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    Added on: 23/3/2000 19:07
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    Pi (UK)

    6 / 10
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    Faith in chaos
    Certificate: 15
    Running Time: 80 mins
    Retail Price: £19.99
    Release Date:

    Max Cohen is maths and computer genius, but extremely troubled man. He is on the verge of decoding the numerical pattern of the stock market, however his findings have been noticed by a Wall Street firm, who want his knowledge for themselves. A Kabbala sect also want to use Max`s knowledge to unlock the secrets of their ancient holy texts.

    Max has always believed that numbers form the basis of everything in the world, but his beliefs have now become a threat.

    Special Features:
    Interactive Menus
    Scene Access
    Deleted Scenes
    Music Video
    Behind the Scenes Montage
    Original Theatrical Trailer
    Director`s & Actor`s Commentary
    Cast & Crew Biographies

    Video Tracks:
    Widescreen Letterbox 1.66:1

    Audio Tracks:
    Dolby Pro Logic Surround

    Subtitle Tracks:
    CC: English

    Directed By:
    Darren Aronofsky

    Written By:

    Samia Shoaib
    Pamela Hart
    Mark Margolis
    Ajay Naidu
    Stephen Pearlman
    Ben Shenkman
    Sean Gullette

    Casting By:
    Denise Fitzgerald

    Soundtrack By:
    Clint Mansell

    Director of Photography:
    Matthew Libatique

    Oren Sarch

    Production Designer:
    Matthew Maraffi

    Eric Watson
    Richard Lifschutz
    Scott Vogel
    Katie King
    Scott Franklin

    Executive Producer:
    Jonah Smith
    David Godbout
    Tyler Brodie
    Randy Simon

    Twentieth Century Fox

    Your Opinions and Comments

    10 / 10
    One of the most atmospheric and engrossing movies of late.

    The unsteady hand of emotional cinematography has been used to a pin-point accuracy in creating a movie that is gripping and tense through out.

    Pi, being a Black and White shot film, adds to movies Art House genre and emphasises content in the same way as Hitchcock did with Psycho, providing truely shocking depictions of insanaty with out the visual gore.

    A Must for your DVD collection, if not for the movie for the Extras - there are loads! (Music Video, Bio`s, 2 Commentary tracks, scene selection, cut scenes, making of/behind the scenes, trailers + 2 TV trailers and more...)
    posted by Steve Stewart on 22/4/2000 00:19
    8 / 10
    Hey hey you funky people, if you catch my drift. Far out dude. (Sorry - I just saw The Magic Roundabout again). Ahem.

    Content:- Brilliant, to be blunt. Once you watch this from start to finish you will do a lot of thinking. The whole film is most definately in the realm of fantasy, but thats not something you think about when you watch it. It gets you thinking about things you wouldnt normally, and for that this film is brilliant. The acting, direction and music are all perfect, especially considering the budget and whatnot. Worth every penny.

    Video:- Pretty good letterbox transfer here. The fact that it is black and white is really irrelevant, but it suits the film perfectly. It wouldnt be the same in colour at all. Anyway, the transfer is as clean as you can expect and doesnt distract from the film in any way. Yep.

    Audio:- A perfectly decent Pro-logic track here, which suits the film just fine. The good use of music in the film (Massive Attack - Angel!) comes across fine, as do the vocals. No complaints, you cant really expect a full DD5.1 track on a film of this budget, so Pro-logic is more than fine.

    Features:- This is where the disc excells itself. Everything you can think of pretty much is on here, including a insightful commentry and some interesting deleted scenes. Damn good job done here.

    Overall:- A classic film and a totally worthwhile disc that represents the film perfectly. A word of caution though - dont watch this film if you have a headache! I did and it nearly killed me!
    posted by Blazingmonga on 22/8/2001 05:33
    6 / 10
    Aronofsky created a true masterpiece with "A Requiem For A Dream". This is why I was so hopeful to watch his earliest work.
    Boy! Was I in for a surprise. Alas, this was the worst kind of surprises I could`ve thought of.
    The movie is an incoherent compilation of ideas and scenes, somehow mixed together (using an editing which repeats itself in "Requiem"), but as a whole - it goes nowhere.
    The video transfer is ok. While there are no compression signs, the movie was shot in a very unique (and "artsy") way. This makes the viewing a bit difficult (not to say - annoying!).
    The DD 2.0 soundtrack is flat. There`s no usage of the surrounds, which is acceptable for this kind of a movie.
    The menus are static with sound.
    Thee xtras include 2 commentaries, 4 deleted scenes, a behind the scenes featurette and a music video.
    Bottom line - despite the decent disc, this is the perfect beer coaster for your living room. Avoid.
    posted by Zvi Josef on 30/7/2005 00:30