Review for WWE Sasha Banks: Iconic Matches

7 / 10

Sasha Banks is one of the best women to come out of NXT and she was one of the shining lights of the ‘Women’s Revolution’ in WWE. If you have not seen any of her work in NXT then I do recommend it as she was amazing in the ring. A lot of this has transferred to her WWE main roster swap, but it is a watered down version of the amazing work she would do there.

This set includes three matches. Two from NXT and one from WWE main roster and much like the Bayley one, this is simply not enough. However, again hopefully this is either a Volume One or a taster before a larger set for this talented superstar who is quite clearly the Legit Boss of the WWE winning the WWE Raw Women’s Championship four time, NXT Championship and PWI’s 2015 Woman of the Year.

It starts with a great Fatal Fourway from NXT TakeOver Rival 2015. This saw her fight for the NXT Women’s Championship against Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Bayley. This was a hard fought match from everyone involved and although Sasha was the smallest in the ring, she was clearly still a threat and it was a well constructed match from everyone and a great ending.

From NXT TakeOver Respect 2015 we have possibly the greatest women’s match of all time. This is the Iron Man Match between Sasha Banks and Bayley which went on to win PWI’s Match of the Year. This was a first for Women and as I say one of the best Women’s… no scratch that… one of the best matches I have ever seen. This is how an Iron Man match should be done and I would say that this set is worth buying for this match alone.

Finally, we have a WWE Women’s Championship match against Charlotte from Raw. It is not rocket science to predict this is the match where she won the Women’s championship for the first time and so this match is really only here for the celebration. The match itself is fine and it is certainly a great moment for Sasha Bank, however I probably would have included the Falls Count Everywhere match she had against Charlotte as the more satisfying victory for her.

As with the Bayley set, this is a nice taster and all three matches are amazing. It is just a shame that there is not more to watch. However, if you have not seen it before this set is worth it for the Iron Man match alone and until it is included on another set this is the only place to watch, but is definitely worth picking up.

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