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    Added on: 8/7/2000 18:34
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    Idle Hands (UK)

    8 / 10
    4 votes cast
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    The touching story of a boy and his right hand
    Certificate: 18
    Running Time: 88 mins
    Retail Price: £19.99
    Release Date:

    The Devil will find work for idle hands to do... But what happens when he chooses the laziest teen slacker in the world to do his dirty work?

    Anton Tobias (Devon Sawa - Wild America) is a channel-surfing, junk-food munching, couch potato burn-out who can`t control the murderous impulses of his recently possessed hand. With the help of his zombiefied buddies, Mick (Seth Green - Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me) and Pnub (Elden Henson - The Mighty), Anton`s got to stop the rampaging devil appendage before it takes total control of his life and ruins any chance he has with class hottie Molly (Jessica Alba - Never Been Kissed). Vivica A. Fox (Independence Day) and Jack Noseworthy (The Brady Bunch Movie) co-star in this wickedly funny horror comedy.

    Special Features:
    Interactive Menus
    Scene Access
    Behind the Scenes Featurette
    Director`s Commentary
    Deleted Scene
    Alternate Ending
    Storyboard Comparison
    International Trailer

    Video Tracks:
    Widescreen Anamorphic 1.85:1

    Audio Tracks:
    Dolby Digital 5.1 English
    Dolby Digital 5.1 German

    Subtitle Tracks:

    Directed By:
    Rodman Flender

    Written By:

    Vivica A. Fox
    Christopher Hart
    Jessica Alba
    Elden Ratliff
    Seth Green
    Devon Sawa

    Casting By:
    John Papsidera

    Soundtrack By:
    Graeme Revell

    Director of Photography:
    Christopher Baffa

    Stephen E. Rivkin

    Production Designer:
    Gregory Melton

    Suzanne Todd
    Jennifer Todd
    Jeffrey A. Mueller
    Andrew Licht

    Executive Producer:
    Jeffrey Sudzin

    Columbia / Tristar

    Your Opinions and Comments

    7 / 10
    Make no mistake. This is not a horror movie. It is neither a horror comedy. It is a (rather funny) comedy with 3-4 scares.
    The plot is not a very strong element in this movie, but it will give you some laughs (ok, ok, and a few scares as well). :)
    A killer hand is on the loose and nobody can stop it from killing innocent victims. All of the slaughter scenes are gory, but, in an hillarious way.
    The video transfer is a good 1.85:1 one. The dark scenes are presented with no apparent compression artifacts. The gore is presented rather nicely as well.
    The DD5.1 audio is very nice. It WILL make you jump out of your seat at least once or twice (I lost my bowl of pop-corn rather early in the movie). ;)
    The movie also contains some nice tunes and a massive rock&roll soundtrack.
    The extras are supposed to be nice, but unfortunately, I was not able to access the alternate ending and the storyboard comparison. The rest of the extras are ok, generally.
    Only watch this movie if you are prepared not to take it too seriously. The plot is hillariously stupid and the so-called acting is average, but if you do not laugh your brains out (literally) at the scene of the "pushed dog", you might as well press the stop button at that stage. :)
    One last note, though. The movie includes several scenes in which the leads smoke pot. Although the film got a PG-13 rating here in Israel, I wouldn`t recommend it to anyone who is not old enough to realize that ANY type of drug is bad for you.
    posted by Zvi Josef on 10/7/2000 03:05
    9 / 10
    This one of my favourite films and I rented it on video first and as soon as I saw it I bought it on DVD and i`m glad that I did. The commentary from the director and 2 actors (Seth Green + Elden Hansen) is great they just have a great laugh and talk about whatever enters their heads and it`s funny as hell.

    The film itself is funny especially any parts with Mick (Seth) like when he picks up the electric knife and says "Look at me!! I`m Leatherface" and the reaction on his face when it unplugs.

    Seth and Elden have a great on-screen relationship and it`s as if they have known each other or if they were related and they really do complement each other.

    Anyway I like it and would recommend it to anyone I know.
    posted by Anthony on 13/9/2000 01:54
    8 / 10
    Excellent horror/comedy, although silly at times it makes you laugh in all the right places. Pictures quality is good and sounds isnt bad either, features lack but overall a nice addition to any collection.
    posted by Boo Boo on 1/10/2002 16:27
    7 / 10
    A fresh wild and violent comedy about Tobias (Devon Sawa) who has lost control of his right hand, which is now psychotic and Tobias ends up killings lots of people he didnt mean to. The supporting cast are very good. Seth Green and this other guy are Tobias` best mates. The hot Jessica Alba plays his love interest and Vivica Fox is the druid priestess who has travelled to stop the hand.

    The visuals are all pretty good. The sound also adequately decent. There are some good extras including a commentary and a deleted scene.

    Average release for an average movie. Worth owning if you like the movie. I personally felt it was a bit too silly.
    posted by dicanio on 15/4/2003 22:21