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Alien (UK)

9 / 10
18 votes cast
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In space no one can hear you scream
Certificate: 18
Running Time: 112 mins
Retail Price: £19.99
Release Date:

Alien is the first movie of one of the most popular sagas in science fiction history, and introduces Sigourney Weaver as Ripley, the iron-willed woman destined to battle the galaxy`s ultimate creature.

The terror begin when the crew of the spaceship Nostromo investigates a transmission from a desolate planet and makes a horrifying discovery - a life form that breeds within a human host.

Now the crew must fight now only for its survival, but for the survival of all mankind.

Special Features:
Interactive Menus
Scene Access
Original Theatrical Trailers
Deleted Scenes
Commentary by Ridley Scott
Artwork & Photo Galleries
Isolated Original Score
Alternate Music Track

Video Tracks:
Widescreen Anamorphic 2.35:1

Audio Tracks:
Dolby Digital 5.1 English

Subtitle Tracks:
CC: English

Directed By:
Ridley Scott

Written By:

Yaphet Kotto
Ian Holm
John Hurt
Harry Dean Stanton
Veronica Cartwright
Sigourney Weaver
Tom Skerritt

Soundtrack By:
Jerry Goldsmith

Music From:
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Howard Hanson

Director of Photography:
Derek Vanlint

Peter Weatherley
Terry Rawlings

Costume Designer:
John Mollo

Production Designer:
Michael Seymour
Anton Furst
Roger Christian

Ivor Powell
Walter Hill
David Giler
Gordon Carroll

Executive Producer:
Ronald Shusett

Your Opinions and Comments

10 / 10
Alien. Everyone must surely have heard of this film at some point in their lives. Big black insect-like life form running around killing the crew of a spaceship? Face-huggers laying eggs inside a human host? Chest-bursters bursting from chests? If you haven`t then expect nothing less than blood, guts and the fright of your life!
The film follows the journey of a crew of 7 aboard the towing vehicle `The Nostromo`, returning to Earth from a deep space mining mission. They receive a `distress` signal from a beacon located on the surface of the planet LV-426 for which they have no option other than to respond to the call. The nightmare now begins...
The reproduction onto DVD is amazing. Crystal clear video and audio. Included on the DVD release are some of the best bonus materials I have ever witnessed. Trailers, deleted scenes, outtakes, storyboards, etc. There`s even a choice for an alternative music track for the film.
I cannot recommend this film enough. If you are a fan of sci-fi or scary movies, watch this film and be frightened. Just try and watch it with your eye`s open!
posted by Leroy on 8/6/2000 21:54
10 / 10
A great Sci-fi film. You cannot ignore it ! I am ammending my previous review because I have a new cinema amp. with surround sound..and this is more like it. Do be careful if you hook this disc up to an ordinary 2 speaker hifi because you will find the musical score comes out very thinly on the 5.1 soundtrack. The Region 1 has a better soundtrack in French, but that is missing from this Region 2 version. Audio commentary, picture quality, menu presentation, deleted scenes - all other areas score highly, but my laserdisc beats this DVD for sound quality easily. The music is so important in the opening / title scenes - I can`t believe they forgot to add any bass at all ! What are we all going to do now ? What a careless oversight. If you have true 5.1 surround sound setup, then you are okay however.... fantastic sound....plenty of bass. My audio vote went from 4 to 8, because of this.
posted by Roland Herrera on 17/6/2000 05:23
10 / 10
Now, this was the first DVD I bought (I purchased my player last thrsday afternoon). I say this because it will become important later. Anyway, I wanted something which would give my new player a bloody good run for its money. Being that Alien was released in 1979, it won`t come as any suprise that I didn`t buy Alien for it`s luscious special effects or superior sound, I bought it because I love this movie more than most other films (including, in my opnion, all the other Alien movies put together, yes I do include the ultraviolent, overblown hype beast they call Aliens or Alien 2:This time we`re doing it for the money) put together. By the way, to accomplish the Player test, I bought The World Is Not Enough:A visual and aural tour-de-force with features to boot, films distinctly average. Anyway, I digress, I got home and loaded the Alien DVD up, now here was something I didn`t expect: A living fully animated and more to the point enjoyable interactive menu. "Jesus H. Crapper" I shouted. "What the fu*k is this!". Stunning, right from this moment I knew this disc oozed class. The extras: Oh god yes!!!!!! Commentry from Ridley Scott (or God, as I call him) giving us an informative, insightful and entertaining insight into his guide of creating the perfect Suspense horror movie!! Deleted scences- many of which pointless, a few worthy of a few plays, a very peciular Outtakes section with 2 weird scences including the Alien standing up and the stupid bitch, just watching scene. Back to the Visual and Audio test, I used for TWINE. Right at the beginning of the movie you get the THX sequence, "Fair enough" i said, but then came the pay off, the title sequence:Sharp as a thing which should be quite sharp, and it looked very modern, something which I thought could never been done, the Anamorphic enhancement providing much wonderment and the audio (Alternate track or not) blasting through the speakers like a breezeblock to your frontal lobe:Very nice. I think this review justifies the scores I shall give also the Audio and Visual scores are based on the enhancements from the Original picture, not compared to todays works. One last thing: I wish they made trailers like they used to. Thanks for reading
posted by ianl on 7/7/2000 01:49
10 / 10
Well, where to begin here.... I think this was the most eagerly awaited release for me. For a start, I think that I like Alien more than any other film I have seen. Here it is presented in full 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen, and quite simply it looks as good as it ever will. The quality is spot on - not a hint of compression is evident at any point. The sound is of reasonable quality, although it can be quite sibilant and lacking in bass, probably due to the age of the film. The music does sound as marvelous as ever though. Which leads onto the features quite nicely - Isolated music scores! About the best thing you could want, apart from commentary by Ridley Scott. And you also get hundreds of stills from behind the scenes, advertising promos etc. All in all, this is clearly a disc which has had a lot of thought and time invested in it, and should stand as a benchmark for future releases.
posted by Ben Chud on 17/8/2000 02:24
10 / 10
Now this is what I call a DVD!

