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Payback (UK)

7 / 10
7 votes cast
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Get ready to root for the bad guy
Certificate: 18
Running Time: 97 mins
Retail Price: £15.99
Release Date:

The pay off is excitement when Mel Gibson portrays hard-boiled Porter in `Payback`, a fast, frequently funny and ecstatically twisted blend of action and noir atmosphere co-written and directed by Brian Helgeland, Academy Award™ winner for `LA Confidential`.

Porter makes his living outside the law. So when his partners in a heist rip off his $70,000 share and leave him for dead, there`s only one way for Porter to settle things: his way. And that sends him on a vendetta that will have a lot of lowlifes gaping at the talking end of Porter`s fat revolver.

Crooked cops. Street gangs. Spineless flyspecks. Crime bosses. Anyone and everyone standing between Porter and his 70 grand are going to know he`s back... with a vengeance.

Special Features:
Interactive Menus
Scene Access
Interviews with Mel Gibson, Maria Bello, Lucy Liu and James Coburn
Original Theatrical Trailer

Video Tracks:
Widescreen Anamorphic 2.35:1
Pan & Scan 1.33:1

Audio Tracks:
Dolby Digital 5.1 English

Subtitle Tracks:
CC: English

Directed By:
Brian Helgeland
Paul Abascal

Written By:

Kris Kristofferson
Deborah Unger
Bill Duke
David Paymer
Maria Bello
Gregg Henry
Mel Gibson

Casting By:
Marion Dougherty

Soundtrack By:
Chris Boardman

Director of Photography:
Ericson Core

Kevin Stitt

Costume Designer:
Ha Nguyen

Production Designer:
Richard Hoover

Bruce Davey

Executive Producer:
Stephen McEveety


Your Opinions and Comments

8 / 10
Dark, funny and anabsolutely great remake of Point Blank. gibson plays Porter who only wants his $70,000 back which was stolen from him in a double-cross robbery. The film is filmed very dark and adds even more to the films attraction. Not many features but who cares when you have a film as good as this? Highly recommended
posted by Codlet on 30/4/2000 12:56
4 / 10
Film Noir Pseudo nonsense. Cartoonish violence and character`s dominate the film, It does have some sense of style though. but it`s a fizzle
posted by Richard73 on 7/2/2001 19:03
6 / 10
Enjoyable and nice to see Mel back in the Lethal Weapon 1 method of acting - i.e. getting the s*** kicked out of him!!

Good film, which is watchable several times.

Limited extras don`t hamper this one too much, especially for £10!
posted by mclh on 20/8/2001 18:23
7 / 10
Did not fancy this at all, but girlfiend insisted (Gibson fan)
and i really enjoyed it. Simple plot, Mel (Porter) is ripped off
and he wants his `paytback` (70,000) cue Mr bad, hard, cool,
crazy, doing his stuff. The picture quality is very good with a tinge of dark blue to it, which add`s a dark cool look to the film, there are some scenes that i noticed had the odd black
dots or lines apearing from time to time during the middle of the film, but these soon disappear. The sound is good also with ample use of the surround speakers plenty of gunshots
and whacks to be heard, as well as a memorable `James Brown` number (i actually thought he was behind me) The extras are a let down, although there are feedback from Mel & Lucy , they have just been `pinched` from some tv spot and it shows. what would have been great was some outakes, there must have been some funny moments with the `sado` fighting scenes and with Mel Gibson himself, a commentry would have been nice too. Overall this is a very enjoyable film which is shot crisply, and with a cool blue look to it. It has a pretty good cast and is even comical in parts, if you for once want to root for the `bad` guy, this is the film. Just about worth the £20.
posted by Andy Hall on 27/10/2001 17:01
6 / 10
This film noir was a bit too noir for my taste… good video & audio, just a shame about the extras (although some is better than none, I suppose!). If you're a Mel Gibson fan then this is well worth renting… but not one that is really worth a purchase.
posted by Rich Davies on 21/9/2002 07:38