Review for WWE Superstars Sheamus

8 / 10

Sheamus is one of the most gifted, yet both untalented workers in the business today. Now I should explain. Unlike someone like CM Punk or Daniel Bryan, Sheamus is not someone who can always give you a technical match and any time he does it comes off as awkward. He gives you a smash-mouth, no nonsense match that is high impact. He is like The Road Warriors, Goldberg or The Ultimate Warrior. Their matches last 2-3 minutes, but is exciting as anything. It's my only problem with Sheamus, but also the thing I love most about him. When he hits someone with The Brogue Kick, it looks like it hurts and it probably does. He's an impact wrestler, not someone who will try and put on a figure-four leglock, but someone who will smash!

This disk showcases five matches from his career beginnings in 2009-2012 and I have to admit unlike a lot of these disks, they are all pretty good. Granted, they are not matches (apart from one obvious one) that I would want to watch again, but they are certainly entertaining and I understand why they are here. All five matches are significant either because of who he is facing or why, they are all matches that mean something and not the random picks making you wonder: Why is this here??

WWE Championship
Tables Match
Sheamus vs. John Cena
I hate tables matches unless The Dudleys are involved, but this is a pretty good one. I think what makes (or made) this match so wonderful is that no one expected John Cena to lose. It seemed impossible and so the ending is just wonderful and proof that even if people think that Cena never loses that given the time, he will do the right thing. Though I will admit the ending was a little weak.

WWE Championship
Fatal 4-Way Match
Sheamus vs. John Cena vs. Edge vs. Randy Orton
Typical match. It is good and certainly a watchable match, but it felt like every multi-man match I have ever seen. Everyone got their moments in and certainly a great showcase for Sheamus. The ending was pretty good though and certainly a shocking and memorable moment.

King of the Ring Final
Sheamus vs. John Morrison
A good match and certainly a memorable one in Sheamus' career. It would have been much better if this had been at a PPV and given more time, but a good match from both.

United States Championship
Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan
This is a pretty great match and certainly highlights the talents of both and certainly shows that in the right hands Sheamus can put on a pretty great match. Would have been better as a PPV match rather than from Raw, but a great showing from both.

Royal Rumble Match 2012
It's the Rumble, you know that I love the Rumble and would quite happily watch this even if I do know who wins. Great showing from Sheamus and certainly a great way to solidify him as main eventer in the WWE. It was interesting to show it from just their entrance and maybe this is a way to do this in future rather than the full match if its intention is to highlight one Superstar.

This is a great disk and certainly if you are a fan of Sheamus you will enjoy everything that is on here... Fella!

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