Review for WWE: Finn Balor - Iconic Matches

7 / 10

Finn Balor: Iconic Matches really should be titled his best matches from NXT, though even that would debateable. You could easily fill two or three disks with his great matches from when he was in NXT, but these are all fantastic. It features three of his best including against Neville at NXT Takeover: Rival, against Tyler Breeze from NXT Takeover: Unstoppable and against Kevin Owens at The Beast in the East.

All three of these matches show just why people say NXT is the best American show for just pure wrestling. I found myself mesmerised by the fluidity of the moves and I think that Balor is one of the best technical wrestlers at the moment. I must admit that though I think the 'Demon King' gimmick is cool I don't understand why it is only used every now and again. It would be like Kane only coming down to the ring as Kane every other match. However, these three matches showcase the gimmick in this and along with the music and the passion of the crowd, I must say that I enjoyed the theatricality of the presentation.

Of the three matches the best if his match against Kevin Owens and I do hope they face each other in the main roster of WWE at some point. What I found was surprising was that whereas I knew and expected his matches against Neville and Owens to be great I was shocked at how good his match against Tyler Breeze was. This was almost a completely different person to the rather bland character who graces the WWE's main roster. I'm not sure whether it's just his gimmick or that he is not being allowed to go in the ring as much, but I don't recall ever seeing him look this good when he made it to the main roster.

His match against Kevin Owens was possibly one of the best matches of that year and if you don't already own The Beast from the East event that was released then this would be worth purchasing for alone. I am not surprised that they included this match, though I am a little disappointed that this is all there is. For me I expected there to be at least an interview or something with Balor to describe his career and, as I say, you could probably have filled another two disks full of great matches, but maybe they are saving that for another time.

As a taster of the Demon King, this is a nice disk, it is only about an hour and so if you want to watch just some great wrestling and also from Balor some great entrances then you will enjoy this. However, if you are looking for something a bit more indepth then this is certainly not what you should be looking for. I would recommend this to hardcore Finn Balor fans and those who just want a taster of what great wrestling looks like.

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