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    Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works - Part 1

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    The sequel to Fate/Zero
    Certificate: 15
    Running Time: 372 mins
    Retail Price: £34.99
    Release Date:
    Content Type: TV Series

    The Holy Grail War has begun. An ancient ritual, seven masters and their seven holy spirits fight to the death. It’s said the winner who possesses the Holy Grail is granted any wish they desire. Rin Tohsaka has been training to become a master her whole life, just like her father. Rin and her servant Archer form an unlikely bond with Emiya Shirou who finds himself becoming the master of Saber, one of the most powerful servants in the Holy Grail War. Working together they have to survive knowing only one master can remain. Saber, Lancer, Archer, Rider, Caster, Assassin and Berserker.

    Who of these seven heroic spirits will earn the mythical Holy Grail and what will they wish for?

    Special Features:
    Textless Credits

    Video Tracks:
    1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen

    Audio Tracks:
    Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo English
    Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo Japanese

    Subtitle Tracks:

    Directed By:
    Takahiro Miura

    Written By:

    Ayako Kawasumi
    Junichi Suwabe
    Kana Ueda
    Noriaki Sugiyama
    Atsuko Tanaka
    Hiroshi Kamiya
    Jouji Nakata
    Mai Kadowaki
    Miki Itou
    Rikiya Koyama
    Shinichiro Miki
    Tomokazu Seki
    Yuu Asakawa
    Bryce Papenbrook
    Kaiji Tang
    Kari Wahlgren
    Mela Lee
    Crispin Freeman
    David Earnest
    Julie Ann Taylor
    Kyle McCarley
    Matthew Mercer
    Megan Hollingshead
    Melissa Fahn
    Stephanie Sheh
    Todd Haberkorn

    Music From:
    Hideyuki Fukasawa

    Director of Photography:
    Yuichi Terao

    Atsuhiro Iwakami
    Hikaru Kondo
    Tomotaka Takeuchi


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