Review for WWE Payback 2015

Payback is another good PPV by WWE. That's really all I want to say. I watch PPVs now and I expect nothing more than a few matches that will be watchable and sadly that's all I got. With seven matches, it would be wring for me to say they are all just passable, some are better than others, but this is certainly not a great PPV.

Highlights include a wonderful Two out of Three Falls Match for the WWE Tag Championships. This featured New Day against Cesaro and Tyson Kidd and was great...

HOWEVER... This was only Twelve minutes and simply not enough time to make any of the falls mean anything and this is a shame as the action between these two teams is fantastic. I just wish WWE would grow a pair and give them a main event or some time to do more.

Neville against King Barrett was all great and it is nice to see WWE pushing the newer star. Neville is a fantastic talent and I do enjoy watching him perform. It is only the ending that lets this match down slightly.

The main event is a Fatal 4-Way WWE World Heavyweight Championship match between Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. The added stipulation was that if Rollins lost Kane would be fired as Director of Operations. This match had some excellent moments, mostly to do with nostalgia throwbacks to The Shield, which was awesome. Really enjoyed the match and certainly worthy of being a main event.

After this, it is more or less downhill.

Bray Wyatt against Ryback is good and at least tried to get both characters on track. I enjoyed watching both, though again I did feel that a little longer would have made this match perfect.

Sheamus against Dolph Ziggler was an action-packed mess. That's the best way to describe it. Nothing made any sense and in the space of one match, both seemed to make multiple finishers seem useless. if they had slowed down a little and sold a bit more then what was shown would have been much better.

I won't bother to explain why a Six minute Divas tag match was awful. I think I have just explained it and when you consider that most PPVs run to three hours you could afford to give the matches more time especially when the fans have paid good money to see quality wrestling... the thing the second W stands for?

This leads me to John Cena vs. Rusev in an I Quit match for the US Championship. You see that? That was Rusev's push being thrown over a wall, never to be seen again. I usually hate to spoil results, but I need to with this one. This is now Rusev's third defeat to Cena in a row. Unlike most feuds in which we would see some back and forth, this feud went from being a good thing for Rusev, to the thing that will see him buried in the midcard for the rest of his career. After his monster push last year I expected him to be in main events challenging for the world title, but after all this, I would be surprised if he's even in the company this time next year.

Now, with all the negatives it would seem this isn't a PPV worth watching and the thing I hate most about that is that it is simply not the case. The tag match and the main event were amazing and I love what the tag teams are doing now. BUT WWE are simply too scared or too stupid (probably both) to allow anything over than the main event and John Cena have more than Twelve minutes of time. As I say, a PPV generally can run Three Hours and yet there is probably barely half of that was used on in-ring action. This is something that needs to change.

Payback 2015 is not an awful PPV it is just not one you will watch more than once and if you do it will only for the main event and tag match. With a few tweaks, a couple of extra minutes of each match, this could have been great.

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