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    Added on: 26/2/2003 06:56
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    Wedding Singer, The (UK)

    8 / 10
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    He`s gonna party like it`s 1985
    Certificate: 12
    Running Time: 93 mins
    Retail Price: £9.99
    Release Date:

    You are cordially invited to fall in love with one of the funniest romantic comedies of the year!

    It`s 1985 and Robbie Hart (Adam Sandler) is the ultimate master of ceremonies...until he is left at the altar at his own wedding. Devastated, he becomes a newlywed`s worst nightmare - an entertainer who can do nothing but destroy other people`s weddings. It`s not until he meets a warm-hearted waitress named Julia (Drew Barrymore) that he starts to pick up the pieces of his heart. The only problem is, Julia`s about to have a wedding of her own and unless Robbie can pull off the performance of a lifetime, the girl of his dreams will be gone forever.

    From big hair to Billy Idol (as himself), The Wedding Singer features a hilarious cast and a platinum soundtrack including 80`s hits from Culture Club, David Bowie and The Police.

    Special Features:

    Video Tracks:
    Widescreen Letterbox 1.78:1

    Audio Tracks:
    Dolby Digital 5.1 English

    Directed By:
    Frank Coraci

    Written By:

    Matthew Glave
    Allen Covert
    Christine Taylor
    Drew Barrymore
    Adam Sandler

    Casting By:
    Roger Mussenden

    Soundtrack By:
    Adam Sandler
    Joe Leeway
    Tim Herlihy
    Alannah Currie
    Teddy Castellucci
    Tom Bailey

    Director of Photography:
    Tim Suhrstedt

    Tom Lewis

    Costume Designer:
    Mona May

    Production Designer:
    Perry Andelin Blake

    Rita Smith
    Robert Simonds
    Ira Shuman
    Michelle Holdsworth
    Jack Giarraputo

    Executive Producer:
    Brian Witten
    Sandy Wernick
    Brad Grey
    Richard Brener

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    Your Opinions and Comments

    7 / 10
    There are only a couple of biographies included on the disc and they are only a couple of pages each. However, although the biographies are short, they are quite insightful into the careers of the focused cast and crew.

    There are only two words that can describe this two minute trailer, Bloody Brilliant. The reason this is a great trailer to watch is the mere fact that it lets you know about the storyline but doesn`t give to much away.

    Short Description
    Adam Sandler plays Robbie Hart, a wedding singer who falls in love with waitress Julia (Drew Barrymore). He falls in love with Julia after he is left standing at the altar of his own wedding.

    Main Review
    After watching a couple of mediocre Adam Sandler films I was unsure whether or not I was going to enjoy this movie about a wedding singer of all things. Well, after 97 minutes I had changed my mind. This really does have to be one of the best feel good films that I have ever seen! After being jilted at the alter by Linda (played by Angela Featherstone), Robbie becomes a happy newlyweds worst nightmare. The song he sings at one wedding "Love Sucks" makes way for the funniest scene in the film in which a fight breaks out. It is working as a wedding singer that Robbie meets a waitress called Julia at a venue he`s singing at. Robbie instantly falls in love with her but there is one problem. Julia is due to be married to Glen Gulia (played by the fantastic Matthew Glave), a self righteous womaniser who openly cheats on Julia.
    The film is set in the 1980`s and it carries this in the film absolutely perfectly. From the music, to the clothes, to the cars, it was like being put back in the eighties yourself. For once, Adam Sandler`s acting was absolutely top as was the terrific Drew Barrymore. Another minor point that made the film a treat to watch were the fantastic cameos by both Steve Buscemi (Of Reservoir Dogs and Monsters Inc fame) and Billy Idol (A 1980`s rock icon).
    I`ll leave you one question. Do Robbie and Julia hit it off? I know what happens and if you don`t then I thorougly recommend this rom com.

    Presented, unfortunately, in a letterbox 16:9 ratio made for a disappointment. Although the picture is quite clear and crisp at all times, the layer change is VERY obvious.

    5.1 surround sound but with minimum use. Should`ve been fantastic with such a great soundtrack.

    Great film which is sadly let down by a poor disc.
    posted by DVDSam on 27/2/2003 09:37
    7 / 10
    Adam Sandler takes a break from hitting people in sports movies (something I feel he does quite well) and instead decides to do a little singing, then falls for Drew Barrymore. And who can blame him?

    The Wedding Singer an excellent romantic comedy, and proves that Sandler can do more than just get angry (although he does get a little angry in this at times). The cast is excellent, with some of Sandler's regulars popping up - Allen Covert, Steve Buscemi & Peter Dante. Steve Buscemi is (as ever) particularly good.

    Overall, a great film on a pretty bare disc. While there is a trailer and a few short bios, this really is a pretty poor effort. Especially, considering the R1 disc gets a couple more extras. Still, the soundtrack is pretty good.
    posted by Rich Davies on 27/6/2003 06:33
    10 / 10
    Highly enjoyable flick, which you can watch over and over, classical sort of feel good movie, Excellent acting, and sensational music tracks, if you love the 80`s music
    posted by Teal`c on 15/9/2003 09:07