The finest of the Alien films has been given the five star treatment by Fox and what we get is a fantastic disc.

The picture quality is fantastic you would never think this movie was 21 years old and puts some others into shame. The audio is what you would expect adequate and the extras are some of the finest ever seen on DVD. The directors commentary and the deleted scenes are the stand out points, especially the eerie cocoon sequence.

Overall if you have half a brain then you will already have this on DVD if not why not? This movie is what your DVD player was created for. Amazing movie and amazing disc.
posted by James Clews on 2/10/2000 00:28
10 / 10
One of the best prints i`ve ever seen. Stunning. Fantastic features, I feel like a 4 year old in a massive candy store.
posted by Richard73 on 16/10/2000 23:53
9 / 10
Presentation wise this DVD is a cut above the rest. Even the intro is a cgi sequence worthy of the film.

The film is one of the best ever science horror films. Enough said. Despite being quite an old film - it holds up superbly today. The visual look is simply stunning.

Extras are worthy of special mention - there is a directors commentary by the GREAT man himself - Ridley Scott. This is a great commentary - he is disarming and facinating. Lots of insight into the making of the movie. The deleted scenes - and there are several are interesting and especially the most famous sequence NOT to be in the film. For people interested in the `look` of the film there`s a massive selection of photos and scanned drawings to see - amazing.

Basically - a great film, you`ll watch it again and again, so buy it. Superb Extras.

Downers? Well the sound is quiet and often its hard to hear what they are saying - but thats a fault of the film not this transfer. Top DVD.
posted by am1001 on 31/10/2000 12:48
9 / 10
What i think about the alien
Alien was released in the end of 70`s and i would really liked to see alien in the theathre, but it was impossible, because i wasn`t even born yet.i saw alien first time with my cousins in year 1987 or something like that.i didn`t see it from the beginning, but i can still remember the scene where alien jumps into kane`s face.on that day alien became one of my favourite movies and i still think those years with warmness.the director is ridley scott who is known from movies like blade runner, legend, thelma & louise and gladiator.ridley scott is not actually my favourite director, but i really love some of his early movies like blade runner and ofcourse alien.nowdays alien is over 20 years old movie and it has became a real classic in scifi world.ok, but what actually makes alien so good?i would say that the special effects are great for a movie from 70`s or movie for a any year.actors are just wonderful, specially john hurt who is my favourite actor with sigourney weaver and yaphet kotto.the atmosphere of the actors is very good, so that you can enjoy their dialogs with laughs and with interest just like in the of the best scenes is where they all are eating breakfast or something and yaphet is complaining about the bonus system "i wanna go home and party".the alien is a true artpiece in movie history and it has got a ridley scott`s kinda quiet and beautiful actraction just like blade runner.musical score is made by jerry goldsmith and he has doned very beautiful music and it really follows the happenings in this movie.jerry has doned many good musical scores like in totall recall, gremlins, but i think that jerry`s best music is found from the alien.then the one of the most important things in alien is the story, which is very uniq and a very very interesting.dan o`bannon`s and ronald shusett`s work is awesome and one gold medal would go to them.the second gold medal would to the swiss artist called h.r.giger who made really much work with the alien and his job was really cool.third medal would go to terry rawlings and peter weatherley who made those film editing stuff.i would say that alien is the best movie of the 70`s if i don`t count star wars.the years have prooved that alien is a great masterpiece in it`s own class and it`s a movie, which won`t be never forgotted.

