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    9 / 10

    WWE 24: The Best of 2019 brings together four of their documentaries from the Network. These are Wrestlemania 34: New Orleans, Becky Lynch: The Man, Revolutionary: The Year of Ronda Rousey and Kofi Kingston: The Year of Return.

    All four give an hour to look at a particular event or moment in the career of a WWE superstar and these are all very interesting to watch especially if you are fans of the three that are focused on. Wrestlemania 34 looks at all the effort that went into that event and featured an amazing moment with Brock Lesnar after he was booed out of the arena after winning. I never understand why they didn't include this on the Wrestlemania 34 boxset as it would have been a much better fit there. Some of the stories are great and the return of Daniel Bryan could have easily been all the documentary needed to be about.

    Revolutionary: The Year of Ronda Rousey showed just how amazing her first year in the WWE was. From her debut at the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania 34 match with Kurt Angle against Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. She was shown that this was not just someone coasting on their name recognition and legitimately wanted to be in the business and excelled in one of the best first years since Kurt Angle's. This was highlighted with her Raw Women's Championship victory and main event of the first ever Women-Only PPV Evolution. Of course this all lead to her match against Charlotte and Becky Lynch in the first ever female main event of Wrestlemania.

    Sitting alongside this documentary is Becky Lynch: The Man and the rise of Lynch was almsot on par with Rousey in regards to popularity. This shows her career from her humble days in Dublin being trained by Finn Balor, quitting after an injury, but coming back, going to NXT and her slow development overshadowed by Charlotte and Sasha Banks and eventually saw her crowned as the first Smackdown Women's Champion. Throughout we see times when she was forgotten about, not included in promotions and posters and her attitude is very much like an Attitude-era Stone Cold. Seeing her rise to The Man and getting into that main event at Wrestlemania was almost like Austin's journey in 1998-1999.

    Kofi Kingston: The Year of Return looked at Kofi's career which lead to him winning the WWE Championship, the first person from Africa to ever do this. In the documentary he return to his home country of Ghana (despite originally billing his character from Jamaica) and it is lovely to see how much pride he has brought to the country. His journey through the WWE is one of struggle and 'almost haves' and though he had great success with the likes of The New Day it seemed that he would never win the world title. That was until this year and his push to Kofi-Mania.

    On this set there are four bonus matches. Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon vs. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn which was a great return for Daniel Bryan, though I do admit that I still wince anytime he does anything high risk. The two work together and though I wish Shane McMahon had not played the injury angle as much it was an entertaining match from all four. From Survivor Series 2018 we have the Charlotte vs. Ronda Rousey match. The problem with the match is that this wasn't the match we wanted, but due to the injury Becky Lynch could not compete. The match itself is fine, just nothing special and maybe that's what makes it a little disappointing. Perhaps they should have included her winning the title at Summerslam 2018 instead?

    From Wrestlemania 35 they include the Kofi Kingston vs. Daniel Bryan WWE Championship match and the Raw and Smackdown Women's Main event between Charlotte, Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch. Both of these matches are fantastic. Kofi's performance against Daniel Bryan was one of his best and after years of being a fool, albeit an athletic fool with The New Day, it was great to see him show just how good he is. The Triple Threat is as good a main event as there has been in a long time. All three worked really well together and the outcome was the outcome we all wanted. If it had ended any other way, the building would have rioted. This was a great way to solidify Becky Lynch as The Man.

    This set was interesting and though the Rousey/Lynch ones did cover a lot of the same timeline it was great to see from each of their points of view. I do wish they would put the Wrestlemania one for its own set, but I'm glad I've watched it. Kofi's set was a nice overview of his career to that point and with a disk of matches could have been a good set in itself. If you are a fan of any of these three or WWE in general you will enjoy these and the matches alone are worth picking this up for.

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