Review for WWE Elimination Chamber 2022

7 / 10

Elimination Chamber this year comes from Saudi Arabia rather than the usual Crown Jewel event. I'm guessing WWE are playing catch up after being unable to tour there properly due to Covid. I will not comment on the Saudi Arabia controversy as it seems that WWE will put a show on there as long as the money keeps flowing in and with over thirty thousand people packing the Jeddah Super Dome it is likely to stay that way.

I love the Elimination Chamber event and the match itself, though I always felt that it would have been better to be placed later in the year as it takes away some of the special 'Number One Contender' feel of the Royal Rumble. Instead, much like the last few years, this felt like a warm up for Wrestlemania and trying to put the final blocks and matches in place.

This event was pretty good and I must say I was pleasantly surprised watching this back. It is true that not everything is perfect, but I have come to expect this, but I really enjoyed the majority of the matches and even the ones that are not are still worth watching.

Roman Reigns takes on Goldberg in another match that should tell people that Goldberg needs to retire. It wasn't bad, just not great and not worth the 'star power' the former WCW Superstar supposedly brought to the event. The tag match between Ronda Rousey, Naomi and Charlotte Flair and Sonya Deville was fine, again nothing special and really should have set up the match between Rousey and Flair more.

Bizarrely, the match between the Usos and The Viking Raiders never actually happened and I'm not sure what I'm supposed to make of that. It's not like I thought these two teams were going to give me a Five Star Match, but an actual match would have been nice.

The 'Dream Match' between Becky Lynch and Lita was great and lived up to the hype. It is interesting comparing this with the Reigns/Goldberg match as in that one it was just six minutes of fluff, whereas it actually looked like Lita had a chance to win the belt which would have been amazing to have seen.

I had no high hopes for the Falls Count Anywhere match between Drew McIntyre and Madcap Moss and so I was pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable it was and just when I think WWE have given up all faith in the Scottish Warrior, this match actually made him look amazing again.

Of the two Elimination Chambers the men's one comes out on top, only just though. Both are fantastic and they are placed in just the right places on the card. My only issue with both matches is that the ending and the winner was so obvious although I was more surprised by the men's than the women's. Both were filled with mad moments and the type of things that you expect from the Elimination Chamber, but I enjoyed both and the PPV ended great.

The only extra is the Kickoff match between The Miz and Rey Mysterio. Obviously, with them being in Saudi Arabia, means we never got to see Maryse, which is always a shame. Both work well together, but this felt like a TV match and meant absolutely nothing to either which is a shame.

WWE Elimination Chamber 2022 had more positives than negatives and that is always a bonus. Despite my issue with the Saudi Arabia thing, I will at least commend them for putting the women in three of the matches and making them less of a novelty. The road to Wrestlemania looks promising after this PPV and hopefully WWE don't eliminate that momentum.

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