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Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels: The Director`s Cut (UK)

8 / 10
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A disgrace to criminals everywhere
Certificate: 18
Running Time: 115 mins
Retail Price: £17.99
Release Date:

A high-octane East End gangster comedy thriller.

`Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels` is a journey into London`s seedy underworld with brilliant street-wise dialogue and razor sharp black comedy.

Eddy (Moran) sits in on a game of Three Card Brag with gangster Hatchet Harry, convinced that he can make a profit on his own and his friends` stake, but totally unaware that he is being stitched up. Eddy and friends have just seven days to repay Eddy`s loses to Hatchet Harry of £500,000!

Special Features:
Interactive Moving Menus
Scene Access
Behind The Scenes Interviews With The Cast And Crew
Original Theatrical Trailer
15 minutes extra footage to the theatrical release
New Key Art Sleeve
Outtakes Montage During end Credits

Video Tracks:
Widescreen Letterbox 1.85:1

Audio Tracks:
Dolby Digital 5.1 English

Subtitle Tracks:
CC: English

Directed By:
Guy Ritchie

Written By:

Steven Mackintosh
Nick Moran
Jason Flemyng
Vinnie Jones
Jason Statham
Dexter Fletcher

Casting By:
Guy Ritchie
Celestia Fox

Soundtrack By:
John Murphy
David A. Hughes

Director of Photography:
Tim Maurice-Jones

Niven Howie

Costume Designer:
Stephanie Collie

Production Designer:
Iain Andrews

Matthew Vaughn
Jan Roldanus
Georgia Masters
Ronaldo Vasconcellos
Sebastian Pearson

Executive Producer:
Steve Tisch
Angad Paul
Trudie Styler
Peter Morton
Stephen Marks

Ska Films

Your Opinions and Comments

7 / 10
I bought this DVD having viewed a Blockbuster rental earlier. This has to be a British comedy classic. A familiarity with London helps the viewer to relate to the characters. However, the scenes cannot be associated with a particular London area.

Good entertainment and a great laugh. Non-UK viewers may be left mystified by some scenes..
posted by Yves on 6/2/2000 16:56
9 / 10
I bought Lock, Stock (Director`s Cut) on DVD with great anticipation. I had seen the film before and owned the cut version on video but the director`s cut badge made me purchase it.
Well, the film itself is brillant. It has everything you could possibly want. The acting is superb, inc. great debuts by Vinnie Jones and The Guvnor, but was it worth purchasing?
If I did not already own the cut version, definitely yes. It simply has to be in every DVD collection whatever.
However, the director`s cut version only includes another 15 minutes, which doesn`t really help the story or character development much, and there are no substantial extras,
such as, mini documentary, featurette, actor profiles or storyboards. It does have a trailer though (aren`t we lucky!)
So, if you don`t have the cut version BUY IT, if you do RENT IT FIRST.
posted by A. Horton on 17/2/2000 15:07
7 / 10
Sorry to disagree with the majority of the people on the planet but I thought the additional scenes were cut for a reason, because they weren`t very good.

Personally I`d feel pretty ripped off to have bought another copy of this fill to hear the `C` word in glorious Dolby Digital.

Otherwise it`s a fantastic film, but stick to the original version - cuts are normally made for a reason.

posted by MontY on 9/4/2000 16:46
8 / 10
I didn`t think this was all bad, truth be told. Have to disagree with the above review though - the cut scenes DID add an extra level to the story (the backstory with Harry and JD, giving reasons for his treatment of Ed at the game) and the outtakes (while short) were pretty funny.

Disturbing lack of features though, compared with the standard version - how much hassle was it to put at least the same ones on? Or maybe a bit extra?

Mind you, I don`t really have any choice as to which version to buy, since I have a Matsui 110 player... :oD
posted by DazMack1979 on 9/4/2000 20:50
8 / 10
Ever wanted to win some money? BIG money? Well, don`t copy the motley crew in this hilarious send-up of the Wild East End!
The story goes something like this....
A bunch of 4 lads decide to get rich quick by playing a high stakes game of `3 Card Brag`. Needless to say, everything goes disastrously wrong, ending with the group owing £500,000 to the local porn-king cum head gangster. Drug deals and gunfights get thrown into the mix with comical consequences.
A portion of the cast includes real life tough guys with Vinnie Jones and the late Lenny McLean making appearances.

The DVD transition is very peculiar. The standard previous release consists of the cinema version, theatrical trailer and behind the scenes interviews with the cast and crew. The Directors Cut version includes the trailer and about 6 additions to the film, which I`m not complaining about. But that’s it, bar a couple of out-takes during the credits and 14 seconds of repeating music during the menu selection. Where have the interviews gone? God knows.

With Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels - The Director`s Cut expect an entertaining British film with laugh after laugh after laugh. Shame about the interviews though......
posted by Leroy on 14/6/2000 00:35
7 / 10
One of the best british films ever made. At times it is very funny but is also has a good storyline, good action sequences and some nice effects.
However, the picture quality is slightly grainy but the sound is better.
The extras are very average with a trailer and a booklet but the addition of a few scenes(director`s cut) do improve the film.
posted by Anthony Sydric on 16/1/2001 19:33
8 / 10
A great british film, which triggered a lot of average gangster
films. Great characters, great scenes/sequences, great soundtrack and a original fresh plot! The quality of the DVD is
very good and its well packed in a `something different` case.
The sound is great, with gunshots and guitars riffs flying around you. And there are a few extras thrown in too, one of which is to witness scenes that were cut from the original, that can be watched within the film, Wether you think they should have been cut or not its still good to see. To round it
off this a brilliant piece of british film with a good soundtrack
and a scence of humour, but which does have its nasty side.
It has to be added to your collection if you are british or a gangster fan................ Oh and what a class ending! Can`t
wait for SNATCH.
posted by Andy Hall on 1/3/2001 10:31
5 / 10
An amusing film which everyone must have seen by now. My opinion is to wait awhile before buying, because there must be a better version in the offing. If you can`t wait then be prepared for a bit of letdown.
posted by Aslan on 7/8/2002 15:31