The transfer
This alien dvd is actually 20th anniversity edition and it`s got lots of cool stuff to all alien fans.i really waited this dvd for a while and after long waiting it was released into european version so that i could finally see this great classic on dvd.the video quality is quite good for the alien, when we think about the age of this film and it`s presented in 2.35:1 didn`t get full points for video, because some dark scenes weren`t as sharp as i was expected.usually in the nostromo`s flying scenes the dark color wasn`t so very clean, but all the other scenes were very clear and sharp.the audio was digitally thx mastered and it was presented in dolby digital 5.1 as it should be.there wasn`t nothing else wrong, except that the balance of the volume was sometimes too high or too low.i had to many times raise the volume so that i could the hear the music, but then suddenly other sounds were too loud.some special effects were a little flat, like there weren`t any thx effects.i don`t know, maybe i should buy a remotecontrol or new ears.the menus of this dvd are really cool.first when you`ll push the play button the 20th century fox logo appears and then it goes inside the computer text is running on the screen and "mother" is activated by restarting systems and opening the door to the main menu.the extras are very good, even there`s not tons of stuff.the quality of the extras is really good and there`s information about all the characters, many trailers like 2 tv spots, 2 a trailers and one b trailer.then there`s about 10 deleted scenes, which were luckilly deleted, a couple poor out takes, lots of artwork and photo galleries, including ridley scott`s own artwork.alternative music track of jerry goldsmith, isolated original score and a nice audio commentary by ridley scott specially recorded to this find out lots of new information about the alien, when you`ll listen ridley scott`s commentary and i really enjoyed it, because audio commentaries are my favourite extras.after looking everything from the disc i would give full points for it`s value.if you a true fan of alien movies, you gotta have this at any price and remember in space, no-one can hear you scream.
posted by Hamill82 on 29/12/2000 13:51
8 / 10
Alien set the bench mark for sci-fi horror films and is still as shocking today as it was in 1979. This disk more than does justice to the film visually, and to some extent audially as well. The picture is very clear for a film 20 years old however, and i don`t know if im alone here but in the scene where ripley is talking to parker and brett in the tunnel `` Dont worry about it parker yeah, you`ll get whatever`s coming to you`` i noticed a quite obvious lip synch problem. In the same scene on the isolated soundtrack it plays fine but when the soundtrack is on, ripleys lips are out of time with the words above. This aside, Alien is a great disk, the features are superb. If anyone else has the problem i mentioned please let me know and put my mind at rest.
posted by chris21 on 7/1/2001 08:01
9 / 10
I dont need to much reviewing here, nothing I can say that hasnt been said already.

Content:- I forgot how much this film rocks. It is far more stylish than all the others, with an impressive amout of depth and detail everywhere. The characters are fantastic, my favourite is Yaphet Kotto. He rocks.

Video:- This is the best bit. The transfer is, effectively near perfect. It looks so good that you could mistake it for a film that came out this year, not 20 years ago! You couldnt ask for a better copy, not realistically at least.

Audio:- Sounded pretty rockin` on my stereo setup. No complaints as far as my ears could see.

Features:- Really cool menus. Commentary. Outtakes. This disc has plenty of stuff, one of everything really.

Overall:- Damn near perfect.
posted by Blazingmonga on 24/1/2001 23:13
8 / 10
This sci-fi horror classic from 1979 is still a great film. The crew of the Nostromo investigate a planet which they have located. One of the crew members looks too closely at a egg as it splits open. I am not saying anything else. You`ll just have to see the rest if you want to know what happens next.
The small cast are very good, the visuals from H.R Giger always impress and the alien itself is pretty damn cool.

FOX have given this title great respect. From the animated menus alone, you know that this disc will not disappoint.
There is an excellent commentary from director Ridley Scott which is split into chapters so you can skip to a certain part.
There are also 10 deleted scenes which last nearly 18 minutes and are very interesting. They include a discussion of what to do about the alien, an alternate version of Brett`s death and the famous cocoon sequence. Also, we have 2 cinema trailers and 2 TV spots. The first trailer is great because it shows so little from the film: just an egg spliting open with a howling effect. The second has the same build up but includes many well edited scenes. The TV trailers are shorter versions of the first cinema trailer. There are 2 outtake scenes which are just more deleted scenes. Finally, we have a art and photo gallery and an isolated version of Jerry Goldsmith`s score.

Overall, this is an excellent film presented on a almost perfect disc. Although a documentary would have been the icing on the cake, what we get is great. There is a documentary called The Alien Legacy which is included in the box set. I did not get this though. Still, it does not matter, as the disc still delivers and that`s the main thing.
posted by AD1986 on 2/4/2001 03:19
6 / 10
Everyone who has reviewed this film so far has mentioned some very valid points about the overall quality of this film/disk, however I thought it was a right load of old tripe and doesn`t deserve all this credit.

