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RE: My USB Ports Not Working Properly?

All the external drives work fine on my windows 7 laptop though?

RE: My USB Ports Not Working Properly?

Thanks for the tip but I`ve already done that. I did loose my mouse and keyboard controls and had to re-start the PC!!
Still the same though :(

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My USB Ports Not Working Properly?

I have a strange USB Port problem! I have a 5 year old home built machine running Windows 7 32bit. Lately the USB ports on the front and back of the machine are not working properly with external hard drives? USB powered or mains powered. They are recognised but the folders are either empty or if I click on a file to view it, it freezes the drive?

The ports are working fine for USB sticks though?

I have removed the USB controllers and let the system re-install them again, but its no better?

I would format the drive and re-install windows but I have not backed-up all my videos I want and my system restore has been disabled?

Can anyone recommend anything to try before I start removing stuff!

Any help appreciated

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RE: Strange PC Power Issue?

That was quick The Ogster, thanks!

I have looked at this site on how to test my power supply and I think I have shorted the pins 15 and 16 ( I just shorted every green wire with every other one to be sure) and tried other power cable and no sign of life?

If its the power supply then thats 2 in three years now! I know I buy cheap at under £15 but dont want to spend too much as its an old PC now

Got any recommendations for under £20?


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Strange PC Power Issue?

Hi Everyone
Been away for sometime and see i have been a member for nearly 10 years!! where does the time go? Get to the point Mark, sorry!

PC I built 3 and bit years ago, AMD Dual Core, 2GB, 500gb, Win 7 Ultimate - Starting showing strange starting issue about a week ago, when I press power it would take about 20 seconds before the pc would start, then it would get worse with me having to press the power button 2 or 3 times and wait before any sign of life? Once starting pc worked fine?

Now nothing?

I can change any part its just finding whats wrong?

Any help appreciated

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For Sale: Samsung NC20 12" Netbook For Sale!!

Genuine Windows® XP Home
VIA Nano™ U2250 processor (1.3GHz - 1.6GHz, 800MHz)
2GB (DDR2 / 2GB x 1) - Upgraded from 1GB
12.1" WXGA (1280 x 800) Gloss Display
160GB (5400rpm S-ATA) Hard Drive
1.3 Mega Pixel Web Cam with Mic
Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR
3 x USB 2.0
VGA port to connect to large screen TV or monitor
3-in-1 Card Reader (SD, SDHC, MMC)
Headphone /Microphone Sockets
6 Cell battery with up to 6 Hour Battery Life
Original black protective sleeve
Only 1.5KG so great for travelling
In very good condition and comes in original box with instructions and recovery discs.

Only £299 including free UK delivery!!

RE: Difference: Plasma, LCD, LED, Tv`s

I agree with what Jimbo says and have been working in electrical retail for over 5 years now.

I always recommended plasmas for standard def as the blacks look blacker and the colours more vibrant and with even basic models having 100Hz for better movement with fast moving objects.

I even sold my father in-law a Panasonic 42" model a few years ago and it looks great especially with Sky HD.

I had not taken the plunge myself as my flat is a bit small for anything about 32" and the smallest plasma`s are 37" in the main. I also did not like the smearing effect you can get on an LCD with standard def images, which to honest most people with be still watching. I was also very happy with my Sony 32" CRT and the pictures I was getting. I finally went for a SAMSUNG LE40C530 40" Full HD LCD mainly due to the price ( only £399 on offer!!), a VGA connection for my netbook so along with a wireless keyboard I use as a computer monitor!), and the ability to play HD video from the USB port was the final clinch for me!

I would have preferred a Panasonic Plasma ( we get problems with image retention with LG and Samsung ones but not Panasonic) but as the current models don't have VGA they were no good for me and any Plasma is not recommended for long PC use. I'm also happy with the Freeview image at home and the blacks on this TV are better than some other LCD TV's. I have also not noticed much of a movement problem with just 50 Hz? I would have loved an LED but my budget would not stretch to the price and be aware the sound on them is not great unless used with a surround speaker system. Also be aware that the Samsungs seem to have a problem with a weak Freeview signal as I get breakup sometimes but never had a problem before with other Freeview boxes.

One thing, we use a computer to display the image on most TV's in store which is outputted through component so looks better than Freeview but not as good as HD.

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RE: Power Supply?

