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Mulholland Drive (UK)

7 / 10
6 votes cast
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A Love Story In The City Of Dreams
Certificate: 15
Running Time: 148 mins
Retail Price: £19.99
Release Date:

David Lynch strikes again with this literal nightmare of a motion picture--a brilliant, scathing, hysterical, and haunting ode to Hollywood. In the film, a mysterious dark-haired woman (Laura Elena Harring) emerges from an accident with a purse full of cash and a head full of amnesia. Meanwhile, Betty (Naomi Watts), a wide-eyed gal from Deep River, Ontario, has just landed in Los Angeles with dreams of movie super stardom. When Betty finds the nameless beauty in her aunt`s apartment, she is deeply intrigued by the situation and offers to help her. This sends the two women on a bizarre search for the truth through the macabre, sun-soaked streets of the City of Angels, where the mob, a young film director (Justin Theroux), a studio executive with a tiny head, and an enigmatic figure named the Cowboy all float into the picture, then out again, until there is no longer any distinction between what is dream and what is reality.

Special Features:
Cast and crew biographies

Video Tracks:
Widescreen Anamorphic 1.85:1

Audio Tracks:
Dolby Digital 5.1 English

Directed By:
David Lynch

Written By:

Mark Pellegrino
Dan Hedaya
Ann Miller
Laura Harring
Naomi Watts
Justin Theroux

Casting By:
Johanna Ray

Soundtrack By:
John Neff
David Lynch
Angelo Badalamenti

Director of Photography:
Peter Deming

Mary Sweeney

Costume Designer:
Amy Stofsky

Production Designer:
Jack Fisk

Mary Sweeney
Alain Sarde
Michael Polaire
Tony Krantz
Joyce Eliason
Neal Edelstein

Executive Producer:
Pierre Edelman

Universal Pictures

Your Opinions and Comments

6 / 10
People warned me in advance that I will probably not understand this movie.
This is why I was looking forward to a weird and incoherent movie, and was pleasantly surprised. Or was I?
Yes, in fact, the first hour and forty minutes are pretty nice and coherent. However, it is at that point that Lynch starts making no sense at all (on purpose!). The movie then becomes a big mixture of unrelated scenes with so-called "smart editing".
I ended up asking myself "what the hell was he trying to prove?". Well, for me, Lynch proved that he is incapable of transferring his (sometimes brilliant) ideas to the audience. Sure, I love intriguing movies and movies that make me think. But this movie doesn`t make you think because there is nothing you can think about. Any explanation you might have for this movie would be farfetched.
The video transfer is very average. Some compression signs can be seen and the level of detail is not too high.
The DD 5.1 soundtrack is adequate. The surrounds are used occasionally for some ambiance.
I don`t know if there was a problem with my disk or not, but I noticed a few synch problems in 2-3 scenes.
The menus are still with music.
The extras include a behind the scenes look.
Bottom line - I`m urging anyone who understands this piece of crap to send me a detailed explanation.
posted by Zvi Josef on 21/7/2002 17:05
7 / 10
Region 1 version.

Mulholland Drive starts out with a number of seemingly separate storylines that over the course of the film begin to intertwine or do they?. In the opening moments of the film we are introduced to Rita (Laura Elena Harring) a tall brunette who`s riding in a limo. The limo driver gets into accident and she ends up being the only survivor. She walks away unharmed and makes her way to a nearby Hollywood apartment complex. Elsewhere Betty (Naomi Watts), winner of a small town Jitterbug contest, makes her way to Los Angeles in the hope of becoming a movie star. Our third main character is Adam Kesher (Justin Theroux), a hot shot up and coming director (with more than a passing resemblance to Steven Soderbergh?) who is in the process of casting the lead female in his upcoming motion picture. It`s inevitable that all our characters will meet but in true Lynch fashion the fun is in how they get there.

The main criteria here is that it is a David Lynch film so you may feel a little dizzy afterwards.

Extras? Forget it!
posted by Aslan on 30/7/2002 04:48
4 / 10
I also was totally and utterly confused by this film... I spent most of the first hour and a half, thinking "this is ok, because I`m sure it`ll all become clear at the end". Unfortunately, not only does everything totally fail to fall into place at this point, it just gets even more randomly confusing.

At the end of the film I just had all the questions. Some were specific, like - what the hell was that guy talking about in the cafe at the beginning? And some were more general, like - what the hell was anyone talking about throughout this entire film?!
The video and audio seemed fine, although I was really too busy being totally confused to notice properly. The special features consist of the trailer and interviews with the 3 principal cast members and the director. I was hoping that these interviews may clarify the film somehow, but they just added to the confusion, by saying things like, "I think the audience doesn't want everything explained for them, they want to have to work at it… ". Well I'm all for working out certain aspects of the plot, but this is just ridiculous!!

All in all surprisingly enjoyable seeing as I didn't understand what the hell happened past the half way point in the film.
posted by Rich Davies on 12/9/2002 06:47
6 / 10
A little disappointing. Lost highway was a better film really. A visually interesting film even though it makes no sense. But then again Lynch`s films havn`t dome for a while now. Professionally presented
posted by Richard73 on 1/12/2003 19:13