Need I say more!
posted by randy buckskin III on 17/7/2001 17:50
10 / 10
If you havnt seen it yet.. Where have you been!!?? What have you been doing?! See it!
posted by NiM on 14/10/2002 17:44
10 / 10

1979 Alien hit cinemas, I wonder if Director Ridley Scott (Gladiator, Hannibal) realised how big this film was going to be. Well he does now. The classic story of the crew of the Nostromo lead by Tom Skerritt and Sigourney Weaver answer a call from a ship which to the crew`s horror contains one of the most famous cinema Monsters of all time. The film is one of a kind and one of the best. Shame that after Aliens the film franchise went down hill.


Brilliant use of Dolby Digital 5.1 what more can I say?


The picture is good if not brilliant but has some minor faults, especially in the darker scenes though most of the film is dark.


Brilliant Ridley Scott commenatry, good selection of deleted scenes including the cocooned Dallas. There are also other bits like photo galleries outtakes even an isolated music track.
Fox has done this film justice on a cracker of a disc.
posted by the_film_king on 6/8/2003 21:29
8 / 10
Intro- The plot is quite straightfoward: the crew are heading back to earth when the spaceship`s (called the Nostromo) computer intercepts a message from an derelict planet. Following standard company (or "The Company") procedures for recieving distress calls,it has altered the ship`s route to the derelict planet and it revives the ship crew from `hibernation`. As the crew lands their ship to the planet only to an odd spaceship, the ships captain, Dallas and 2 other crew members, Lambert and Kane explore the alien ship and find a large alien thing. As the other crew are making repairs, the other 3 crew found an odd lair containing several eggs. They send Kane down to the pit and is curious enough to look inside one of the eggs. From there, you experience one of the most scariest things you see.

To put this in 4 words: You must see this. For a title with only one word, Alien will scare the living crap when you are least expecting it! The film seemlessly mixes stunning visuals with horror thanks to Ridley Scott`s direction. Alien is not for the faint of hearted as with any horror film but this one will stick to your skin and stay under it. A true classic.

Video- Most DVD releases have either bad video quality for more extras or good video quality but no extras. Many DVD release today seem to have the worst of both worlds. I`ve seen the video quality of this particular film on the Alien Quadrilogy and it is one of the best video qualities I`ve seen and is better than todays films which have been transfered to DVD. The video quality on the Legacy is also comparable to that of the Quadrilogy. Alien is presented in 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen, it is suprisingly in great condition. The print is mostly clean with the exception of the title sequence. In a time where CGI is unheard of, the visual effect simply beats the rubbish CGI filled movies of today. I wonder how many directors avoid use of CGI deliberately. The alien ship and the creature designed by surreal artist H.R. Giger are just so....surreal.

Sound- The sound department has been cleaned up with a superb DD 5.1. The movie was originally presented in stereo but this sound mix lives up to the film itself. Scored by the late Jerry Goldsmith, the score is a very immersive one and is chilling. One gripe I have with the soundtrack
is that the sounds can be a little muffled at times but this is 1979 so there`s nothing I can do. There are two other sound options (apart from the commentary), Goldsmith`s score and an alternate score with production sound.

Extras- Alien is packaged in a keep case without a booklet instead the chapter stop is part of the artwork for the film. If you buy the film seperately, there is only 1 disc but if you buy the Legacy boxset (despite it being OOP, you can buy the film from the Amazon marketplace instead), you get a 5th disc containing an hour plus documentary with interviews with the writers of Alien and Scott himself. This 5th disc is part of a 2 disc set for Alien. Here, I will just review it as if you bought it seperately.

The first extra is an audio commentary from Director Ridely Scott. Here, he takes his time as he talks about the movie with regular breaks (you can hear him puffing his cigar). Highlights of the commentary include the crew eating muesli and the rain in the engine room. It`s a bit slow but it`s a must listen.

The next lots are a handful of deleted scenes which clock in around 18 minutes. The quality is rather poor but they are watchable. One notable deleted scene is the famous "cocoon" scene. It contains spoilers and therefore I won`t say what happens there. You get the famous Ridleygrams, some production photos and promotional art photos. There are more art galleries from Giger, Ron Cobb, Jean 'Moebius' Giraud and Chris Foss. All speaks for themselves. If you watch the movie, you get two other sound options, Goldsmith`s score and alternate score. There are 2 easter eggs, giving info on crew and alien life cycle. The trailers should never be considered as a special feature.

Overall- Grab your copy of Alien now! You can grab a copy of the Legacy from the Amazon marketplaces or you can get the Quadrilogy and get even more extras. A true fan should get both.
posted by alias-rf2 on 22/11/2005 21:48