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    Men In Black 2 (UK)

    6 / 10
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    Same planet. New scum
    Certificate: PG
    Running Time: 84 mins
    Retail Price: £24.99
    Release Date:

    Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones return as MIB operatives Jay and Kay, with Kay now working for the U.S. postal service and Jay sent to bring him back, "deneuralise" his memories and save the world from another deadly outer space threat. When alien Serleena lands on earth in search of the Light of Zartha, she takes on the vampish identity of a Victoria`s Secrets model (Lara Flynn Boyle). It soon turns out that Kay is the only MIB agent with enough knowledge of the interloper to stop her/it from destroying the planet! This sequel boasts wonderful visual effects, set design, make-up (courtesy of Oscar-winner Rick Baker), and deadpan direction from Barry Sonnenfeld.

    Special Features:
    Disc One:
    Commentary by Barry Sonnenfeld with optional Telestrator Diagrams
    Alien broadcast
    `Alien Escape` PS2 game promo
    `The Chubb Chubbs` short film
    Men in Black training video
    Theatrical trailers

    Disc Two:
    Alternative ending
    Blooper reel
    6 production featurettes
    7 creature featurettes
    Barry Sonnenfeld`s Intergalactic Guide To Comedy
    Will Smith `Black Suits Comin (Nod Ya Head)` music video
    5 multi-angle scene deconstructions
    `Theatrical One-Sheets` photo gallery
    DVD-ROM features: MIIB Crossfire: Intergalactic Game Demo, screen saver, concept designs, MIIB script weblinks.

    Video Tracks:
    Widescreen Anamorphic 1.85:1

    Audio Tracks:
    Dolby Digital 5.1 English

    Subtitle Tracks:
    CC: English

    Directed By:
    Barry Sonnenfeld

    Written By:

    Johnny Knoxville
    Lara Flynn Boyle
    Rosario Dawson
    Will Smith
    Tommy Lee Jones

    Casting By:
    Ronna Kress

    Soundtrack By:
    Freddie Perren
    Will Smith
    Danny Elfman

    Director of Photography:
    Greg Gardiner

    Steven Weisberg
    Richard Pearson

    Costume Designer:
    Mary E. Vogt

    Production Designer:
    Bo Welch

    Graham Place
    Walter F. Parkes
    Laurie MacDonald
    Stephanie Kemp
    Marc Haimes

    Executive Producer:
    Steven Spielberg

    Columbia / Tristar

    Your Opinions and Comments

    6 / 10
    The original Men in Black is one of my favorite movies. Released in 1997, it was a kick in the teeth to sci-fi films of the time. It was smart, funny and imaginative. It also had a perfect ending, which is why Men in Black II leaves me with a sour taste. MIIB is simply a cash cow churned out to given Sonnenfeld, Jones and Smith the massive paycheck they missed out first time around. The plot is practically the same, the length is even shorter Hell the jokes are not even very funny. Instead of smart deadpan, we are left with calling some guy "Crap face", in a film of this nature I'm sure you know that has a truth to it. Also in the exact same scene they is an alien with something(s) on his chin that really shouldn't have been passed in a PG film.

    Video: Sharp, lack of defects, everything you'd expect from such a recent release. Rick Baker's make-up is again great, however the film also indulges in CGI and it shows. Edge enhancements are quite minimal. I remember some jaggies on the MIB guns in the original. No such problem this time around.

    Audio: This is probably the loudest comedy film incarnate. Surrounds and bass are used regularly and it is a fairly effective audio mix. The alien in the subway offers some nice material to show off to your friends.

    Extras: The original Sonnenfeld/Jones commentary is one of the best DVD commentaries out there in my opinion. This Sonnefeld commentary, like the film is simply nowhere near as good. It seems that Sonnenfeld is bored and is thankful for the minimal 80minute runtime. He offers some good information and has his magic pen back again, but I expected more.

    Also on the first disc, "Alien Broadcast" which is a branching system that shows you an "alien broadcast" throughout the film. HINT; use the title button on your remote to save yourself from looking at the film again. "Men In Black Training Video" is an amusing diversion, which scores extra points for proving that Richard Madeley is in fact an alien.

    Trailers are also on this disc. Also hidden in that menu is one of the best extra features ever, "The Chubb Chubbs", this award winning short animation is so much funnier than the main feature, it hurts. I really hope these guys make a full length feature.

    Disc 2: An Alternate Ending, which is a rarity. It is a completely alternate ending. Some "alternate endings" on DVDs change a few sentences (cough, Swordfish), but this is completely different. "Blooper Reels" offer more laugh than the film.

    There are nine featurettes, presented in a gimmicky annoying Pizza menu. They run for around 10 minutes each and are thankfully not promo fluff. A lot of it is candid and offers some real good information. There are also "Creature Featurettes" which focus on the creation of individual characters in the film. There are 5 multi-angles, which do as it says "Deconstruct" the scenes.

    Ending the package are a music video, trailers, photo gallery and production notes.

    Overall: I'm no fan of MIIB, but for the fans this is a nice package; fine presentation and extras. For anyone who doesn't like the film, rent it. If only for "The Chubb Chubbs".
    posted by directorscutIMDb on 8/2/2003 15:53
    3 / 10
    The sequel to the blockbuster 1997 film is good but this one does not live up to it`s expectations. This is basically is cash in inferior sequel which gives the director Sonnenfeld and the 2 stars a bigger paycheck which they didn`t recieved first time round (boo!!!!!!! :P :P :P). The plot is the same, humour has been recycled or made poorer to make the audience with an IQ of Minus 500 million happy and we are left with Johnny Knoxville from Jackass. I wish if he did stupid stunts like shove a prop up his arse. Now that would be funny.

    Because of the films being really painful to watch, I won`t review the video, sound and extras.

    Everyone lets give this raspberry blow 1...2...3! Ppppppppppppbbbbbbbbtttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And flip the bird too. *flips the bird*

    Lets leave at that.
    posted by alias-rf2 on 21/4/2005 06:46