I am running an AMD X2 2200, 2GB ram, 500gb sata HD with a 400w power supply which is this one here -

I normally buy cases with power supply included but my current case did not come with one.
I do like to leave it on over night to download stuff but don`d trust it at present. I think I will get a new one sooner rather than later.

I also have a 40gb HD, a sata DVD writer, a dvd-rom and two case fans, do I need a 400w power supply or could I go smaller?

thanks for the advice

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Power Supply?

I built my PC about 2 years ago and all has been working well

Just lately though the power supply fan seems to be making a lot of noise on start up? it gets quieter after about 20 mins but im just a bit worried, if it does fail would it damage any other components in my pc? or should I just change it now?

Any help appreciated

RE: Samsung NC20 Black??

thanks, but I really want to see a video of the black one ;)

RE: Samsung NC20 Black??

The NC20 only comes in White and black, I think some of you are mistaking it with the NC10.

I only want it for a bit of web surfing and playing my divx videos so dont need anything very powerful.

I`m running XP on a Celeron with 512mb ram and that runs ok for me.

Samsung NC20 Black??

I have been waiting for this model for some time as an upgrade to my Asus Eee PC 701 but would like to see one in the flesh first?

Has anyone seen any in the shops on display?

I also can`t find any "unboxing" videos on youtube for the black??

If anyone`s got one can they post a video please!!

RE: For Sale: Asus Eee PC 701 Netbook In Black!!

I am also including a "3" usb mobile broadband modem as well with the netbook.

For Sale: Asus Eee PC 701 Netbook In Black!!

Asus Eee PC 701:

Windows XP
Intel® Celeron M
512 MB (DDR2)
7" TFT Screen
Slip case

The netbook currently has Windows XP installed but comes with the original Linux recovery discs and is complete with box and full instructions.

The Asus Eee is in good working order and is still under the manufacturer`s guarentee

£150 plus delivery or ovno

Picture Here -

RE: Being a postie!

I was a postman for about 5 years (97-02) and did enjoy it most of the time.

I did a 27 hour per week duty on a bike starting at 5.20 intil 9.50am each day, 6 days a week. It was s*** getting up at 4.20am six days a week but it was nice that some days I could be home at 10am!! I did get a bit of overtime each day so would earn about 12k per year which was enough where I lived at the time paying £200 per month rent.

The job has changed though with most postman doing a 5 day week with sunday and another day off per week. I understand the other day changes per week so every 6 weeks you get a sat/sun/mon off which sounds good. This does make every day longer though so thats why some postman are still delivering at 4pm.

One thing that would be a problem for me now is the new sorting frames which are set out for right handed people!! not left handed like me!

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RE: House insurance

My basic contents only this year for a 2 bed flat has cost me £2.40 (:¦

Used to get £50 cashback with Lloyds Insurance. You wont get as good a deal as this for your property but worth a look.

I also used it to get £60 off my car insurance so have saved £105 this year alone ( £5 yearly fee)

It can take 4 months to get the money back but worked both times for me. Just make sure you follow exactly the links so it gets tracked correctly.

Cordless Drill £4.99!!!!!!!!!!

I was in a non-food Sainsbury`s today and they had a cordless drill for just £4.99!! :o

Bought one even though I have 2 already as I hope to sell it for more at a car boot! :)


3-5 hour charge
keyless chuck with electric brake
comes with a selection of drill bits and screw driver attachments.

RE: Fancy HDMI cables..

I should have made it more clear, I ment when it comes to analogue cables. As I said with digital it should either work or not?

As long as you get to a certain standard, as I understand not all HDMI cable support 1080p.

RE: Media Centre Style PC For CAD on a 42

I completely forgot about screen burn :/

Looks like I will give it a miss then :(

I was looking forward to a new project :(

Thanks for everyone`s help

Media Centre Style PC For CAD on a 42

I have just installed a 42" Panasonic Plasma for my father-in-law. When I mentioned he could connect a computer to it and do his CAD programs on it his eyes lit up!!

It just got me thinking, would it work? I`m no expert with CAD software so wondered if anyone had any advice or are able to point me in the right direction? :/

Here is a list of things I`m thinking:

1. Needs to be black and about the height of an old VHS recorder to fit into new TV stand

2. Needs to total no more than about £500 including oem Vista or XP to keep him interested.

3. Is resolution of 1024 x 768 of the plasma going to be good enough for CAD software?

4. Better to use VGA or HDMI

5. Apart from the CAD software it would only need to connect to the net wirelessly, so no TV cards or anything apart from a DVD drive

6. I`m thinking the Keyboard/mouse could be the main problem due to sitting on a sofa and using? Mouse pad in keyboards any good? Thought of trackball but not sure he would like it? Am I going to need a Bluetooth keyboard/mouse due to the 3-4m distance from the TV?

