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The Undertaker and Kane are two of the most intense, terrifying and dominating tag teams to ever grace a WWE ring. Individually, their achievements are incredible with multiple world championship reigns between them, but together they have also won tag gold and dominated any time they are brought together.

This DVD set is not a kayfabe look at their past (which considered how complex and incomprehensible most of it is, this is probably a good thing) instead we get a number of matches from the various points when they joined forces.

From their 2001 run we get a No DQ match against Edge and Christian is great, though as always, the No DQ stipulation never makes any sense in a tag team match. The ending of the match is a little strange and without any of the backstory or fallout it makes little sense.

Tables Match against The Dudleyz should be great and to some extent it is, though I would say that it is a bit of a mess to watch. Always great to see classic Dudleyz get the tables though. WCW Championship match against Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire is really just an excuse for WWE to show how useless WCW was and what better way than to have Kane and Undertaker destroy them and take their meaningless titles?

WWE and WCW Tag Championship match in a steel cage against DDP and Kanyon again should have been great. And it's not. The only real highlight is one moment when Kane just sits back and allows his brother to take out DDP. At no point do DDP or Kanyon look even remotely like they have a chance. Shame as with a great worker like DDP this could have been a great match.

Jumping to their run in 2006 we have a match against MVP and Mr Kennedy which is pretty good... oh sorry, KE-NEH-DY!! (I miss doing that!) What I like about this match is that unlike the previous match, their opponents actually looked like they could win a few moments. Only a few.

Against Big Daddy V and Mark Henry we do get an odd match. It's not great by any sense, but when you look at how giant their opponents are you can't help but wonder how they will be able to do anything to them?
The final match against John Morrison and The Miz is again a great match due to the fact it did much to show the younger talent to be just that. It would have been easy to just have the brothers destroy The Miz and Morrison, but instead they do hold their own and that is great to see. The sight of them both delivering a chokeslam at the same time is simple awesome.

Now, at just about 90 minutes i could argue that there isn't enough to warrant this release. It is true that match-wise I can't think of any that they have missed, but I'm sure there are others. If this had been a more indepth look at the team, maybe by having others comment on them, or the duo themselves this may have made this a bit more interesting. That being said, with the odd history of the two it would probably be a crazy mix of reality and fantasy that would be a bit too confusing.

If you are a fan of Kane and The Undertaker, Brothers of Destruction is a good set to go alongside their own individual sets that have been released. If you are a fan of tag team wrestling it also has some good matches on here. I'd be lying if I said it was essential, but I would say there is enough on here to warrant a look.

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