Review for WWE Extreme Rules 2014

6 / 10

Extreme Rules is supposedly the one night when there are no rules and maybe if they had played this up even more it would have been great. This PPV, the first after Wrestlemania is usually the comedown event. This is usually where all the disappointing results are rectified. To some extent that is true, but this is a mixbag of matches that I enjoyed for the most part and there is nothing unwatchable, which is always good.

Triple Threat Elimination Match
RVD vs. Antonio Cesaro vs. Jack Swagger
Paul Heyman is so great and this is a pretty good triple threat under elimination rules (How I think all multi-man matches should be). Though considering the storyline, I think a one on one between Cesaro and Swagger would have made more sense. That's not to say RVD is not great, he is and the match is full of crazy action from all three.

Two on One Handicap Match
R-Truth, Xavier Woods vs. Alexander Rusev
I do agree, Lana is certainly 'ravishing', though she couldn't milk any more Russian hatred from her intro. It almost made me have Nikolai Volkoff flashbacks and make me think it was 1984 all over again. The match itself? I understand what they were trying to do, to make Rusev a monster, but all it did was make Woods and R-Truth look stupid. Though I do have to admit Ruzev looked crazy scary, just think he needs to go up against someone like Big Show or Kane to show this strength properly.
Intercontinental Championship

Big E vs. Bad News Barrett
There used to be a time when the IC match was the best match of the night. This is not one of those times. The match itself isn't terrible, just not very memorable, though I do love the Bad News Barrett character.

The Shield vs. Evolution
Considering who is in this match, I'm surprised it's this low on the card? This is one of the best matches so far. It was extreme and insane to say the very least. I think what made the match so good was that the ending was satisfying and I get the feeling any other result would have lead to a riot. All six got some great moments in and even if Batista was booed out of the building again, at least he was a Heel and was supposed to.

Steel Cage Match
John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt
Again, very surprised that WWE didn't put this as the main event. This match had a great build, but the match itself was a little slow and boring. It isn't until the last few minutes when this match came to life. Shame, as the feud has been a highlight of WWE lately. And that ending was terrifying!

WWE Divas Championship
Paige vs. Tamina
I hate to admit this, but this isn't a bad match. Quick and effective, both looked great and didn't make either look stupid. You can tell Paige is from England though simply by how pale she is... wonder how long before she forms a team with Sheamus... or is part of some 'self tan' storyline?

Extreme Rules WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Daniel Bryan vs. Kane
This should have been the match of the night and though it was good, it did feel a little flat. At times it was a great hardcore match with brawling backstage like the old days. But then we have an awful long and boring section with Daniel Bryan having to use a forklift to carry Kane back to the ring? Now if this was Stone Cold I could understand it, but it's not. Now, I'm not sure if Bryan has worked with forklifts, but it looked odd, like when James Bond can instantly drive a tank because... well, he's Bond. The ending was great, but it doesn't have the extreme finish I expected, but it was a satisfying end to the PPV.

Extras include the embarrassing WeeLC match between Hornswoggle and El Torito. I watched this and could not believe what I was seeing. Who watched this and thought it was entertaining? If this is all you can do with these maybe you should think again! Interviews with The Shield and a Press Conference with Daniel Bryan are fine, though nothing special.

Extreme Rules 2014 is not a bad PPV, but will it be one that you will watch more than once? Probably not. The six man, Cena/Wyatt and the Bryan/Kane matches are worth a second look, but other than that there's not enough extreme and too much following the obvious rules for this to be a must-have item.

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