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    9 / 10

    Bad Santa 2 returns to the sad life of Willie Soke who didn't get his happy ending at the end of the previous film and teams up again with former partner Marcus who wants him to join him to a heist in Chicago. The job is to con a charity, but there are two catches: He must put on the Santa suit again and also must team up with his estranged Mother Sunny.

    Before he does, Willie tries to help The Kid Thurman lose his cherry, though he later visits Willie in Chicago to spend Christmas with him. At the charity, Willie falls for Diane who runs it with her cheating husband Regent and they have a number of 'encounters'. Throughout all this, the three crooks attempt to organise the heist which also involves Marcus failing to seduce the female security guard Gina and of course pretending to be a charitable Santa.

    This film was a fantastically funny film. I never watched the first film. There was no real reason for this, it just wasn't a film that took my interest. However, after watching this film I will definitely be looking to watch the first one. The film is so over the top in its crude nature that I loved every minute of it.

    Performances by everyone in the film is just fantastic and the chemistry between them all was just perfect. Billy Bob Thornton embodies this role and I could watch him in this performance all day. It was remarkable to watch Kathy Bates as Sunny, though I will never be able to eat Caramel ever again.

    The only issue I had with the film was the ending felt a little flat and it could have been a lot better. I enjoyed it, but it just felt like more should have been made from the character's situations.

    The extra features are strange to say the least. On paper it sounds like there is massive amounts, but really they probably only add up to less than an hour. However, it is all good stuff to enjoy alongside the film. I don't think this is a film that needs a massive hour long production documentary or a commentary

    Thurman Then and Now is a quick look at how the actor had grown between each film and it is surprising that it is the same person and just how good he is in both films.

    At less then two minutes Just Your Average Red Band Featurette is just a concise look at just how dirty the film actually is. This should have been longer and at least explained some of it as it is funny to hear how they had a nudity guy who had to block all the scenes for them.

    Jingle Balls is a version of Jingle Bells to the sound of every swearword and naughty bit of the film. To be honest, I was more surprised by how short this was as I'm sure it probably could have been a good five minutes long.

    Three minutes of Deleted Scenes are fine and could easily have been added to the film as could most of the Gag Reel which is really just a mixture of alternative takes and them cracking up after a take. These are funny, just a shame there is only about three minutes of them.

    Alternative Opening could really just be another deleted scene with Willy insulting a customer in store. Alternative Ending is actually better than the one they chose with real closure to a lot of the storylines.

    6 Trailers, Teasers and TV Spots are all fine with a great TV Spot parodying the US Election, one a spoof of what their 'Awards Promo' would be like and a Walking Dead parody.

    If you are looking for a traditional Christmas film... this might not be the one. However, if you want to howl with laughter at a film after the kids have all gone to bed then this is the foul-mouthed, festive film for you.

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