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    9 / 10

    Little Monsters is a Horror-Comedy like Shaun of the Dead and much like that classic, this a romantic comedy which also features zombies. Dave is a failed musician who after a failed relationship moves in with his sister. Helping his nephew out at school he encounters Miss Caroline, a vibrant, ukelele-playing teacher who enlists him to help with a school outing. Here they see the children's presenter Teddy McGiggle and an army of zombies who have escaped from a nearby army base. Dave, Miss Caroline and Teddy must work together to save them and her class, before they are next on the menu for the undead.

    This film was a joy to watch. I expected it to be just a rip off of Shaun of the Dead and very few people are using that film as the comparison, but I found this film delightful, heartwarming and funny. Alexander England as Dave was wonderful. I had never seen him in anything before and was unaware this was set in Australia with the two major movie stars in it, but I found him hugely enjoyable to watch. Lupita Nyong'o was adorable as Miss Caroline and the way she develops into a character more like Michonne from The Walking Dead was just wonderful. Of course the scene-stealer has to be Josh Gad as Teddy McGiggle. Hearing so many F-Bombs come out in Olaf's voice was hilarious and his performance throughout was just pitch perfect. Imagine if Mr Tumble went bad and you will be a little bit closer to what this character is.

    The effects on the zombies was fantastic and I am glad they went with the classic Romero shufflers. All of them look amazing and some of the kills and eating are gruesome. Having children zombies was also an interesting idea and one that is used to a devastatingly hilarious effect later. However, throughout the film there are not many actual scares, but then I don't think there is supposed to be. If I'm honest if they had toned down the language a little this could easily have been a 12 rating.

    The only sad thing is the lack of extras and by lack I mean none. For a download I would expect this, but for an actual physical release this is unacceptable. Surely, someone must have wanted to talk about the film and you are not going to tell me a film like this doesn't have make-up effect featurettes or at the very least a Blooper reel?

    That being said, Little Monsters is a fantastic film and it is just a shame that the package doesn't offer anything more to make it a more essential purchase. It may be a little light on the extras, but it isn't on the enjoyment from the film itself.

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