Review for WWE Night of Champions 2015

8 / 10

This PPV was a hugely enjoyable one and one in which if you have a fan of certain types of matches or people this is a time to shine. It is the night where every title is on the line and this became even more telling when Seth Rollins found himself the WWE Heavyweight and US Champion and was forced to defend both in one night. What followed was an enjoyable PPV, even if at times it felt a little uneven.

Ryback against Kevin Owens for the Intercontinental Title was a pretty good match. I expected it to be a lumbering mess, but it actually had some great moments. Dolph Ziggler vs. Rusev was again a much better than I expected. I think the storyline really worked. Summer Rae looking amazing outside of the ring also helped.

Tag Championship between The New Day vs. The Dudley Boyz was a match I expected to be just nonsense, but it worked as a tag match. I'm glad they didn't do the usual and for me it didn't just feel like a nostalgia kick. The Dudleys can still go and New Day are an amazing team. I do hope this feud continues.

Divas Championship between Nikki Bella vs. Charlotte was so disappointing. I have never been so bored by what should have been a great match. Yes you can argue the whole match made sense with Nikki focusing on Charlotte's injured leg, but it was so boring. This could and should have been amazing, but it wasn't. The ending should have been amazing, but instead it made no sense.

The Wyatts vs. Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose was great. When this feud started I thought "Really did the singles pushes of Reigns and Ambrose fail that much?" I understand that Bray Wyatt was much more effective with his Family, but reforming The Shield in everything but name felt like a step down for the other two.

With the mystery opponent story I half expected it to be Seth Rollins, but the appearance of Chris Jericho who had such a great feud against Bray last year made perfect sense. The match itself was as fantastic as I thought it would be. Everyone got their moments in which made it wonderful to watch. By the end it didn't matter who won, I just hope the feud continues.

US Championship John Cena vs. Seth Rollins was a match really shouldn't have mattered, but it did. Neither man should have had this belt and the only reason it matters is because of the fact Rollins has to face Sting afterwards. That being said, it's not the throwaway match I expected it to be with some great moments by both and certainly given much more effort than I expected.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship between Sting vs. Seth Rollins was a match that really surprised me. I give WWE credit, when I heard about this match I thought it was a bad idea. However, over the weeks they were able to make Sting look like a credible threat to the point I was interested. I do feel they should have split these matches up so that we could get some reaction from Rollins before he faced Sting. This match had a Money in the Bank cash-in feel to it, which is never a good thing. Both are pretty good in this match though oddly enough, I was more impressed by Sting than I was with Rollins and again it wasn't just a nostalgia kick. The ending was a bit of a mess, but still enjoyable to watch.

Night of Champions could have been a throwaway PPV, but instead was given the time and the effort to make it mean so much more. This has always been a PPV where the people who held the lesser belts (basically every belt except the World Title) are given the time to shine and though there are some moments I would change I certainly enjoyed the PPV and this is one I would recommend.

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