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    8 / 10

    Willow Creek is a found footage film covering Jim and his girlfriend Kelly on a trip to the infamous place where Bigfoot was spotted. Jim is 100% convinced that the footage is real and that Bigfoot does exist, Kelly not so much. He is determined to prove that he does exist and interviews a number of locals in the area who have their own opinions about what goes on in the woods. Camping out for the night, they discover that at night something is lurking in the dark. Is it Bigfoot or is it someone or something else?

    There's a part of me that wants to rip this film apart as derivitive, uninspired, unoriginal and slightly pointless. But I don't want to. The reason is that as I was watching I actually enjoying what was going on. It is true you could probably watch this side by side with Blair Witch Project and see every cliche from that film repeated: There is the explaining things to the camera, the pretense that this is going to be a documentary, their stuff being messed with, scary noises around the tent, there is the terrified and inexperienced campers, the hysterical female character, the uncaring male character who will continue filming no matter what and of course the cheap scares.

    But you know what? It works. The film doesn't outstay its welcome, it introduces its characters and although there's not huge character development, there is enough for you to connect with them. Jim performance by Bryce Johnson is honest and you really believe that he is just some Bigfoot enthusiast obsessed with capturing him on film. Kelly played by Alexie Gilmore acts almost as an audience interpretation, throwing spanners in his theories like why have there been no Bigfoot corpses found? However, when the scary stuff starts happening and its never shown what is going on you do get a little scared for them.

    One of the things that is interesting about the film is the fact that it is left open-ended. Nothing is revealed. There is no pretense from Director Bobcat Goldthwait (who I can't think of without that screechy voice) that this is real, there are no cheap 'Based on a True Story' or 'Their bodies where never found' on this film and it makes you realise that it is just a film. So just sit back and enjoy it.

    Extras include a Trailer, a Behind the scenes part, showing the crew creating the Bigfoot footprints, an outtake of sorts of an interview with a character in the film and footage from the West Coat Premiere. It's surprising that there isn't more input from Bobcat such as a Commentary or Interviews, but there is still enough here for those who enjoyed the film.

    Willow Creek is a typical found footage film and though I should be tired of these after Paranormal Activity 64 and the rest, I think this one doesn't take itself too seriously and by doing that allows to enjoy the scares for what they are. Though it doesn't break any new ground, it at least an enjoyable watch.

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