this even if I close all the current tabs.

My dad is having similar problem as it`s asking him to open it with Adobe?

Wondering if we both infected with same virus or spyware or if is is the AVFORUMS site that is the problem.

Anyone help?

It`s doin me head in ...

Sorry if this should be in PC`s and Mobiles section.



RE: Best S-Video cable? (S-video to S-video)

oops double post as site wouldn`t load my posting and tried again only to see 2 identical posts!


This item was edited on Thursday, 20th October 2005, 11:20

RE: Best S-Video cable? (S-video to S-video)

I have just bought a couple of cables from and if you look at the cable forum on it should show that these are great cables.

Sorry can`t get the hyperlinkoption to work.

Worth a look anyway.


This item was edited on Thursday, 20th October 2005, 11:19

RE: anyway to make pioneer 109 dvdrw burn "lightscribe" type discs?

They might look good but ask him how long it takes to `scribe` one.........


RE: Cheap 1GB Sandisk Pro Duo Memory Stick - Great for K750i

Hi Katz,
I`m sure I read the same thing, Sandisk do make the Sony ones as well.

I have just managed to pick up 2 x 1gb Ultra II Sandisk`s for £57 inc P+P for both off Fleabay ( just very lucky methinks ).

:D :D

RE: Cheap 1GB Sandisk Pro Duo Memory Stick - Great for K750i

I read a review online the other day that said that the Sandisk Pro Duo card is significantly faster than the Sony version.

The difference was so much that I wouldn`t even consider buying the Sony one, also the Sandisk version comes with a free adapter.


RE: My Sky + input for recording is gone

Found the info about the hard drive I fitted.

I used this in my Pace V2 Sky+ box - Samsung Spinpoint P80 160Gb 2MB Cache 7200RPM HDD OEM SP1604N.


RE: My Sky + input for recording is gone

Glad the reset worked, it`s a doddle to upgrade - have a look at this site for help -

It will list all the info you need, I personally went for a Samsung 160gb ( can`t remember exact model either 1614N or 1604N ) drive as it runs the fan all the time and is cool and very quiet, I am sure it`s the heat that kills the Maxtor`s.

I`m sure mine went the same way as yours with more and more faults until it died, so be on the lookout for losing all your recordings.

Planner rebuilds can also cause problems, I think I read somewhere it can only be done twice.

This item was edited on Saturday, 6th August 2005, 17:03

RE: My Sky + input for recording is gone

Sounds like a dead hard drive, same thing happened to me a couple of months back after a power cut here.

If it is dead then it is very easy to fit a new and bigger one.

I fitted a 160gb Samsung drive and its superb, runs cool and no problems so far, took me about 15 mins ( fitted twice in this time as I didi it wrong 1st attempt ).

If you were still running the crap Maxtor 40gb then this problem will come as a bonus for you and give you the opportunity to fit that bigger one you were promising yourself.

Quick way to check is to switch off the machine at the mains and swap round the LNB inouts so that input 1 is now getting a feed from the other LNB lead and so on, this will show that it`s the hard drive and not the LNB inputs if you know what I mean.

Any other held needed just email me.


RE: Anybody used ?

I`ve used them many times and never had a problem, I would recommend them, usually fast delivery too.


This item was edited on Sunday, 31st July 2005, 20:28

RE: Sky + Hard Disc to DVD

I know the following didn`t record to dvd from SKY+ box before I had the Sonel lead, The Ryder Cup on Sky Sports, Sopranos E4, movie channels, certain progs taken from discovery didn`t work either ?

Strange, will go and try them right now just to confirm

RE: Band of Brothers

As I`ve just ordered it, I`ll hold you to that! Happy

Oh dear me and my big mooth :o

RE: Band of Brothers

Buy it you won`t be disappointed, remember it`s from the same production team as `Ryan`, it has to be one of the best TV series ever produced.

Ok so the 1st episode is a wee bit slow ( although still good ) as they are at training camp, but boy does it it really get going once they land in France.

Buy it today, oh did I say buy it before, yip I did, just buy it right ;)


Don`t even bother if you get a phone number it`s even WORSE !!

I tried for T In the Park tickets, took over an hour to get through and then........

All you get is "Press 1, "Press 2" etc etc for about 10 mins and I still didn`t get the ticket sales person ARGGGGHHHHHHHH so bloody frustrating to be passed from one option to the next it`s the bane of moden society no wonder the world is so angry all the time

>:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(

RE: Band Of Brothers Region 2 Tin Box version back on sale here

He`s right you know, and it says in stock as well, oh well back to sleep for me he he he......


RE: Band of Brothers

Not sure I`ve never used 101, I only posted the link as I hadn`t seen the tin available for months ( not that I`d been looking mind you ).


RE: Sky + Hard Disc to DVD

If you want to "ahem" backup protected material from SKY you will need a scart lead from here -

I believe KT Vision do one ( it is dearer ) as well, just google it.

It might also need a small ac adapter to power it as well but only about £4.99 from argos or similar.

There are more protected channels on SKY than you might think, E4, Discovery channels, movies, sports to name just a few, in fact probably more protected than there is unprotected.


Band Of Brothers Region 2 Tin Box version back on sale here

Probably not a bargain, but it`s the 1st time I`ve seen it for sale for ages, so if anyone after it you can get it here :-