7. I can also build the PC myself but would consider an already made one if the price in not to high?

Any help appreciated. :)

TV -

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RE: Acer Aspire One Thread

Can someone tell if the updates to support 3G modems with Linux is working now?

Yes I know it can be done if you know what you are doing but as i have said before my customers mainly want it all to work easily!

If so which modems work?

Cheap Cereal!!

I know its not really DVD related but you have to eat when watching all your video equipment!! ;) This in turn means you have more money to spend on hardware :)

My favourite, Shreddies are down to 99p for a 750gm box (normally about £2.20 and when they are Aldi`s Malted Wheaties are a good replacement)

Shredded Wheat Bite Size are at £1.05 for a 750gm box as well as the same size Crunchy Nut Cornflakes for £2

All at Tesco!

Now where`s the milk?................. :o

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RE: Acer Aspire One £150

I`m not a fan as in my shop I have had so many back lately!! I have lost count of the number I have had to re-install Linux on!! ( I even keep a memory card ready with Linux on so I can do it quickly.

Main problems have been with the wireless disappearing, not starting, and the mouse pad not working properly!

Now I know I am going to hear mention of an update fix or if you look in this forum there is a fix, the problem is trying to get customers to do it!!

When the Asus Eee came out we sold Sh*t loads and yes a few came back but nothing like the Aspire One.

Save a bit more and get a Samsung NC10, now that`s nice!! ( you can even put Linux on if you must!)

Just needed to get it of my chest............. >:(

RE: Philips DVD Player With Divx/HDMI (& plays Mps`s)

I know Philips had a major problem with some of there first DVD recorders but when it comes to there current models I have not had many, if any returned recently? - now if you said laptop I would not touch them!! We only had the 12" models but they had a lot of problems. A Philips rep even said they had threatened to remove the licence of the company that made them, for Philips.

I`m a big fan of Panasonic (got a DVD recorder and camera myself and just recommended my father in-law get the Panasonic 42" PX80) & Which I hear gave them the Best Company Ever award or something similar. Just a had a batch of DVD recorders that have had problems and even a second model I bought failed to read some DVD`s after 10 months.

Now laptops that`s another thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RE: Fancy HDMI cables..

I just bought a HDMI cable from a cheap shop for £5.99 and the quality seemed ok.

Attached to a Philips up-scaling DVD player and it all looks great on a Panasonic 42" plasma.

I do believe that it was and is important to get good quality cables when you are dealing with an analogue connection like scart or component due to the interference you can get but surely with a digital one you get a connection or you don`t? Yes if the connectors are crap it may not last long but I would need to replace the £6 cable quite a few times before it adds up to a high end cable.

You just need to think a bit like the mags say and spend about 10% of your budget on cables. If you buy a £20 DVD player there is no point buying a £100 cable for it, but then if you spend £5000 on a TV then a £5 cable may not get the best out of it?

VHS-C Adapter Faulty?

New battery in put a tape in and nothing? Wont spool up to full size tape unless I slide switch left and hold it. As soon as I let go it spools back again?

Also the red clip on left side does not go in at any time?

Can I take battery out after spooled and it still work or does it need battery in to work in VCR?

Already jambed tape in VCR once so dont want to test again unless sure!!

Any help appreciated

Model of adapter is Panasonic VW-TCA7E

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RE: Philips DVD Player With Divx/HDMI (& plays Mps`s)

I work in electrical retail and Philips are no worse or better than any of the big companies, I have found. ;)

Philips DVD Player With Divx/HDMI (& plays Mp3`s)

I was in Sainsbury`s yesterday and they had a Philips DVP3980 DVD Player down from £59.99 to just £39.99!

Its has an HDMI output and plays Divx and Mp3 files from CD`s and DVD`s :)

I bought the display model as it was clearance and got it a bit cheaper at £34.14!

Good buy if can get one!

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RE: Toshiba DVD Player With Divx (but no mp3?)

I`ve tested it with my Mp3 Cd`s and DVD`s and it does not see the files :(

I`m changing it with a Philips now which plays everything :)