Review for WWE Backlash 2023

8 / 10

The PPV after Wrestlemania has usually always been a rehash of the previous one and usually because of the backlash to that PPV it rectifies some of the mistakes. It’s not unironic that they dubbed the PPV Backlash. This PPV took place in Puerto Rico and as with so many PPVs that take place outside of the US the crowd is electric and I do think that this really helps the overall feel of the matches that took place.

Thankfully this is a PPV full of great matches, with none that are unwatchable. Bianca Belair against Iyo Sky for Belair’s Raw Women’s Championship was just fantastic and I was surprised by both and though I didn’t like the outcome I was hugely satisfied by how they got there.

Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins against Omos was pointless and surely someone in WWE needs to realise that unless he is in a ‘bodyguard’ or tag role that he simply cannot hold a match together. Thankfully Rollins made this entertaining at least. The Triple Threat between Bobby Lashley, Bronson Reed and Austin Theory for the US Championship felt a little all over the place and (as always) I think an elimination element would make these matches feel much more exciting.

If this wasn’t in Puerto Rico the Smackdown Women’s Championship would have been awful. Home town Zelina Vega was able to get massive pops out of the crowd, but ultimately was no match for Rhea Ripley. The Six-Man Tag between Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and Riddle against The Usos and Solo Sikoa was good, but in comparison to their match at Wrestlemania it wasn’t as good. This is a shame as I expected this to have some kind of Roman Reigns involvement, but sadly not to be.

The best match of the night was the Street Fight between singer Bad Bunny against Damien Priest. Bad Bunny is technically only ever had three matches prior to this and I am stunned by how good he is in the ring. He is simply amazing and able to hang with Priest in a way that I just would not have expected it. This is how you book a celebrity properly.

Finally, we have Cody Rhodes against Brock Lesnar. It is funny how a match against Lesnar in the main event still feels like a step down from being in the main event of a world title match. I enjoyed this match and even more so with the amazing ending. I am glad that WWE have not given up on Rhodes and this match did wonders for both. I was a little surprised by it, but I really enjoyed watching this match.

Backlash is usually the throwaway PPV after the pageantry of Wrestlemania, but by having it in another country and putting some effort in this PPV blew most top tier PPVs away. This is how WWE should always do it. There are no matches on here that I didn’t enjoy watching and some that I am happy to have watched again.

It is a shame that there were no extras such as interviews with some of the Superstars over them being in Puerto Rico or looking at Bad Bunny preparing. It is a great PPV that I don’t expect any backlash from.

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